Once you hit edit, you’ll be presented with options like Rotate, Auto-enhance, Red-eye removal and Crop. While viewing the video (before playing it) you will see a bar that includes frames from the video.
If you are having trouble editing to an exact frame in the video, you can edit frame by frame by pressing and holding a finger on either end of the yellow bar. The native Chrome app from Google doesn't yet run Chrome Web Apps or the Chrome Web Store.
Fully secure: all connections are encrypted, and no browsing history or cache is ever stored on your device (its securely stored in your virtual browsing account).
Comfortably carry and protect all of your digital gear with the sleek and organised jet laptop backpack.

You don’t need to have another App to do that, you can get simple yet powerful editing options right within the Photos App.
You can download some Apps from the App Store if you are looking for more professional stuff – Photo Forge 2 is a good choice.
It is incredibly simple to quickly edit a video you just shot so that you can send a specific moment to friends and family members. On each end of this bar, you will see a spot that allows you to touch-and-drag each end to a new start or stop point for the video.
From here, you can send it on via e-mail, MMS and the like (iMessage will be an option once iOS 5 is available). Change from backpack to shoulder bag with ease when you use Switch, a comfortable carry for your laptop and other daily essentials.

This can also come in handy when a video is a bit to long to send; quickly trim unnecessary portions of the video out, thus reducing the file size and enabling you to send it. Similarly, you can edit photos in iOS 5, which is expected to be available later this fall.

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