The following is an unedited press release, shown as received from the company represented. Making high definition video almost too easy (September, 3rd 2010 – Reno) High Definition displays are common place now, as are Blu-ray and DVD players, there is hardly a household that does not have at least one of these devices. DVSport GameDay is a fully functional football-specific digital video editing and data analysis software package that outperforms its competition.
Since 1998, we have been listening to what coaches, players, assistants and video coordinators really want. Play Pad is designed to give you the ability to create a library of formations that will automatically fill into your games and provide you with drawings based on data that you have entered into your form. DVSport is excited to continue growing its partnership with our Broadcast Partners and the CFP for the 2016 National Championship Game and Megacast. Allows simultaneous display of up to 24 video playback windows that can be synchronized together.
Multi-View HD Pro Multi-Cam Editor is the easiest and quickest way to edit HD videos recorded from the popular GoPro Hero 3 and other action cameras. The Multi-view HD Pro multi-cam editor allows you to edit the videos from multiple angles without complex video editing software programs. We've elected to present selected releases without editorial comment, as a way to provide our readers more information without further overtaxing our limited editorial resources.
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GameDay is a custom-built software solution designed from the ground up utilizing industry standards and direct feedback from coaches, video personnel and players.
Before we install GameDay throughout your organization, we’ll create custom desktop wallpaper, program icons, slides, and in application graphics to match your teams branding.
Through their feedback we have developed an industry leading data entry process and robust reporting capabilities.
This feature will allow you to have Scout Cards and Scouting Reports created without having to manually draw the formation of defense. Seasons highlights, presentations, and player reviews are just a few of the situations that might arise.

This new player provides an ideal media management solution for applications involving video editor review or archiving of selected video segments—all of which require frame by frame precision. To avoid any possible confusion or conflict of interest, the Imaging Resource will always clearly distinguish between company-provided press releases and our own editorial views and content. Many of the tools used to create and compile home videos are often complicated, and sacrifice of ease of use for convoluted workflows and features that most home video enthusiasts hardly use.
Rather than packaging and pricing different software for the different football markets, DVSport offers a sport-specific customizable tool that is scalable to meet the needs and budget of all football teams. When you are at home or on the road you can simply connect your camera to your laptop and start capturing! GameDay also has integrated splice tools that allow you to make start and stop times at precise start and ending points of the play. Our clients rave about how easy it is to breakdown opponent tendencies and quickly create custom cutups for review.
GameDay will properly display, play, and scrub your HD or SD video on a secondary monitor configured in extended mode. Includes KeyAssigner software, pre-cut template labels, USB connecting cable, RS-422A VTR serial cable. When editing is completed, add a soundtrack, and click a button to directly upload and share your video to YouTube or an FTP site. With event marking, adding comments, and the ability to do event search, you will find this to be an indispensable tool.
Video easy HD is not like any other program on the market, because it is geared towards first time video makers, and those in a hurry.
H.264 files will save you space on your computers or servers compared to the standard AVI files. Pie charts, bar graphs and field zones are automatically generated to give you a quick view of your data. Frame-by-frame slow motion and reverse controls, play, pause, fast forward, and rewind give you complete control of the video you need to teach players to make a play!
The GameDay Slide Editor combines traditional PowerPoint tools with our advanced telestration tools to give you complete control of your presentation.

In addition, clip extraction (save a marked selection to a new file), cropping & resizing all can be done with FV MediaPlayer. There are minimum software and hardware requirements for HD video and DVSport should be consulted before making hardware choices for HD.
The thicker cable design allows the wire to survive being stepped on, pulled, kinked, and dropped. The intercut tools save you time editing video, and save coaches and players from having to watch lengthy play clips. When paired with DVSport Galaxy for the web, or DVSport Shuttle for your iPad, you can view game data and video through the internet or your mobile device. Professional video and slide presentations can be authored directly from GameDay without having to purchase third party software.
Templates and button design have been specifically created to simplify the video editing experience, and allow for the import and re-encoding of analogue non-digital video footage. Click here to visit our support page to view our recommended, and tested system specifications.
The cable is 15 feet long, enabling you to move around your meeting room without having to sit directly in front of the workstation. Live capture saves time by skipping the process of importing video into your editing system through outdated analog methods. No batteries are required, the Commando remote control is always ready to meet your coaching standards. Users can create movies for digital footage imported directly in and transform analog recordings of family celebrations, vacations, or special events into a DVD, Blu-ray, or upload your videos on the Internet with total ease.
Export as file, disc (DVD, AVCHD and Blu-ray DiscTM) and YouTube® ### Video Easy HD's Finish dialog offers DVD, Blu-Ray, and AVCHD output options.

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