Since its release, the ?30 Raspberry Pi mini-computer has been hailed as the perfect all-in-one retro game console. Lifehacker UK is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher.
Raspberry Pi B+ Kodi (XBMC) Ethernet Media Home Theatre Pack This Raspberry Pi B+ Kodi (XBMC) Ethernet Home Theatre Pack utilises open source software and wireless control to give you an easy to set up and easy to use multimedia system with HDMI and internet support. OpenELEC is a Kodi (XMBC) based operating system dedicated to running a media centre, making it a fast, smooth operating system for the Raspberry Pi. The Raspberry Pi Model B+ computer is not much bigger than a credit card, however it boasts many of the features of a standard desktop PC. Protect your Raspberry Pi Model B+ with this solid Black ABS Case, designed specifically for the Raspberry Pi Model B+ making for a snug fit while still allowing access to the many expansion ports in the board.
This USB to Micro USB computer cable is used to charge the wireless keyboard from a USB outlet.
This High speed HDMI lead is 1.4 compliant and ideally suited for connecting your Raspberry Pi B+ computer to any HDMI monitor or HDTV.
The CAT5e Ethernet Patch Lead is used to connect PCs and other devices to telecommunication networks and is ideally suited for connecting your Raspberry Pi B+ computer to the web.
This small document will help you through the early stages of setting up and getting to know your Raspberry Pi media centre. The photos below are of the Ethernet packs, and illustrate the difference between each wireless keyboard. I bought this wonderful Raspberry Pi case, when the Pi was introduced, as then, there were not very many manufacturers of cases, and this was the best one available. I remember back in 2000 looking to purchase an enclosure for a PC, and there were hundreds of designs available.
With open sides for ventilation, this design is excellent for keeping all the components cool, and there is no need to fit any noisy cooling fans, which would consume power and cause radio frequency noise. The interesting thing about this design is that you can stack multiple cases, as one would with a hi-fi stacking system. Assembly of this enclosure is very simple, as there is no need for any glue or any special tools.
There is a fan-folded sheet of instructions, a steel pin to tighten the chrome bolts, and a plastic tube to push the “O” rings.
Once you order your case, you can expect to receive a smart looking box quickly and efficiently delivered. I have just discovered eBay, and it is one of those wonderful places where you can buy so many products with confidence at affordable prices. Polycase will be releasing a new case to house the Raspberry Pi* microcomputer on September 24th. When most people look for a doctor, they try to find someone close to their home or work, covered by their private insurance and perhaps recommended by others.
Coming back from PyCon 2013, I was looking for interesting Raspberry Pi project ideas that would attract the attention of both non-programming students and those with more experience. Share this post This easy to follow guide will show you every step you need to integrate Genesis with your Kodi TV and Movie Library.
Over the past couple of years, I have had mixed feelings about Raspberry Pi as a HTPC, because even after using all possible optimization tricks it simply was not responsive enough for my requirements. As a pre-packaged, all-in-one media-centre solution for the Raspberry Pi, the XMBC bundle from element14 might seem a bit of an odd notion. The included Pico Projector allows you to project media up to an 84-inch screen as an alternative to a television.
Its open source nature allows it to be customised with readily accessible add-ons for that perfect viewing experience. With USB, Ethernet, HDMI connections, it uses a Micro SD card as its data storage device and has a readily accessible GPIO (General Purpose Input Output) Interface.
It gives a full function media centre with support for a large number of open source add-ons and media types.
With an ultra-bright globe, it is able to accept input from TVs, DVD players, computers, digital cameras and video cameras. Wiltronics disclaims any proprietary interest in trademarks and trade names other than its own.
I was recently looking to buy another case for the new board, and after seeing all the cheap Chinese manufactured cases, this one is still the best. You could get high-end aluminium metal ones, clear ones with neon lights inside, and even clear cooling fans. However, most people are not going to risk damaging their Pi and therefore a fan is an unnecessary extravagance.
A poor cooling fan design usually causes more problems, if the power supply design is not high quality.

