In part 1, part 2 and part 3 of this series, I showed you how to set up an Instagram account, take photos, edit photos and share photos. Like any other social media account, privacy settings are important because they determine who can see your photographs.
This is where you can choose to have your real name displayed on your account as well as your user name or add biographical or website information you wish to share. When you post a photo, just tap those accounts to select them when you share the image.When you post to Instagram the image will show up in your Facebook feed or Twitter account.
Instagram is a social app and one of the social aspects is liking and commenting on photos. A fun activity for people who enjoy taking and sharing photos is to join an Instagram photography group.
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With cartoon photo frames, you can give full play to your imagination and creativity to edit your digital photos. You can also put photo mask onto your imported picture clips, and the picture clips will be blend softly with the photo frame, for example, the picture clips - butterflies in the above photo card. As the name suggests, seasonal frames are characterized by the features of four seasons as well as all kinds of seasonal things. When you look at Oleg Oprisco's stunning images, you just know he's one of those Photoshop whizzes. Here are 8 useful and simple tips which will edit your sales emails to make it more attractive. Starting yourself with a question is the best way to indulge you customer in your conversation very fast as it let  your customer to think about your question and instantly  make a response for it or can say compel your customer to say Yes or No. Make them say “yes” with your every sentence and they’ll feel that your products or company can help solve their problem.
You’ve written to convey a particular message then why you let your customers to read the whole of yours if it can be done with 3 – 4 words.
You must have observed that  photographers and designers use some negative space to create a focal point, same as that writers can use blank space to draw the attention of readers to the important points you have written. The word “Imagine” at the beginning of a sentence or paragraph signals to you that you’re about to think something that you enjoy. Before you send your email, make sure you have checked check your call-to-action correctly. And while I’ve learned a ton of good information at these events, I slowly started to notice a negative pattern about how I felt while there. I didn’t feel like myself, and I didn’t feel like I was being taken care of in a way that fits my personality. Once I went to a super pricey, ultra fabulous conference for entrepreneurs in a swanky hotel. The content was right up my alley, and the other women were friendly…at least at first.
We quickly realized that there would be no coffee, drinks, or snacks served after breakfast. I even caught myself falling asleep during the sessions and missing some key information (boo!).
Lesson Learned: I require snacks and caffeine throughout the entire day so that I can listen and apply the information. In case you didn’t know, I’m a Buddhist, and I enjoy meditating and attending temple services.
It was amazing, except for having to sleep on a concrete floor with no heat…during a Chicago winter. Lesson Learned: I need comfy sleeping accommodations if I’m going to be able to focus on the big picture. What I didn’t prepare for was sleeping on a wooden plank, mice pooping in my sneakers, showering outside, or finding spiders on the toilets every morning. Lesson Learned: I need to feel rested and empowered after an event, not like I need a vacation from my vacation. One of the most crucial life lessons I’ve ever learned is that I’m a high-achieving, high-maintenance, high-strung Type A personality. To be the best edited version of myself, I need to embrace what makes me “me” instead of cramming myself into the box that other people want me to fit in.

When I started planning my upcoming live event, Life Editor Weekend, I decided to focus on creating an experience with all the good things that had been missing from other events I attended. I’ll probably always wish that I was a “go with the flow” chick, but I’m a lot happier when accept my Type A needs and I take care of myself properly.
This post focuses on Step 5 of the Life Editing Process, Make White Space for Personal Self-Care. Get dozens of free life editing resources in the Editor's Toolkit!Introduce yourself and your programI will never share, trade, rent, or sell your information with any other company. Instagram is a hugely popular social media platform for sharing your photos with friends, but for some people, you may not want to have all of your photos out in the open for just anyone to see. Fortunately, you can make your Instagram profile private so that you have some control over your privacy and who is allowed to see your photos that you post. Tap on the Profile button on the bottom menu bar as shown below – the icon looks like a contact card. Now, your Instagram profile will be listed as private, so when someone searches for you, they’ll see a screen like the one below. If you’d like to follow my pictures on Instagram, you can find me under the user name jimsabellico – see you there!
