Da bao chang ki th? h?t gi? suy nghi va th?t b?i ch? vi h?n th?y co 2 phuong an d?u t?t c?? Da bao l?n b?n ng?p ng?ng r?t lau r?i m?i ch?n mon khi nhin vao m?t th?c don toan d? h?p d?n?
Da bao ngu?i khong th? l?p gia dinh ch? vi co 2 anh chang cung deo bam va d? thuong nhu nhau?
Da bao k? ng?p ng?ng va b? l? co h?i khi d?ng tru?c nga r?, ph?i l?a ch?n gi?a nganh nay ho?c nganh kia? About Latest Posts Tuki de LutiEditor-in-chief at ecobladerTuki de Luti hi?n dang theo h?c chuong trinh th?c si MBUS t?i ISB, thu?c tru?ng D?i h?c Kinh t? TPHCM, co h?ng thu trong vi?c nghien c?u Qu?n tr? Chi?n lu?c. Every year, Ernst & Young chooses this region’s premier entrepreneurs in a competition to be named the best in the nation-and the world-at what they do. In a part of the country that’s known for its innovative, dynamic entrepreneurs, who are the most dynamic and innovative entrepreneurs of them all? Do c? hai th? d?u h?p d?n nhu nhau, con l?a nhin qua, nhin l?i, khong th? nao quy?t d?nh, va cu?i cung ch?t vi doi khat. La thanh vien VIP c?a m?t t?ng l?p r?t du?c xa h?i quan tam (t?ng l?p th?t nghi?p), anh da co kinh nghi?m th?t nghi?p chuyen nghi?p 3 nam rong, va da vi?t m?t quy?n sach d? giup th?t nghi?p hi?u qu? hon.
Here, we tell you how the 27 dynamic local finalists for 2008 have built their businesses and attained their success.
That’s what Ernst & Young sets out to determine each year here with its Entrepreneur of the Year program, which honors the hard-working individuals who create and sustain successful, growing business ventures.  Now in its 22nd year, the Ernst & Young EOY program is structured as a regional competition that leads to national and then international award winners. Regional winners then are eligible for the national and international awards.  In the following stories, D CEO is proud to tell you about the 2008 finalists for the Ernst & Young EOY awards for the Southwest Area-North, all of whom were selected by a five-member judging panel. Silcock, managing director in charge of Citigroup’s Southwest Investment Banking Franchise.     The finalists--and the winners--of the Southwest Area-North program were honored at a June 28 dinner at the InterContinental Hotel in Addison. Craft III of Alliance Resource Partners (in the Energy, Chemical and Mining category); Greg L. Craft III        photography courtesy of Alliance Resource Partners        Alliance Resource Partners  Joseph W. Under Craft’s leadership, Alliance has become the 10th-largest coal producer in the country.
He and his wife had just built their first home, and they used a spare bedroom to store their computer servers. And about two years ago, the company reached a tipping point: potential clients were familiar with Aspire when they called - and some clients even started calling them. Harberg        photography by Ashley Dupree                            Josh Stern        photography by Ashley Dupree        Current Energy  Joseph L. Harberg   Principal Partner   Josh Stern   Principal Partner  Joseph Harberg and Josh Stern didn’t set out to found a pioneering company providing energy-efficient solutions for homes and businesses. Started by Stern in 2001, that outfit helped businesses save money on their monthly power bills after Texas deregulated the electricity market.
There, homeowners learn how to green up their residences, from installing water-saving toilets to switching out their incandescent lightbulbs.  For business clients, Stern and Harberg offer super-sophisticated automation and control products for buildings, especially smaller ones.