I like the idea of that, and I can see myself building an amplifier circuit and installing it in a similar case to stack with this one. If you are planning to make some of the electronics projects, then easy access to the P1 socket is very important. Four chrome molybdenum bolts and pillars, which are extremely shiny, are included in the box as well. They have an excellent feedback system, which always makes sure that the seller provides a good quality service.
Available in 2 colors, black or blue, and designed to fit the Raspberry Pi Model B, the board effortlessly installs into the base of the unit and is held captive by the case. Designed to fit the Raspberry Pi Model B, the board easily installs into the base of the unit and is held captive by the case. The new Pi Series enclosure is designed to fit the Raspberry Pi Model B and allows for easy installation of the PCB. The new PI Series enclosure is molded in black ABS flame-retardant plastic with a UL94-5VA flame rating.
Along with a bit of extra cable management, the setup looks much less cluttered, and I still have easy access to the Pi if I need it.
But what happens to your cat or dog when the magic dies and you each go your separate ways?
I look for those things too, but what I really want -- and have learned is frustratingly difficult to find -- is a doctor who uses 21st century tools like, you know, email. And despite their lack of CPU power, they're all more than capable of recording and playing several channels at the same time, as well as streaming the data across your local network.
While the amount of disk space is all you see marketed about a hard drive on a sales page, there is actually an extensive amount of coding that goes into making a hard drive capable of handling your applications and data in the first place.
First, fetch the Windows installer from this link here and extract the contents to a folder. The cable is wired-in to the adaptor and the cable end is fitted directly with a Micro USB plug, no chunky plug adaptors.
I must have bought almost all of those however; they were all just fashion accessories, which went out of fashion.
I managed to use just an ordinary screwdriver and within seconds, I had the case assembled and the Pi installed and operating. Check out our Raspberry Pi case 3D rendering created by our engineering team to see how convenient assembly is for the case, and how the Pi Series enclosure provides access to all components on the Pi Board. Check out our 3D rendering created by our engineering team to see how convenient assembly is for the case, and how the Pi Series enclosure provides access to all components on the Pi Board. The enclosure is designed to fit Raspberry Pi Model B and allows for easy installation of the PCB.
I decided that the project should relate to Mothera€™s day and have something my students could take home or perhaps even give to their Mom as a nifty gift.
The Raspberry Pi is perfectly suited to this, too, and with the appropriate hardware it can be turned into a powerful low-cost digital video recorder, complete with media streaming, scheduling and time shift. Registering on the site (for free) will enable you to create a single feed of all your favourite shows. In this comprehensive guide, you will learn how to set up Raspberry Pi 2 as a complete Kodi (was XBMC) entertainment center solution with the right accessories.
Most Linux distributions currently default to using the ext4 file system, but the future for many of them lies with the B-tree file system, better known as Btrfs. Next up, run the program called a€?setup.exea€?, you may receive a UAC prompt if running Vista or later. Thanks to some nifty software called OpenELEC you can turn your Raspberry Pi B+ into a fully customisable media centre with minimal effort. The problem with cases is that they go out of fashion after a few months, hence I was looking for usability such easy GPIO access, power button, and clear plastic.
I learnt the hard way to stick to something simple that works, and this case is very simple that works well. Usually, great products are always simple and elegant in design and work exceedingly well, and this design is one of them. I had a few new services in my mind including some cloud APIs like Stormcloud and Plivo which I ended up using for my Raspberry Pi project.
The following guide is done on a Mac so the path you need to follow if you are on a different device will be different. This guide also includes detailed instructions to set up the new OSMC stable release that replaces the Raspbmc operating system I used earlier in this guide. To put it simply, a file system is how a hard drive is able to store, access, and manage files.
This is because the Raspbmc installer needs to run as an Administrator on your system to write to the SD card at block device level.

You'll have your retro game console—complete with old-school controllers—up and running within 30 minutes. It provides easy port access on all sides, and you can see the diagnostic lights through the clear plastic. So I decided to teach my students how to access a web API and settled on the Call Mom buttona€”a Raspberry Pi board with a set of four buttons connected via Plivo, which gives you not only the titular Call Mom button, but also a Call Dad buttona€”just to be fair with Dadsa€”a a€?Text Mom I love hera€? button, and a spare button which students could use however they want.
People have been kind enough to add the path you need to follow so take a look at the guide and then scroll to the bottom to see the path you need for your device. In case youa€™re wondering, yes Raspberry Pi 2 is ready for the prime time, because according to my tests it is 55% a€“ 100% faster compared to the Raspberry Pi 1 model B+ with Kodi. While different operating systems can run off of the same hard drive, they tend not to share the same file system. You will now be presented with an interface such as this: Your SD card should be shown on the list. All you need to do is install the operating system on an SD card and do some simple file sharing from your PC.
Flagged We had an old post that just linked to someone else's Raspbian tutorial, and instead of creating a new post, we decided to update that one with our full how-toa€”instead of having two posts floating around.
Windows users rely on the New Technology File System (NTFS) while Mac OS X currently runs on the HFS+ file system. Emulating old-school video games requires two things: game ROMs and an emulator to play them. The rule of ethics is that you should have a physical copy of a game if you have a ROM (or you can create your own from your old cartridges). This is a program running off a custom SD card called RetroPie that allows you to use a controller to select an emulator and a game without ever touching a keyboard or mouse. After everything's set up, you'll be able to navigate and do everything you need to do on the Raspberry Pi from a controller. The benefit is that you get the newest versions of emulators and you can select what gets installed. Step Two: Boot Your Raspberry Pi and Set Up EmulationStation Next up we'll boot up your Raspberry Pi.
Follow the onscreen prompts with your controller to set it up (up, down, left, right, etc). These controls will not work with the emulators—that takes an extra step we'll get to in the next section. After you confirm your controller works, pull up the menu (you picked the button for this during the prompts, mine is the Start button), and exit EmulationStation to go to the command line.
Step Three: Configure Your Controllers for the Emulators This looks a little daunting at a glance, but it's actually very easy and only takes a few minutes to do. If you're using an Xbox 360, PS3, or similar controller, you can skip this next part entirely. If you're using a retro-style SNES controller like I am, you'll need to go through a couple more steps. We need to delete those extra buttons that the Super Nintendo controller doesn't have from the configuration file you just created. You can do so on the Raspberry Pi itself by going into Raspbian (type "startx" into the command line), or you can use FTP software like Cyberduck on your desktop computer.
Since we're going to be transferring ROMs with Cyberduck in the next section anyway, we'll just use that to edit the controller configuration. Your username is "pi" and the password is "raspberry." Click okay to go to the Raspberry Pi's SD card. Optional: While you're here, you can also set up a trigger to exit the emulator and kick you back to EmulationStation.
Optional: Now you're all set up to use your controller in the emulators, but if want to have two controllers connected, you need to take one more step.
In the retroarch.cfg file, find and highlight the line "input_player1_joypad_index = "0" and select all the lines after it. However, if you have them on your Raspberry Pi you can just move them over to the correct folders and you're all set. Once the file transfer is done, go ahead and reboot the Raspberry Pi with your controllers connected and everything should be good to go. Further Resources Once you finish the above, your Raspberry Pi should boot directly into the EmulationStation every time you start it, and you'll able to control the whole thing with your attached controllers — no keyboard or mouse required.

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