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Even in the most mature countries like UK, Germany or Sweden, opportunities to increase online sales or start up with a new digital business are definitely real. Number of companies starting up a new online shop is also booming as shown by eurostat e-commerce statistics, yet, given the online sales’ rate growth and the immense market targetable, also small-medium enterprises have the chance to launch a digital shop and support it with strategic eCommerce marketing campaigns.
Whether the eCommerce shop is already online or still to be launched there are some crucial aspects that have to be taking into account to plan a successful eCommerce internet marketing. Otherwise than in the physical world, in internet comparing products features and prices is easy, immediate and zero cost: just a few click of mouse. Online shops remove human mediation from the purchasing process; for this reason it is paramount that it works perfectly and be easy to do. A perfectly functional website may be highly inadequate in esthetic, ergonomic and communicational terms. In all eCommerce surveys and investigations customer’s perception of the buying process arises as a critical factor to increase online sales.
In our real life our purchases are influenced by opinions and suggestions coming from people we know, likewise on internet many sales occur only after reading recommendations and comments made by friends or unknown customers.
The previous five points somehow are all different aspects of an articulated eCommerce marketing strategy and should always be included in the digital marketing services provided to companies. We deliver highly functional eCommerce websites which not only provide convenience to your existing customers, they also allow you to expand your business horizons by targeting a much wider audience, exposing your business to a whole new market. We use secure gateways for our payment systems, with the highest level of built-in security including 256-bit encryption and SSL certificates, ensuring that payment details remain totally secure, all the way from your customer’s PC to your business bank account. Want an eCommerce website that’s worth checking out, get in touch and get us on board!
Studies show that email is the best channel for driving conversions and that offering coupons or discounts can help increase traffic to your website. Persistent Cart is a free app that allows consumers to keep items in a shopping cart in case they were distracted from completing a purchase.

Online contests are effective ways to increase your traffic and capture leads for your email list. Ecommerce businesses depend on well written product descriptions to gain search engine visibility and help sell products. Sangeeta Kumar is the Vice President of Web Marketing for GMR Web Team, a global online marketing, strategy, development and maintenance agency.
Luxe can assist you with creating a strong and creative brand, creative marketing strategy, effective search engine optimization, social media campaign, custom product packaging, and on-site marketing training. Pretty words and pictures are great, but people need to feel like you understand their needs and have a remarkable way to help them. Since the day they stepped into the HubSpot office for Partner Day in 2014 as a Gold Partner, they have been on a mission to reach the Platinum tier. In order to be competitive it is needed to shrink profit margins and, at the same time, communicate efficaciously the own added value and the advantages compared to other competitors. Purchase funnel, from products adding to cart to final payment, have to be short and require the minimum work. An eCommerce website that integrates social networks and their sharing functions has certainly more chances to be successful. More precisely, overall, they can be considered the backbone of the eCommerce marketing from which to develop specific tactics to promote the online shop.
Create the eCommerce website planning from the beginning at least part of the digital marketing strategy. Recuce profit margins of products in highly competitive markets: prices are a critical factor according to all e-Commerce studies.
Comply with delivery times especially in case of international eCommerce: making mistakes on this issue decrease significantly customers retention. Be aware of your target, find out what it is told about you, monitor market sentiment and analyse your online reputation.
Take on the challenge of product reviews: they boost sales and improve ranking on search engines.
Prepare bundles and gift packages, exploit cross and up selling to raise the average order value (AOV).
Invest on internet advertising and PPC campaigns knowing that each advertisment exposes your brand to a large audience, it is not just a strategy to generate leads. As more and more companies shift their sales online, a stable and well-designed eCommerce website can really help your business succeed online. We have experience integrating online shops with many of the payment providers available and can help you throughout the entire process from initially setting up your merchant account to your first sale through your online shop. The most basic strategies involve setting up eCommerce correctly in the first place so that it’s easy for customers to buy and you have integrated email marketing software and social media with your site to capture leads, send out reminders and engage with followers.
An app called Pop-Up Window allows you to collect new email subscribers without negative impact.
Hello Bar is an app that lets you easily update the CTA with a notification bar about your latest deals and products at the top of your store. Gleam is an app that helps you run contests, sign up new contestants and share contests through social media.

The app Forewards allows you to easily establish an automated referral campaign that encourages sharing of your messages.
Copywriter is an app that connects with a talent pool of professional writers, translators and proofreaders. Sangeeta is a jack-of-all-trades kinda person in the world of Internet marketing, excelling in market research to come up with a strategy based on the latest trends to get a website on page 1.
Either way, you’re responsible for the growth of your company so that means you’re always thinking about how to get more customers and keep the ones you have. The BluePrint exists because companies like yours need a genuine, repeatable way to get more customers and keep them happy.
Because when you put the buyers’ needs at the center of your marketing strategy, magic happens.
Setting apart the financial, logistic and industrial ones, the eCommerce digital marketing strategy is crucial since is the main instrument to promote services and market products online. Meanwhile it is necessary to work on the identification of the right target consumers through online analysis and marketing after setting a clear goal: bringing to the website leads and prospects.
A good eCommerce website conforms to web usability guidelines and is accessible to everybody. The buying experience has always an emotional side that an eCommerce shop needs to include during the website planning and in the marketing strategies.
Similarly, conversion rate improves when a system to publish users opinions and reviews is added to products pages. The amount of these tactics is endless, nonetheless a good plan should strive to coordinate them all to make eCommerce online marketing more effective.
Reflecting on marketing at this stage allows to better define features and functions that online shop is going to need.
All leads coming from organic search means money saved from different advertising investments. Most of website’s visits coming from organic searches are made of a variety of keywords and keyfrases of low occurrence.
All traffic generated by blog marketing reinforce brand reputation and impact positively on the eCommerce shop. According to Nielsen research, 77 percent of consumers are influenced by the recommendations of friends and family. It should be accessible to any type of device included smartphones and tablets (mobile website version). Graphic and design should be likeable, information clear, contents interesting and, why not, entertaining.
There are softwares that monitor prices on different eCommerce websites allowing an excellent benchmarking service in real time. It is very important to offer transparency of shipping and delivery times, customer’s refund and return rights.

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