Editing a PDF File is the trickiest task, not because it requires some programming but due to lack of good free software’s.
With the help of following websites you can add password protection for restricting permissions, or entirely locking the PDF from any changes or even need a password to view the document.
These are some of the online websites that can do editing of PDF, password protect PDF, PDF Split or Merging and Conversion of PDF files into word files. An image is worth a thousand words – you have probably heard this at least a thousand times. It’s never been easier to be an artist than today when there are tons of available online applications that can help you to create and present your photos, graphics and other imagery in creative and electrifying ways. 2. Picture2Life, as its name implies, brings your pics to life by allowing you to turn them into collages and animated gifs. 3. Photo Collage is another great web application that you can use to create online photo collages, photo animations and photo slideshows. 4. Picaboo bring smiles to the faces of your loved ones by allowing you to easily transform your digital photos into photo books, cards, calendars, gift certificates, yearbooks, prints and more.
7. Creately is an online application for making diagrams, flow charts and collaborating with a team on visual projects in real time. 8. Funnywow is a website to create funny pictures online and add funny photo effects to your images. Making a perfect snapshot is difficult if you are not a professional photographer and don’t have professional equipment. 14. Pixenate is a fast and easy photo editor which lets you enhance your images right from the web.
15. FotoFlexer is another great and very advanced online image editor that allows you to add stunning photo effects to your pics.
16. Free Online Photo Editor also enables its users to enhance their photos in their browsers.
17. Phixr is one more easy-to-use and free online photo editor which directly supports Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and many more. 19. BeFunky will help you to transform your pictures into exceptional artwork in just a few clicks. 20. Glitter Photo is a nifty online tool that allows you to add glitter, text and several effects to your photos, all for free.
21. PicFont lets you simply and quickly insert text into pictures, add comments and shape them online.
Sometimes when you want to share your beautiful images with others by emailing or sharing them online, you may experience problems due to their size.
30. Share As Image allows you to highlight text anywhere on the web and quickly transform it into an image.
31. Map2Pic is an online application that enables you to take screenshots from Google maps and save them as image files. This entry was posted in Great Websites, Online Tools, Productivity Tools, Ultimate Lists by Cindy Pearson. If there is no Microsoft Office Word installed on your computer, do you know how to edit a document to change its font style, font size, insert table, etc.?
The following contents will show you how to edit Word document by using this free online tool. If you want to edit your text if there is no MS Office Word installed on your computer, you might as well have a try of Free Online Word Processor. I have to admit that, until recently, I never even considered using anything besides Adobe Acrobat to create, edit and view PDF files.
There are many benefits of using PDF files to transfer the content and not using word format.

All you need to do is select the PDF document that you want to split up on your computer, specify the desired page range, and click a button. Several options enable users to restrict permissions such as printing and, filling into forms, and performing changes. There are tools available and if you are using Microsoft Office 2013 then you can directly open PDF file in Word which will automatically convert the PDF file into a Word file.
First you pick among the many designs, add your photos, and customize the collage by dragging around items. Some of the coolest features of the app include the ability to create collages using one of 20 available different countries as the basis of the collage.
You can use it to quickly create a logo for your website even if you have no web design skills at all.
It is based on the Google charts API and is easy to use: select your chart type, add data, pick the size, colors, add a title and preview your chart.
Apply funny photo effects, create realistic photo montages and add cute frames to your photos. Fortunately, there are software solutions like Adobe Photoshop which lets you significantly improve your photos. You can use it to create an image online from scratch or to open and edit images from your computer, URL or library like Pixlr, Facebook, or any other library. Users can edit pictures from their computers or from Facebook, Picasa, Flickr SmugMug, Phanfare, Photobucket and other photo sharing sites. The site offers tons of effects and features that you can use to make your pictures look like oil paintings, pop art or vintage Polaroids.
The most notable effects include stamps, bubbles, animations, trims and backgrounds.  Not only that, but you can also resize and crop uploaded photos. ImageChef allows you to drop your photos into fun frames, create a cover image for your Facebook Timeline, create word mosaics, and sketchpads.
They let you convert between formats without having to install any software on your local machine.
It is especially useful for creating quoted images for sharing on Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter. You can use this online utility to convert between multiple image file formats like ico, png, gif, jpg, bmp, ps, eps, tiff, and more. Please don’t worry, the free online tool—VeryPDF Online Tools  Free Online Word Processor can help you resolve this kind of application.
When you finish to edit Word document, you can choose to create PDF document by clicking the button Get PDF. Then please save the created PDF document in popup window by choosing a destination on your computer. Or you can choose to send Email by clicking the button Send Email and you will see the page like the one shown in Figure 2.
If you have any other questions about this application, please contact the support team of us.
Earlier I have done a comparison between Top 5 online PDF compressors and wrote a review on PDF Compressor software that reduces the size of PDF files. But if you didn’t have Office 2013 then don’t go for any software which you need to download and install.
At Technokarak, he writes articles on Wordpress, SEO, Mobiles, Tablets and other technical stuff.
No matter if you have a website or blog, or prepare materials and presentations for school, college, students, business, or for any other purpose, your documents and presentations simply look better and more professional with compelling, high quality images and graphics.
It is an awesome way to present your pictures from a recent trip to that country, for example.

