MAGIX Software GmbH has updated its movie-editing product range with the release of MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2014. The new build also comes with "tons" of new content, with all elements now HD and 16:9 compatible. Movie Edit Pro 2014 comes with the promise of now being capable of supporting up to eight simultaneous AVCHD tracks on a Core i7 PC, an increase of five on the previous version. Plus and Premium users also gain a new proxy editing feature, which creates virtual copies of original video files that are simpler to edit and smoother to navigate and preview, even if the original material is 4K footage.
The latest build is also better optimized for touch displays, with key controls such as preview window buttons, the timeline and menu bar now supporting touch on compatible Ultrabooks and displays -- those who purchase the Plus or Premium edition also get the companion MAGIX Movie Edit Touch Windows 8 app for free.
Finally, support for Intel WiDi also allows users to stream content from the preview window to compatible devices wirelessly. MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2014, MAGIX Move Edit Pro 2014 Plus and MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2014 Premium are all available now as a free trial downloads for compatible Windows PCs.
You can purchase full versions of all three packages in the Downloadcrew Software Store, with MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2014 available now with a 14 per cent saving on its MSRP at just $59.99. Also available are MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2014 Plus, which comes with added functionality including with a 99-track timeline, full stereo 3D support, multicam editing, audio dubbing in 5.1 surround sound, many additional effects (including HDR), professional movie templates, and custom menu design. Other changes include support for 50p AVCHD Progressive video, a redesigned chroma key function, multi-cam video editing tools, an improved preview rendering capability, and a variety of new movie templates, intros, outros, and decorative options to add some style to your movies. Available immediately, MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2013 is priced at US$70 for the stripped-down Classic version, US$80 for a Plus version that adds screen capture capability, support for more tracks, secondary color correction, slow-mo and blur effects, movie templates, multi-cam editing and more, and US$130 for a Premium bundle including BlueFX Video Essentials, digieffects Phenomena, and proDAD Adorage 13 plugins. For the first time, MAGIX is also offering discounted pricing for customers switching from other products such as Pinnacle Studio HD, Corel VideoStudio or Sony Vegas.
MAGIX Movie Edit Pro unites highly precise video editing tools with advanced surround dubbing and individually adjustable special effects! A choice of edit screen modes and professional, yet easy-to-use features make it a snap for anyone to transform raw video footage into impressive movies. Enjoy the groundbreaking Windows Media High Definition technology and use the high image resolution of your PC monitor, projector, or HD-enabled TV device (via compatible-DVD player) to play crystal clear photoshows.
All you need is a few clicks to burn your movies with high-resolution menus onto CD or DVD: autostart-enabled for any PC! Turn your friends into pirates at the touch of a button with an eye patch, or transform children into little angels with their very own haloes. Surprise your friends and family with your video messages, impress them with holiday footage or give your far-away loved ones something to smile about. You are about to download this program (MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 17), and we would like to ask you to send us your feedback after you install and try it on your computer. It won't take more than a couple of minutes, but your opinion is very important to future users of the program and to the author of the program. Amazon Shop buttons are programmatically attached to all reviews, regardless of products' final review scores. Movie Edit Pro MX edits videos with Adobe Premiere-level precision, at a fraction of the price .
MAGIX Movie Edit Pro MX Plus ($100) offers many of the high-precision controls of Adobe's pro video editing software, Premiere CS5 ($382) in a significantly more user-friendly interface. You can move Movie Edit Pro MX's tools across monitors, making it possible to edit on one and watch a full screen preview on a second.Registering with MAGIX extends the 7-day free trial of Movie Edit Pro MX Plus to 30 days and unlocks free, downloadable video effects and filters that beef up the creative and professional potential of Movie Edit Pro MX. As you would expect, Movie Edit Pro MX Plus imports any desktop video file format worth using, as well as formats used by mobile phones and still images.
And, like all its competitors, Movie Edit Pro MX can upload a finished video--in full HD with stereo surround sound--to YouTube or Vimeo, or in standard definition to Facebook quickly and easily, with only a few mouse clicks.
In addition, Movie Edit Pro MX lets you reposition the various elements of the screen and create preset templates of different screen setups, much like VideoStudio Pro X4 and Premiere Elements 10. With keyframing (identifying the key beginning and end points of transitions within your movie), Movie Edit Pro MX easily outshines VideoStudio Pro X4 and Pinnacle Studio HD Ultimate 15--and stands up to Premiere Elements 10.
Movie Edit Pro MX has a few features I hadn't seen in its competitors: For instance, The TV Anti Cropping video is a tool to generate videos that fit your devices perfectly, if you know what device and screen you'll use for screening your final production. Movie Edit MX Pro Plus also includes screen-recording features and a range of text callout and title page styles, a feature comparable to Camtasia Studio ($299). All in all, MAGIX has wowed me with a product that blows the comparably priced competitors out of the water. PCWorld helps you navigate the PC ecosystem to find the products you want and the advice you need to get the job done. With an attractive interface, a multitude of video effects and the ability to upload directly to Facebook, Vimeo, Box and YouTube, Pinnacle Studio has long been a favorite in video editing.
