It was a time of the prevalence of Flash and web developers had only begun experimenting with HTML5 for online video delivery, but boy what a difference a few years make.
As reported by VentureBeat, YouTube announced today that it’s ditched Flash for HTML5 video by default. For starters, HTML5 delivers web video without a plug-in whereas Adobe Flash requires a browser plug-in (by the way, the Flash player is baked into Google’s desktop Chrome browser).
HTML5 video is also more resource-friendly than Flash, which tends to send your notebook’s fan into overdrive when browsing YouTube. More importantly, HTML5 video is an open technology based on web standards which are developed by industry bodies. HTML5 video player uses a Media Source Extension feature called adaptive bitrate which adjust video quality on the fly depending on network conditions, reduced buffering by more than 50 percent globally and as much as 80 percent on heavily-congested networks.
It also supports the VP9 video codec for higher-quality video delivery like 4K at 60FPS with an average bandwidth reduction of 35 percent and faster video startup time. Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC), an open project for real-time voice and video communication, allows YouTube’s HTML5 video player to provide broadcasting tools from within the browser, no plugins required. Finally, Google is using other fancy technologies like Fullscreen APIs for immersive fullscreen viewing experience with a standard HTML interface, as well as Encrypted Media Extensions and Common Encryption for supporting multiple content protection technologies on different platforms with a single set of assets. YouTube’s HTML5 video player is compatible with Google’s Chrome, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 11, Apple’s Safari 8, and it also works in beta versions of Mozilla’s Firefox browser. To check out which features of YouTube’s HTML5 video player are supported on your system, point your browser to this page on YouTube. Furthermore, YouTube’s old Flash object embeds and its Flash API are now officially deprecated in favor of the iframe API, which adapts the video depending on the device and browser you’re using. Google started experimenting with HTML5 video player back in January 2010, coinciding with Steve Jobs’s introduction of the original iPad. Over time, more and more YouTube videos changed to the HTML5 player by default, though it took them five years to finally complete the transition across all of YouTube and in most browsers.
I personally like to use Flash since it doesn’t randomly cause the dock and status bar to appear when trying to change a setting.
No, Apple were pushing for a better web experience while others were too ignorant to push for better and Adobe were too lazy to change a 15 year old plugin. With the developing of HTML5, there will be a dramatic change for online media content delivery.
In this post, I am sharing 10 ready-to-use HTML5 video players to help web designer and developers to boost their Mobile traffic. Built by Alethia Inc., the Open Standard Media (OSM) Player is a free all-in-one media player for the web.
Performance comparison: supports automatic Flash fallback for non-standard media and videos can be displayed in full-screen. Kaltura’s HTML5 Media Library enables you to take advantage of the html5 video and audio tags.
Performance comparison: supports a seamless fallback with Flash based playback, supports emerging subtitles and timed text formats, supports free screen and IOS. Projekktor is a free, Open Source (GPL) HTML5 based video player written in pure JavaScript.