However, Photoshop is not cheap and if you don’t use it to its full potential, getting it is hardly a justifiable purchase. As a matter of fact, you can open images from your account on Facebook, Flickr, Picasa and Photobucket.
You can quickly normalize photos by improving the color balance or smoothing facial lines, fill light, whiten teeth, change the brightness, saturation and hue of your photos.  Additionally, you can add multiple fun effects to your photos like text, speech bubbles, rounded corners and even sprinkle some snowflakes.
It is a great tool to make favicon.ico as well, which is the shortcut icon for your blog or site. This tool is able to edit Word document and create PDF document after you edit successfully the Word document. For example, you can make the character Bold, Italic, Align left, Align center, Align right, etc.
I’ve long been an Adobe Acrobat user, but after this review, would certainly consider switching. There are lots of software’s available in the market for word to PDF conversion but you don’t need them. Once you are satisfied with how your logo looks, click on the button to render it and that`s it. But there are pretty powerful and free online solutions which can help you to enhance your images and photos and dazzle everyone with them without having to install anything on your personal computer. Available editing options include drawing directly on the image, adding border and text to image, rotating, resizing or cropping images, and more.
You can also surround your photos with a soft dark halo, create a heart-shaped cutout of your sweetheart, make your photos look like Andy Warhol-like pop-up posters or artistic oil paintings. There are a number of handy and free online image and photo resizers that can help you to fix the size of your pics in no time at all. The tool supports all image file formats, including the most popular – jpg, png, and gif. Knowing this, we compiled a list of useful and free web applications that can help you to quickly create, modify and transform your images into dazzling works of art which will impress your teachers, students, colleagues, business associates, bosses, or simply amuse friends on social networks. Once you`re satisfied with your image, you can save it to your computer or upload it to Flickr.
Depending on your Acrobat version, it might actually cost you more to upgrade to the newest Acrobat version than to purchase the full Nitro Pro software.
However in this article focus is on PDF files and discussion about some of the websites that can be used to do various tasks on PDF such as Editing a PDF file to add some text or remove, Cut the PDF file in two or more files based on size or page number, making a pdf file password protect to enhance security of your PDF file or Converting a PDF file into WORD File. This keeps the costs down – currently priced at $99 - a third of the price of the industry standard, Adobe Acrobat. Inside of the program you can update, modify, and replace text, as well as adjust font size and formatting. Compare the fully featured Nitro Pro 7 at $99 to Adobe Acrobat Standard ($299) or even Adobe Acrobat Pro ($449).But as every business owner knows, price alone is a poor reason to make a buying decision.
After a full review of this program, I’m convinced that it will do everything that you need. If you are shopping for PDF editing software, you should try Nitro Pro 7.Try Nitro Pro for YourselfInterested to give it a try?

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