Ob am Strand, auf der Party oder einfach unterwegs: Wo du auch bist, dein Videostudio ist immer dabei. Importiere Videos und Fotos aus deiner Mediengalerie oder direkt von der SD-Karte deiner Kamera. Filme Videos mit deinem Android-Gerat oder importiere sie von einer SD-Karte und schon kann es losgehen. Entferne blitzschnell ungewunschte Szenen, trimme Clips, fuge deine Lieblingsmusik hinzu und vieles mehr. Die filmreifen Bildeffekte und Bildoptimierungsmoglichkeiten sorgen fur einen perfekten Look deiner Videos. Movie Edit Touch fur Android bietet dir professionelle Uberblendungen fur dynamische Szenenubergange in deinem Video. Bearbeite und speichere deine Videos in gestochen scharfer HD-Auflosung – ideal fur gro?e Bildschirme, wie deinem TV.
Damit deine Videos immer gut aussehen, kannst du in der Premium-Version von Movie Edit Touch Werte wie Helligkeit, Kontrast und Sattigung anpassen.
Mit dem Titeleditor der Premium-Version geht das ganz einfach: Gib deinen Text ein, bestimme die Schriftart, Gro?e, Dauer, Platzierung und wahle die Textfarbe aus.
Wenn du deine Videos noch detaillierter bearbeiten mochtest, kannst du deine Projekte direkt mit MAGIX Video deluxe am heimischen Rechner weiter gestalten.
Samtliche Programme von MAGIX werden so anwenderfreundlich entwickelt, dass alle Grundfunktionen auch auf leistungsschwacheren Rechnern stabil laufen und vollstandig bedienbar sind. Bei den genannten Produktnamen kann es sich um eingetragene Marken des jeweiligen Herstellers handeln. Today, a majority of the phone’s functionality is controlled by those tiny icons that are arranged neatly on our home screens, launching apps, games and pretty much anything else that we need to do. The unfortunate truth with Android apps, though, is that most of these icons are not exactly eye candy. The first thing you will need to do is to check whether your launcher lets you change icons of the shortcuts on your home screen.
For the purpose of this tutorial, I’m only going to cover how to change icons of individual shortcuts on the home screen. Perhaps one of the oldest and most popular Android launcher replacements, ADW Launcher even comes pre-installed as default with the popular CyanogenMod custom ROM. As you might have guessed from the list in the last step, ADW Launcher comes with support for themes to modify pretty much every part of the launcher.
The other half of the most popular Android launcher duo, LauncherPro is known for its extensive feature-set and snappiness.
Once you select a shortcut or app, you will see a dialog box with the default icon and an input field for the label.
Although LauncherPro does not support themes for customizing the appearance of the launcher, it does support icon themes, which are limited to changing icons for all known applications on the device. Go Launcher Ex is a relatively new entrant in the launcher space, but is nowhere behind the others in terms of power and flexibility. Choose whether you want to use the default icon, pick one from the current Go Launcher Ex theme, or use a custom icon. If you elected to use a custom icon, browse to the folder where you have saved your icons and choose one. Like ADW Launcher, Go Launcher Ex also supports themes that customize the appearance of every piece of the launcher. Okay, so now that we know how to change icons on our home screens, what about finding some that work for us? In order to do so, you will have to decompile the apk of your app (rename it to xyz.zip and open it).