His upscale stores - decorated with Austrian chandeliers, mahogany booths, and oil paintings - have become an international model of excellence. The younger Massey joined First United -   then called Durant Bank and Trust - in 1990, four years after his father took over the bank’s leadership. He also worked in the industry while earning a business management degree at Oklahoma State University.  Success for Massey - and for First United - has been slow and steady. Much of that success is due to the innovative, larger-market ideas Massey has implemented at his community banks, like leasing and venture-capital services.  Providing for small businesses, Massey says, is a key part of his responsibility as a community leader.
He anticipated that when the downturn reversed, wireless expertise would be in demand and companies would need help ramping up again. A business partner landed a big telecom client, thanks to Hussain’s wireless and telecom expertise. It took about 18 months to nail down his first big contract - providing a year’s worth of specialized staffing resources to a corporation.
Vogt was recruited to become the chief executive at GENBAND, a flagging media gateway provider, in 2004.
He chose to focus on VoIP infrastructure technology that would enable strategic partnerships. GENBAND made its most recent acquisition in April, adding a complementary technology from Nokia Siemens to its portfolio.
He believes you just keep trying and adjusting the process until you figure out what works.  When a former employer was uninterested in adding consulting services to its continuity and storage offerings, Dixon and three colleagues decided to step out and try it themselves. His earlier investors pushed expansion before profitability, Dixon says, and he won’t make that mistake again. In a bid to distinguish MJB from its competitors, Caldwell expanded its offerings to include inventory management services that make customers’ supply chains leaner. MJB also gave away free proprietary software for tracking and ordering its products via the Web.  This innovative strategy secured customer accounts. Having witnessed poor results when their previous employer strayed too far from core competencies, the team was determined to stay focused on their key areas of expertise. Today Nascent partners up with Oracle on ERP [enterprise resource planning] solutions software suites, and with Vertex on tax technology solutions for clients that range from Atmos Energy to Neiman Marcus.  Nascent hires only experienced consultants, not recent graduates.
In a bid to keep the seasoned team productive and motivated, employees are compensated for what they can control, with rewards structures similar to those for independent contractors.  Last year, the firm announced its expansion and relocation to a 70-percent larger office space in Plano with an open work area, numerous meeting rooms, and a dedicated space for showcasing software to clients. Verges        photography courtesy of Newmarket Technology        NewMarket Technology  Philip M.
The Verges family members had backgrounds as computer programmers, and it wasn’t plausible for competitors to hire salespeople to go out and sell top-line technology like the Verges family had done. With the bursting of the dot-com bubble, the focus shifted to representing early-stage technology companies, though much of NewMarket’s revenue still comes from systems integration (much like EDS or IBM). It also brings new synergies from a staff experienced in web advertising and a powerful platform that supports high-volume transactions. The Dallas company’s turning point came three years later, Woods says, with a major restructuring that improved customer service, increased staff accountability, and adjusted productivity incentives.

Five years ago, he expanded RBC’s offerings by acquiring MPM Medical’s wound-care products from a former Carrington colleague. The co-founders didn’t take a paycheck for nearly a year, and hiring the first employee came next. Installations can require as little as two consultants for six months, or a team of 18 for more than two years. Scott III        photography by Elizabeth Lavin        Rosewood Hotels and Resorts  John M. And he definitely didn’t foresee becoming one of the wealthiest players in the oil industry.
After graduating from the University of Oklahoma, Ward partnered with Aubrey McClendon to begin Chesapeake Energy in the 1980s. After personally investing $500 million in Riata, Ward renamed the company SandRidge Energy. Now with a portfolio of about 20 products serving 2,400 customers, Skywire Software can take data from any number of input systems and publish it to multiple formats, whether on paper, fax, or the Web in HTML or PDF files.  Lately, Brandt’s biggest challenge is integrating the four companies acquired since 2007 and establishing a common corporate culture among offices spread from San Francisco to London. Once they had the green light, hurricanes Katrina and Rita promptly doubled electricity fuel prices.
But the biggest challenge faced by Stream Energy - and its multi-level marketing arm, known as Ignite - was the market’s overwhelmingly positive response.
Patrick Jenevein III        photography courtesy of Tang Energy        Tang Energy Group  E. But it took a decade and a trip across the world for Jenevein to realize what rich business opportunities lay ahead.  In 1995, Jenevein traveled to China on a mission to help the state-owned National Petroleum Co. He soon realized that China lacked the technology and equipment to properly capture and process natural gas.
Shor  President  When Steven Lieberman and Alan Shor founded The Retail Connection in Dallas in 2004, the retail real estate industry was driven largely by shopping-center owners.
Shor and Lieberman, who each had extensive ties to retailing firms, set out to turn that model on its head.  Today their unique company is a brokerage, advisory, and investment real estate firm that’s driven not by the needs of property owners, but by its strong relationships with retail tenants. A lawyer by training - he worked for years at Troutman Sanders, a major Atlanta firm - Shor left Troutman to join Zale Corp., where he rose to become president.
Warrior Group projects revenue of $107 million for 2008, but its CEO doesn’t take all the credit. Sure enough, the following year Wal-Mart began requiring RFID tags on incoming shipments, and a vast market opened up for Xterprise.  The turning point came in 2004, when Xterprise won a large bottling company account away from IBM and Siemens in a 7-figure deal.
The company helps financial institutions track their assets, transport companies manage their pallets and roll cages, and automotive manufacturers know which parts are coming into their manufacturing sites.

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