There’s now more than just candy at Dylan’s Candy Bar, that emporium to the sweet tooth on Third Avenue. Dylan Lauren, CEO and founder, opened her store in 2001 and always planned to serve alcohol. After purchasing gigantic lollipops and ogling the aisles of chocolate, I sat down with some friends in a cupcake booth near the bar, an area that provides a break from maneuvering around wired children.
The cocktail menu is straight out of Willy Wonka with options like “Pink Cotton Candy” made with Prosecco, Chambord and cotton candy.
We also tried an amazing Black & White Cookie Cocktail made with Baileys, creme de cacao, and chocolate milk.

The Candy Bar is now testing the waters with the concept. Alex, from Dylan’s marketing department, said the store is planning an official launch party to celebrate this alcoholic development in the near future.
We got ready to sample some sweet drinks as the tune “Sugar, Sugar” blasted in the background. Since childhood, she has been a natural at writing, selecting clothing, and drawing bizarre cartoons. All songs played at Dylan’s Candy Bar relate somehow to candy or sugar, charming for guests, but probably nightmarish for the employees. Very similar to that, and just as tasty, was the Coffee Cake Martini which contains espresso.

The Strawberry Nerd Mojito was spectacular and contained floating nerds that swam up the straw while sipping.

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