AndroidTapp is the best Android App Reviews, Android Apps, Android News, Android App Recommendations, and Interviews with mobile app developers. If you’re a designer, this collection are a great resource to have on hand, you’ll be displaying your work professionally in no time! These wireframes can be extremely useful for showing clients the screen flow for there new app or website. This free Photoshop file is useful to showcase your artwork, or promote a product on your website. This can come extremely useful when displaying your website, products, apps, or other apple products. Having all three of these free Photoshop files in your design arsenal is sure to improve your future designs. A sweet little mockup for showing off your work, PSD resolution is 2400x1600px so should be plenty of pixels in there!
Another one in the series, PSD resolution is 2400x1600px and the smart object is native Air dimensions of 1440x900px. And now the iPhone 5S psd version included both the horizontal and vertical view and used smart layer to create a great showcase for your flat design projects. Fully-scalable vector shape iPhone 5C psd mockup template in colorful green, blue, yellow, pink, and white. This is iPhone 5C psd three quarter perspective vector mockup in green, blue, yellow, pink, and white. These vector mockups tease the line between flat and photographic and will pair nicely with your design.
Here’s a couple of iPad Air templates I thought may be useful, in both portrait and landscape orientation.
Portrait and landscape psd iPad retina vector mockup template is a fully-scalable vector shape iPad retina psd.
Bearbeite mit der kostenlosen App Movie Edit Touch deine Videos schon dort, wo sie entstehen – auf deinem Android-Gerat. Schneide, trimme und optimiere deine Aufnahmen, fuge filmreife Bildeffekte, Texte und Hintergrundmusik hinzu und speichere deinen fertigen Film in brillanter Full HD-Qualitat oder teile ihn direkt mit deinen Freunden. Movie Edit Touch fur Android kann jederzeit durch zusatzliche Premium-Funktionen erweitert werden.
Die technischen Daten Ihres Rechners konnen Sie in der Systemsteuerung Ihres Betriebssystems nachsehen. And if you are the type who like your visuals co-ordinated and consistent, that’s pretty much a dream with a typical Android setup and a random selection of apps. Not all of them do, but the good news is that switching to one that does is as easy as installing the app from the market. You might also want to check out our collection of outstanding Android themes, static and live wallpapers, or the many different ways you can customize your Android experience. Known for its heavy focus on customization, ADW Launcher lets you change pretty much every aspect of the home screens. You will see a dialog box with the current icon, a button to choose a different app and an input field for the icon label. Themes often come with their own sets of icons for most of the common apps on Android, and matching elements for the dock, home screen, wallpapers, etc.
The free version comes with all the bells and whistles you would expect from an Android launcher replacement, but if you want the custom widgets it offers, you will need to purchase LauncherPro Plus.
Tap the icon to go to the gallery and choose an icon from wherever you have saved your icons. If all you are looking to do is get a set of consistent looking icons for all the apps on your phone, this should suffice.

The app is continuously in development, with updates and new features coming out every week. From what I’ve seen and tried, I find the themes for Go Launcher Ex way ahead of the rest in terms of customizability, aesthetics and overall consistency. I understand how to change them once they are there and appreciate your links for various icon packs, but am not sure of the in between part. With this resource I wanted to provide you a different version of Apple products: not realistic but minimal, following the flat trending in web and app design. The other device smart-object layer enables you to edit various shape layers of the device itself.  Also, you can easily scale up or down each mockup without losing quality.
Scalable vector shape iPhone 5S psd with smart layers to drag and drop your design with ease.
Ideal to showcase your apps design with a choice of three iPhone 5S colors including black, white and gold. This scalable vector shape iPhone 5C psd uses smart layers to let you drag and drop your design easily.
3 flat design version with front, horizontal and 3D view to let you drag and drop your design with smart object. It comes in black and white and uses smart layers to showcase your design on a landscape psd iPhone 5. It comes in black and white and uses smart layers to showcase your design on a landscape psd iPhone 4s.
Included both portrait and landscape version for the white silver iPad Air and black space gray iPad Air mockup.
It comes in black and white version with smart layers to showcase your design on our iPad 3 mockup. This mockup uses smart layers to dimension and apply any of your design on our flat design iPad. Very detailed front view of the new black and white iPad Mini with smart layers to present your design on our iPad Mini mockup. Fortunately, changing apps’ icons is pretty easy, and there are a lot of beautiful icon sets available for free to help you make everything look sleek and sexy. Here are three of the best known launchers for Android, and a look at how one can change icons within each – in bulk or one-by-one. The one downside of LauncherPro in this case is that it won’t let you change the icon of a shortcut once it has been added to the home screen. Changing icons of existing home screen shortcuts is easier with Go Launcher Ex than both the previous options we saw.
This could be partly because the development team behind Go Launcher Ex releases a pretty long list of official themes themselves, alongside the ones put out by the community. I have downloaded a .rar file which supposedly contains a collection of icons, but how do I get this onto my phone in a format that is recognizable so the icons are available when I am trying to replace? This Responsive Web Mockup features a simple and effective Flat Design, which is ideal for presenting a clean mockup. This is the ideal companion to any flat design project where you need to present mobile screenshots. These are fully scalable, vectored PSD templates that are perfectly sized for iPad screenshots. All you have to do is place your image into the smart objects, and the perspective warping is done for you.

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