The add-on Metadata for Confluence enables you to structure and categorize Confluence-systems. In order to display the person in charge, we can create a user macro called “HelpDeskPanel”. If you incorporate it into a page then the person in charge will automatically be selected and presented. The first step, assuming you are already logged into the administration section of your site, is to open the Article Manager.
Before you start creating artilces, give some thought to how what the default display parameters should be. Under the information section is an editing toolbar and the content section where you write your article. You will come to this same window whether you are creating a new artilce or editing an existing article. Warning - Some applications, Microsoft Word for one, will end up pasting HTML code that attempts to format your text exactly the way it was in Word.
My suggestion for creating content in another HTML aware application is to first paste the content to a plain text editor such as Notepad or Notepad++. If you (or your web designer) has replaced the default WYSIWYG editor with an advanced alternate you may have other options for pasting from Microsoft Word documents. To insert an image that has previously been uploaded to your website, browse to the image and select it. The top right hand side of the window, adjacent to the left Title section, displays some information about the article.
Author Alias - If given, an alias will be displayed instead of the user name or real name of the author.
Start Publishing - Setting the creation date to the future may have confused you in the above item.
Finish Publishing - Of course if you can control when the article is published, you can also control when it will stop being displayed. An dieser Stelle werden Ideen, Problemlosungen, Tipps und Problemstellungen rund um die Entwicklung webbasierter Software vorgestellt.
In this blog post I would like to show you how you can display personalized metadata fields. It also allows Confluence area administrators to set metadata fields and sets for each area. You have to combine the fields into metadata sets in order to assign them to different pages or templates.  For example, name your metadata set “Help Desk” and add the fields you have created.

Users can add and maintain the necessary information directly on the page just by using the metadata field. Within this macro, we can use the assistant “metadataHelper”, offered by the add-on Metadata for Confluence. Click on the Article Manager icon in the control panel, or select it from the menu Content > Article Manager. If you do this, you can copy the content from the application window where you created the content to the Joomla editing window. This includes font selection, font size, and the specific bullet symbols applied to any lists you've create. You will find the content you have pasted from Word does not match the look of the typography on your site. The JCE editor has a “Paste from Word” button on the tool bar that will strip out incompatible code. You can select from images that have previously been uploaded to your website or you can choose an image on your local computer, upload the image and then insert it into the content. If you neglect to fill this out now, you can edit these paramters by selecting the image within the editing window and clicking on the toolbar image button. However, instead of inserting an image from your site, you could insert an image from another web location. These are meta tags and are an important aid regarding usability - making your site usable to people with disabilities. What happens when an article with a Read more … break in it is displayed depends on other settings which control how the article is being displayed. Choose Registered if you want only registered users who have logged into your site to be able to read the article.
One reason to do that is because you can delay publication of an article until a future date.
Depending on the template that the administrator has created, users can later add content to the site. It helps you to display the designated person in charge and to integrate this in an appropriate way in HTML. For this we have rendered a macro panel and a macro profile and at the same time prepared an optional text template for the person in charge. This can be overridden for specific articles but it is easier to set it once than to set it individually for each article. It generally defaults to a wysiwyg (What you see is what you get) editor and the toolbar provides buttons to format your content. There is also an “Erase formatting” button that can clean up any unnecessary code that has been added.

Once you have selected your image, click on the Insert button (Insert Cancel top right of window). These tags also are useful for describing content by search engines (but no longer have much impact in you search engine ranking) and are displayed in text only browsers. One of the options you have is to display an introductory text - a teaser, but not the entire article. But it can be set to the name of any registered user who has permission to create articles.
But, if you published a seasonal article you could then automatically remove the artilce when the season had passed.
The pages that have been filled with metadata can now be found and displayed through additional macros. If you would like to enable your employees to type in further information then create a second field named “Contact Person Message”, for instance. There are several Joomla extensions which provide advanced editing functions over the standard wysiwyg editor. Some formatting you applied in Word will look wrong when pasted and then displayed in your site. This is often done for blog entries but can also be used for something like a news headline.
Presuming you have set your menu displays options correctly, the article will not appear until this date. I've been installing the JCE extension on recent projects because it has a paste button for Microsoft Word which strips out the MS HTML which often causes problems. The Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) for your template control the look of the text in you site. The article display stops where the Read more … entry was inserted and displays a link with the message “Read more …”. Not only do you end up with a hodge-podge of typographic styles but often these inserted codes just don't work as expected.

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