Packed with more than 670 transitions and effects, 46 text options and 34 templates for disc menus, AVS is surprisingly simple to use and customize.
Editing videos is quick and easy, and AVS supports multiple formats, such as HD, MPEG, AVI, WMV, QuickTime, Adobe Flash, mobile video, Real Networks and WebM files, among others. Users also have the ability to share video with Vimeo, meaning your masterpieces are just a click away from a massive online audience.
Apple’s revamped video editing software boasts speedier performance, a friendlier interface, auditions for alternate clips, good organization tools, powerful new multicam support and support for both Thunderbolt and studio-monitor output.

For Mac users who want a simple video editing software without the bells and whistles, there’s iMovie 11. While it may not have the latest and greatest features, iMovie packs all of the basics in an easy-to-master interface for a relatively cheap price. Despite being the cheapest option on this list, Corel Video Studio Pro X6 is simple to use without sacrificing power.
The software supports 4K Ultra HD video and is the only available option for creating HTML5 interactive web movies. For an option that falls in the middle of the price range, CyberLink has one of the most impressive arsenals of tools -- and it's still easy to use. Magix Movie Edit Pro Plus is one of the lease expensive platforms on this list, and for the social butterfly, it might be one of the best options. As the industry leader in video editing, Adobe Premiere Pro CC comes with a redesigned timeline and Paste Effects, which allows you to copy and paste the effects you need from one clip to another, making your editing faster and more efficient.
3D capabilities help Sony's consumer-grade video editing software to stand out, and the precise editing and solid rendering speed make this an excellent option for consumers. Other features include YouTube sharing, DVD and Blu-Ray compatibilities, and an excellent Picture in Picture preview. Avid Media Composer's latest version comes with a wealth of new and improved features, such as accelerated high-res-to-HD workflows and automated media management to handle background media tasks while you focus on your creative vision. In fact, with a decent camera and good editing software, you can create something that looks a lot more like a Hollywood blockbuster than your childhood home videos. As with any software, it's best to consider which features you'll need before you make a purchase. You'll also want to consider which video formats you'll be shooting in, and therefore what the software's formatting capabilities are. Our picks for the best video editing software on the market are in the gallery above, from beginners' options such as iMovie to the creative powerhouse that is the Adobe Suite. Editor's note: The original article has been updated to reflect a more comprehensive list of software platforms.
With digital video cameras becoming increasingly popular, there's a growing demand for user-friendly video editing software that can handle footage from a variety of sources. MAGIX Movie Edit Pro is one of those apps.
Also available in Plus and Premium versions, the new build comes with the promise of improved multi-track performance through more efficient use of multi-core PCs.
Movie Edit Pro 2014 also gains HDR effects for the first time too, while Plus and Premium users gain a new proxy editing feature. This has been achieved through more efficient use of the multi-core architecture in the playback engine’s threading model.
MAGIX claims it has been able to double export speeds for AVCHD video compared to those from the previous release, through both code optimizations and by better using the processing power available in modern PC graphics cards.
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Make sensational cuts, build special effects and 3D transitions and create your own soundtracks.
The new standard format lets you experience the full multi-megapixel resolution with almost no loss and guarantees sharp contours, vibrant colors and great depth of focus. Whether from your camcorder, digital photo camera or mobile phone, you can now import everything that moves you and easily put it online in a snap. DV capture can be performed through an OHCI-compatible IEEE 1394 host adapter (FireWire or iLink). They can be easily inserted during the burning process to give the DVD a professional look.
Write with flowers if your video takes place on a meadow, or with clouds if you've flown somewhere. Based on the successful previous versions, we have optimized the program to make it the best Movie Edit Pro ever! If you leave your email right now we will send you tomorrow an invitation to evaluate the program. Our parent company, IDG, receives advertisement revenue for shopping activity generated by the links. Coupled with the company's Xara Designer Pro--which gives Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign a run for Adobe's money--MAGIX clearly has its eyes on one main competitor: Adobe. Filters such as dynamic noise reduction, a smoothing and deinterlacing tool, and the ability to pixelate parts or the entire screen seem suited to serious-minded producers; while funky toy-like effects like "liquid" and the FlaXen cartoon tool might not see use in every corporate video but could, very likely, sneak into a home movie. Movie Edit Pro MX Plus allows you to work with up to 99 video tracks of video, audio, text overlays, or chroma key feeds, just like Adobe Premiere Elements 10 ($100). The software can't export video files for computer playback in some of the AVCHD high-definition video formats, such as MTS, M2TS, MXV, or MKV formats, however you can still burn those high-def videos to DVD.
