Transforming Windows look into Mac OS is one of the most favorite tasks of all customization lovers. We have shared a few Mac OS transformation packs in past to make Windows OS look-like Mac OS, you can find them in our Themes and Wallpapers section.
After downloading extract the file using 7-Zip and you'll get a folder containing 2 DLL files and 2 BMP files.
How to Restore “Close Multiple Tabs” Warning Message (Confirmation Prompt) in Mozilla Firefox? How to Add Program Shortcuts and Other Useful Shortcuts with Icons in Desktop Context Menu in Windows 7 and Later? 32 bit version is used by myself and 64 bit version is tested by a very well known member of Deviantart.
Of course if you’re this obsessed with Mac OS, you should probably just buy a Mac and save yourself from the burden of Windows 7 and trying to skin it to look like a Mac, right? If you are a Windows user but love Mac OS X "Mavericks" interface, here is something interesting for you!
Today we are going to share a new OS X Mavericks transformation pack which can be used in Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 without any problem.
This new skin pack installs Mac OS X Mavericks theme, icons, login screen, sound schemes, mouse cursors, wallpapers, dock utility and a few 3rd party utilities to provide Mac OS X functionality in Windows. NOTE: Please create a system restore point before installing this skin pack so that you can restore default Windows look in case you don't like the new look or face any problem.

Will I still be able to access all my files and applications using this software as with Windows?
Looks amazing, but after installing it I have problems opening some programs that usually work perfect (while the transformation pack is uninstalled); when I open iTunes it is upside down, and Safari has a long black line across it. After I successfully installed Maverick on a machine with the Win7 64bit, a strange, semi-transparent line, looking like a shadow or a "ghost" of the quick launch bar remains in the upper part of the monitor's screen. If you are facing problems, you can boot using Windows setup disc, select Repair Windows option and there you can use System Restore program to restore your computer to previous working state. To revert back to default Windows theme, just uninstall the program using Control Panel or Settings. Hello, I installed it and it works but wheres the apple thing at the top and why does rocketdock crash when I installed it?
You can load system backup you saved before installing theme, or just delete it by clicking RMB on Start Menu button, selecting Control panel, clicking Programms and selecting Programms and components. I installed this themepack and didn’t get the white title bar and mac os style icons for close minimise and maximise. I know many people who love to convert each and everything in their Windows OS to look-like Mac OS whether its Windows theme, icons, boot screen, eye candy effects or wallpapers.
These transformation packs automatically modify system files to change Windows UI and to make it look-like Mac OS. Today in this topic, we are going to share Mac OS X "Mountain Lion" look-like login screen for Windows 7 users.

After replacing DLL files and restarting your computer, you'll be able to enjoy new Mac OS X login screen in Windows 7. But now, whenever I click on the link (I have not previously been able to open this), a small screen pops up, and disappears.
Everything changed exactly like the video, but then when I shut down my computer, and wanted to open it next day, it did not. I don’t think it will lag but depending the full transformation will depend on the os. That's why we have shared a Mac theme for Windows 7 in past which can be downloaded using this link. I’m asking because I plan on keeping my start10 taskbar (but I want the rest of the components). Unfortunately, it doesn’t work very well on windows 10, specially for the close, minimize and maximize button.

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