Performance comparison: can display videos in full-screen, supports IOS platform and flash fallback. Performance comparison: has forced fallback to flash, supports emerging subtitles, plays with free screen player UI and compatible with IOS platform.
OIPlayer is a HTML5 audio and video player with fallback to Flowplayer (mp4, h.264) or Cortado. Performance comparison: supports player UI features of full screen, keyboard interface and subtitle adding, supports embed type of Flash fallback.
Performance comparison: loads subtitles through an Ajax request that synchronized with the video, supports fallback video display.
Performance comparison: supports flash fallback, supports subtitles, timed text and IOS, video can be displayed with full screen.
Performance comparison: supports older browsers using a flash fallback, supports platform of iOS and video’s full screen displaying. Processing video is one thing, but flash makes it in a proprietary, close-source way (AFAIK, correct me if i’m wrong).
Za pomoca Free HTML5 Video Player And Converter uzyskamy mozliwosc przekonwertowania materialow filmowych zapisanych w wielu popularnych formatach do HTML5 video. Free HTML5 Video Player And Converter wyposazony zostal takze w funkcje do edycji tagow oraz nadawania nowych nazw plikom. Era inevitabile…Adobe ha ufficialmente comunicato che abbandonera lo sviluppo della tecnologia Flash Player, preferendo il nuovo HTML5 piu adatto per lo sviluppo sui dispositivi mobili.
Non adatteremo piu Flash Player per i dispositivi mobili su nuovi browser, versioni OS o configurazioni di dispostivo. Mobile devices are taking over the world, mobile technology is the future just like HTML5 is the future of the Web.
This HTML5 Video Player software also offers basic video editor features, you can preview, trim, rotate, flip and resize your video source files. The HTML5 video tool will create a lightweight flash player, so those on an old browser will fallback to play the HTML5 video with the Flash Player. To put your video online is so easy with HTML 5 Video Player software with the built-in video player themes.
And because browser plug-ins typically open new attack vectors, using HTML5 for video increases your security. It is an open source (GPLv3) media player that is written in the popular jQuery framework to dynamically deliver any type of web media, including HTML5, YouTube, Vimeo, and Flash. It has a consistent player interface across all major browsers including Internet Explorer.
It solves cross browser and compatibility issues, adds eye candy and provides extremely powerful non standard features. The JavaScript library fixes browser & device bugs, and makes sure your video is even more compatible across different browser versions. With a jQuery plug-in, jPlayer allows you to rapidly weave cross platform audio and video into your web pages. Aplikacja posiada intuicyjny w obsludze interfejs uzytkownika, dzieki czemu mniej doswiadczone osoby nie powinny miec problemow w korzystaniu z tego programu.

Po przeprowadzeniu takiej konwersji bedziemy mogli umiescic wideo na dowolnej stronie internetowej, ktore odtwarzane beda nawet jesli nie bedzie zainstalowany Adobe Flash Player. I nostri partner continueranno a lavorare per il supporto su Android e Playbook per chiudere bug critici e fornire aggiornamenti di sicurezza.
You do not have to install any browser plugin or video player, like Flash Player, SilverLight, QuickTime, etc. It can convert almost all video formats and encode them to HTML5 video formats, include MP4, WebM, OGG video(.ogv), that are compatible with all popular browsers. You just need to drap and drop your source video files to the HTML5 Video Converter and Player, it will convert them to the HTML5 video format on your Mac or Windows quickly.
All video player templates are customizable, you can change the size according to your needs. Upon detection of the client browser, the Kaltura HTML5 Media Library chooses the right codec to use and the right player to display. It also ensures a consistent look between HTML5 browsers and easy custom skinning if you want to give it a specific look, or brand it with your own colors. Besides the general configuration of the jQuery plug-in itself, it uses the respective tag like poster, width, controls, auto play etc. MooPlay has buttons to move inside the video, an interactive play progress slider, a load progress bar and a volume slider and a mute button. It is a complete audio and video player upgraded with custom Flash and Silverlight plug-ins that mimic the HTML5 MediaElement API. If you’ve tested on a browser or device any of the above-listed players or others not mentioned here, please let us know your impressions and give us a short feedback in the comments.
For old version browsers that do not support HTML5, HTML5 Video Player software will fallback to Flash to play your videos which ensures your videos playable on almost all web browsers. Projekktor supports PRE roll and POST roll content for ads and its server is independent seeking for Theora. Since jMediaelement Supports HTML 5 Video and Audio elements and degrades gracefully to Flash (JW Player) or VLC, it can support nearly every browser on every device.
Unlike many other HTML5 video players, it allows people to use the video controls supplied by their own web browser. There is a real concurrency between browsers, so their developers will surely try to make it the best way they can. If the player doesn’t support it, the plug-in replaces the player with a Flash or Silverlight-powered one. It’s one of the smallest, fastest solutions available, and as browser technology improves it will become even faster. You can create and style a media player using just HTML and CSS, and add audio and video to your jQuery projects. What’s more, the video element methods can be called by other scripts, and MooPlay objects will adapt themselves to any state changes.

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