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Looking for simple API access to over 4 million Android and iOS apps?Try out the 42matters API and build the tool and graphs you need. Insta Collage Maker App for Android lets you make beautiful collages with pictures from Android gallery.
Download this Insta Collage Maker App for Android by scanning the QR code given at the end of this review with a barcode scanner from your Android phone, or get it by Google Play store link. Once the app is completely installed, you can tap its icon to launch it on your Android device. The Insta Collage Maker App for Android let you add many different effects, free frames, and even text on the pictures.
Once you are done correcting the picture, just tap Done tab displayed on the top right corner of the screen of your Android phone. Once the collage is ready, you can change the color of the frame, save the collage, or share it with your friends, using the icons given on the bottom panel of the app.

If you are a Windows 8 user then try this free Windows 8 Collage Maker App, that was reviewed by us earlier. Insta Collage Maker App for Android is a great app that lets you create amazing photo collages in few simple steps from your digital photographs. Video recording apps that allow users to control and record with up to 8 devices, all from one single device?
It gives you the power to design and create cool videos to watch and share with your friends. When the event is over, simply tap DONE and your finished movie is rendered in minutes complete with a studio intro, titles, transitions and even Hollywood-style scrolling credits. SHARE YOUR CREATIONS WITH THE WORLDa€? NEW: Upload sessions with all edit details to DropBox or via iTunes Sharing. With this collage maker you can share collages with friends, on Instagram, Facebook, and other social networking sites.
It will open in a new window, where you can add the pictures you want to, from the gallery of your Android device.
When you select the picture from your Android phone’s gallery, it will open in the editor window.
MULTI-CAMERA RECORDINGVizzywig also lets you record and live-switch from up to 16 iOS devices at the same time using our amazing remote camera feature or create multiple-angle music videos in minutes with a single camera using our new "Create Music Video" multi-clip feature.

If you would like to be considered, please send us an email to (invite at vizzywig dot com).
Besides many other great features, it lets the user connect and simultaneously record from up to eight devices, all linked across Wi-Fi.
You may use two different pictures to make a picture-in-picture mosaic, or you can use the same pic and make one a blurred background and another one a sharp foreground. Film students will love this but so will people that just want to capture every adorable moment of their wedding or holiday. Hurry up and explore it now!Awesome photo studio for mosaics!If you like editing photos, you will surely adore this free picture montage maker app.
Join the photo collage mania right away and experiment with all the beautiful filters, frames, borders, effects, and start collaging.
Get this cool PIP Collage Maker app now for FREE and enjoy its unlimited possibilities today!

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