The keyframe button on the toolbar lets you manually insert a keyframe at any point; The speed at which individual effects are applied to scenes can also be minutely controlled using keyframe settings for each individual effect instance, or for all uses of the same effect within a movie.
The logoaway plug-in automatically obscures the little graphical TV network logos, known as bugs, that appear in the corner of most TV channels; another menu item attempts to find and edit out advertising content from broadcast TV clips.
Business users who want to create videos illustrating a user experience can simply switch on the screen recorder and create a video of a single window, a user-defined portion of the screen, or the entire screen.

If you are looking for $100 video editing software, Movie Edit Pro MX is more complete and better than anything else you'll find for the price. While it is one of the more expensive options in this list, and it doesn’t have 4K UHD support, Pinnacle serves as a nice middle-ground option for those who aren’t slackers in the video editing department, but who haven’t reached pro status just yet. Version 11 of Adobe Premiere Elements comes with new effects, such as cinematic FilmLooks, slow motion and speeding up. While you can’t import projects from previous Final Cut versions without a third-party plugin, this new software is a consumer-friendly upgrade to a pro-level Mac editor. Easy drag-and-drop functionality makes cropping and adding music a breeze, and previewing the resulting video in real time makes it easy to ensure that you got the right shot.
Features such as motion tracking for moving effects, even better stop motion controls, an enhanced screen capture utility and a subtitle editor with voice detection make this a low-risk purchase for amateur videographers who still want quality. The recently revamped interface is intuitive, and the features are “content aware,” meaning that they analyze raw footage for things such as shakiness, lighting and faces to create a better final cut. With direct upload capabilities to Facebook, YouTube, and Vimeo, its stunning interface, movie trailer templates and multicam editing capabilities can make even amateurs YouTube famous.
There's a trimmer that can be confusing, no 4K support and too many licensing prompts, which can be a drag.
Other new features include new sync settings, the ability to browse through your projects to find and combine clips faster, closed captioning features and improved multicam editing.
The interface feels a little outdated, and definitely seems like a watered-down version of Sony's Pro software, as opposed to a product developed with the consumer's needs in mind. The $999 price tag is steep for amateurs, but worth it if you're looking for a professional-grade software.
Once only a task for professionals, editing raw footage has become as simple as dragging and dropping, and many of the features that used to come only with high-end software are now available in even the most basic programs.
Small business owners or designers who want to create videos for professional use will have very different needs than consumers editing their home videos. In the past, you only needed to worry about saving your videos to a DVD or a highly compressed video file, but the rise of Vimeo and YouTube has resulted in new sharing options. Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe.
It allows you to import videos from DV cameras, HDV cameras and video tapes, as well as use video files stored on your local computer and record video directly from your PC.
We do not encourage or condone the use of this program if it is in violation of these laws. There are also changes to the user interface that reduce clutter and make it quicker to achieve your goals, such as the ability to place audio and video on the same track as each other, and a new Quick File Access feature in the Media Pool. Output your movies in the right resolution for the internet and, if requested, in HDTV quality! Because the buttons are attached programmatically, they should not be interpreted as editorial endorsements. Pinnacle Studio HD Ultimate 15 ($100), by comparison, allows you to work with a maximum of only two video tracks; Corel's VideoStudio Pro X4 ($100) lets you work with up to seven. All are pretty specialized tools, but invaluable if you're responsible for presenting your company's media hits at a board meeting. If you're looking for a capable, flexible editor with some unique features, or are considering Premiere, give it MAGIX Movie Edit Pro MX a shot: For 30 days, at least, you have nothing to lose.
Elements takes the best features of Adobe’s professional version of the software, Premiere Pro, and makes them simplified and user friendly. And as part of the Creative Cloud, it’s backed by the Adobe Creative Suite, integrated with Behance and can be synced across multiple workstations. As the editing software of choice for summer blockbusters like Star Trek and The Great Gatsby, Avid Media Composer 7 can handle any editing challenge with ease. Be realistic about what you'll use, so you don't end up paying for software you don't need. If you're looking to share your videos to your social network, make sure that your software is capable of doing so. The denoiser and dehisser are professional noise reduction tools for removing noise and hisses. This, together with support for multiple picture-in-picture streams means that with Movie Edit Pro MX you could, if you so desired, begin casting your remake of The Brady Bunch.
There's also a Wizard that creates something called Travel Route Animation which you can use to generate something akin to the scrolling map sequence from any of the Indiana Jones movies.
The feature uses open-source maps which are capable but not exactly gorgeous to look at, and creates an interesting effect.
With the new version you can even import videos that you recorded with your iPhone directly into Movie Edit Pro, without having to take a detour via iTunes.

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