Was this Tech Help Made Easy article on how to make your Instagram profile private helpful? If you found this Tech Help Made Easy article to be helpful to you in answering your questions, please let me know by rating it using the five stars at the beginning of the article, or by leaving a comment below. I’m 27, and live on Long Island, NY with my beautiful wife, our dog and our beautiful new baby boy.
Edit or rewrite your assignment or dissertation to ensure it meets the required academic level – e.g.
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So it's interesting to see that Instagram has started to develop more features for the desktop-based Web. For example, through your browser, you can now log-in, edit your Instagram profile, and comment on Instagram photos. In this fourth and final part, we’ll look at some tips and tricks to improve your user experience. The default settings will allow anyone browsing Instagram to see your photos and you may be fine with that because you might not post anything personal in nature.
Move the slider to the right until it turns blue to make your posts visible only to your approved followers. This will allow you to push your photos to Facebook, Twitter or other accounts when you publish them to your feed.
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Frame Photo Editor builds in hundreds of such photo frames to help you edit your digital photos. So long as your are imaginative, you can make your festival card very interesting, unique and personalized.
She or he will surely treasure your handcrafted cards from your digital photos which capture the happy moment between you two. You’ve been a pleasure to work with, and we look forward to growing the partnership into the future. The idea behind this is that the more you can let the reader to say “yes” the more likely they will indulge into your conversation. Afterall everyone is busy, bolding your beneficial points will quickly seek the attention of your readers to the information you really want them to know.
They prepare the mind of readers that now you’re going to tell a story, jog their imagination, or paint a picture in their mind (the same way as you’re feeling now). Make them focus on and make sense of every word instantly and every little point you put in front of them and all of these they have to do online, where attention is primary.

Call to action is that essential part of your email that will say your customer what they are suppose to do next.
Having a clear idea of what you are trying to do achieve before writing, and thinking of the other person as you do. The most entertaining writing shares a personal story or funny example to capture sales attention.
Even I agree with the point that funny examples and personal story can grab your readers very easily and using them to achieve sales attention is the a very good way to let your customers know you better. If you're new here, please subscribe to my weekly ezine The Life Editor so you won't miss any freebies, videos, or updates. I absolutely love getting away from home and my mundane responsibilities to spend a few days indulging in self-care with like-minded women.
It was 4 days of business and marketing advice so that we could become wealthy and successful like the conference’s host. I don’t know about you, but it’s easier for me to reach enlightenment without worrying about my toes falling off.
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Also, by default anyone can start following you on Instagram.  You can adjust the settings so that only people you approve can follow you on Instagram and only your approved followers can see your posts. To link your accounts go to your profile and tap the icon with three little dots in the upper right to open the settings menu. When you search that hashtag, you’ll see other photographs of kittens that have been tagged with the same subject. In my town the Igers Toledo group scheduled a day to take photos of local attractions and meet up with fellow amateur photographers. Plus, if you decided you don't like our newsletters (don't worry, you'll love them), unsubscribing is fast and easy. Rather than Flickr diverting from our speciality to enter a realm we had no (particular) expertise in, the thought of a partnership seemed much more sensible. That stack of books 20 feet tall, that woman balanced atop a narrow pinnacle at the ocean's edge, that tree full of cuckoo clocks -- there's no way that's not digitally altered, right?
We provide you the tools for easy collaboration with one of the world's most passionate photo communities.
In-text formatting of any type : italicizing, underlining, capitalizing or back-linking maintains a reader’s attention because our minds are prepared to notice changes.
And solving the suspense will keep you engaged in about any situation, whether you’re watching a movie or reading an email. If you want your grab people through you writing, replace that boring adverb-verb combo with a single punchy, attractive verb. It’s like Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs—when basic food needs aren’t being met, then nothing else matters.
There were lessons about different types of meditation, yoga for spiritual health, Buddhist history, and more.
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