In today’s dynamic content landscape you need to add variety to your B2B content marketing offering to beat the competition.
While it’s easy to keep using the same proven content marketing formats and promotions year after year, the problem is that this approach can cause you to lose ground to newer, more nimble players.
Based on 2014 B2B Content Marketing Trends compiled by Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs, here are 27 different content tactics explained with actionable content marketing tips to improve your performance.
Actionable content marketing tip: Diversify the number of social media platforms you’re using.
Actionable content marketing tip: Segment your email file to better target your content based on reader needs.
Actionable content marketing tip: Plan content offering around event content to maximize your opportunity.
Actionable content marketing tip: Extend the power of case studies by re-imaging content for different uses. Actionable content marketing tip:  Include related text to ensure that video content can be found by search engines. Leverages the power of other people’s audiences, both third party media and blogs (aka guest blogging). Actionable content marketing tip: Do your homework before you send out your inquiry letter. Actionable content marketing tip: Reduce the amount of information required to obtain the report to maximize the number of leads.
Combines video and presentations to enhance the information conveyed in an on-demand format.
Actionable content marketing tip: Extend the power of your brand in the video portion of your content.
Is a virtual presentation that allows participants to engage with the presenter via chat functionality.
Actionable content marketing tip: Use well known influencers as presenters to create excitement. Actionable content marketing tip: Support infographic distribution with blogger outreach and PR to maximize reach. Provides useful data on a specific topic related to your offering or hot trends (think newsjacking). Actionable content marketing tip: Plan for content reuse in advance to maximize return on content investment. Actionable content marketing tip: Optimize your microsite landing page to drive appropriate activity.

Is any type of electronic media that can be viewed or used on mobile phones such as ringtones, graphics, games and GPS navigation. Actionable content marketing tip: Promote mobile content on your other owned entities to maximize distribution. Provide targeted information or productivity service either for free or for a fee via a smartphone, tablet or other device.  Use often depends on owner context. Actionable content marketing tip: Distribute and promote your mobile app via your owned and social media platforms. Is a digital rendering of an offline magazine or an online only magazine that leverages the functionality of digital media. Actionable content marketing tip: Promote your digital magazine via your owned and social media platforms. Actionable content marketing tip: Incorporate a podcast into your blog to leverage the power of your existing audience. Actionable content marketing tip: Extend the relationship by cross promoting the content via both entities’ owned media.
Actionable content marketing tip: Leverage the content creation process to develop additional related content to minimize content costs and extend the value of the event.
Supplies financial and related information as required by regulatory agencies for public companies. Actionable content marketing tip: Leverage annual report creation to develop other pieces of content to maximize return on your content investment.
Actionable content marketing tip: Offer subscriptions to your offline newsletter via your online owned media. Provides information either as a by-product of a game or incorporates game mechanics to engage prospects. Explore some of these 27 B2B content marketing tactics to expand your offering.  Remember to plan ahead to maximize return on content creation.
It’s tempting to view social media and SEO as two separate entities, but in our experience these two elements of digital marketing are interwoven.
Using appropriate search terms in your social media posts helps users find your most relevant content and clearly spells out what’s being offered. Subscribe to receive the full text of each new actionable marketing post delivered free, five days a week to your inbox. Heidi, your 27 B2B Content Marketing Tactics really provide a variety of options for businesses. Couldn't make it to Social Media Marketing World 2016?Get all the sessions with the SMMW16 Virtual Pass.

The Actionable Marketing Guide participates in the following affiliate marketing programs to bring you great products and services. Crealine’s team of experienced and creative people deals with every account with a dynamic approach to offer creative concepts and establish work plans, budgets and schedules through a professional implementation of the tactics. Crealine closely works with each client tailoring a strategy to generate innovative advertising. Best-in-class marketers use more content formats and social media platforms than average marketers.
The goal is to provide promotion-free content that complementary audiences will appreciate. They became very popular in 2012 because they can be widely distributed and are effective for acquiring links to support search.
Consisting of one or more stand-alone pages, microsites can have their own URL or be part of a larger website. This provides additional reach for the organization providing the information and deeper content for the entity displaying the content.
Annual reports are expensive pieces of content distributed to the financial markets and shareholders.
I've just returned from San Diego where I presented a workshop session on Blogging at Social Media Marketing World 2016. With competition so crucial now, its important for business to differentiate themselves among the rest. In addition to educating your audience, webinars provide a list of registrants that can be promoted later.
Mike Stelzner of Social Media Examiner is a major fan of podcasting and building an audience over time. Like offline conferences, virtual conferences are a major content event and require lots of promotion. Given the decrease in postal mail, print newsletters can stand out unlike online newsletters.

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