Decorate your Holiday living room with one of the best Burning Fireplace DVD Screensavers for Plasma TV or LCD TV.
You won't believe how great Virtual Fireplace DVD Screensaver HD video quality is, and the crackling fire sounds perfect. Once played, the roaring fireplace video will loop indefinitely until the user presses stop, providing hours of entertainment and relaxation.

Digitally mastered in Dolby AC-3 audio virtual crackling fireplace offers you the option of hearing natural the snap, crackle, and pop of a roaring fire and in the warm glow of the virtual firelight. Choose from brick and stone virtual fireplace video shot for high-end home theater systems.
Watch video in widescreen, letterbox or standard TV with no stretching, distortion and black bars.

Continuous hours of hd quality 3d video these two unique brick and stone virtual fireplaces can provide an unmatched elegant look of a real wood fire and supply charm and comfort to your home or office year round.

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