Set of 2 vector cartoon style Halloween seamless patterns with scary illustrations and kids in Halloween costumes. Collection of 6 vector illustrations with kids in Halloween costumes of monsters, 6 costume hats and 4 vintage style Halloween posters.
Set of 9 vector birthday cards templates for your kids for printing, decorated with colorful balloons, birthday cakes and different illustrations. Set of 3 vector winter kids backgrounds and illustrations with kids playing with snow outside, making a snowman, skiing, decorating a Christmas tree, etc.
Set with vector Happy Halloween background 2013, decorated with kids dressed in scary Halloween costumes of witch, skeleton, Dracula, ghost, mummy, pumpkin-head, etc. Set of 18 vector cartoon birds illustrations – cartoon pelican, parrots, sparrow, owls, seagull, toucan, rooster, quail, penguin, chicken, pigeon, hen for your bird and animal related designs for kids.

Set of 17 vector cartoon bears templates and Teddy Bears illustrations for kids, can be used in your designs and decorations of Birthday cards, posters and banners. 4 Sets of vector cartoon kids characters at play or doing their stuff for your graphic designs, cards, posters and illustrations. You can play Minecraft Classic free, although it has less features than the current version. From primitive wooden tools, you'll work your way up to smelting metal tools, armor, and weapons that will help you survive and master your world. In Survival mode, when the sun sets dangerous monsters will spawn. In Creative mode, you're free of monsters and other threats like hunger, and can use the game simply to create magnificent structures and buildings. This 'LEGO' like element has helped make Minecraft hugely popular with kids and parents alike, as it's one of the best video games around for sparking and expressing creativity.

You appear in the world with no instructions of what to do, but luckily the game has evolved alongside an incredibly detailed and rich online wiki, where you can find guides and information about everything in this deceptively deep game. Few games give you such a sense of freedom. Minecraft has a cute blocky graphical style, which is quite beautiful. This blocky style also makes identifying materials to mine much easier, which is essential as you get further and further into a game. Sound effects are simple but effective, and accompanied by a gentle soundtrack that ebbs and flows over the day and night cycle. An amazing, must own game for all ages Minecraft is a wonderfully inventive sandbox game that really deserves the title.

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