Vivideo is an ideal video editor to personalize your videos, it allows you to create Hollywood-like home movies with text, filter, motion and transition effects from all regular videos, audios and photos. Run Vivideo click "Import" to selcet media files or you also can drag and drop your videos into it. If you want to add some transitions between your video or photo clips, you can hit "Transition" tab, and drag your favorite transition effect between two clips.
EnhanceMovie is a program that allows to increase brightness of a dark video in a couple of clicks.
To get started, you have to import video (the "drag and drop" method is supported) and audio (optional), and add it to the timeline. There are also many transitions to choose from, including "Picture-in-Picture", "Wipe", "Triangle Wipe", "Matrix Wipe", "JPEG Image Wipe", "Cross Fade", "Slide", "Random Dissolve", "Iris", "Luminance" and more. Furthermore, you can split the track, split and pack the timeline, take a snapshot of the preview window, crop video, record a narration and create a movie in AVI, MOV, WAV (audio only), MPEG formats, Windows Media formats or Digital Video AVI.
The program is easy to learn even by beginners, thanks to its well-drawn help file and video tutorials, and it uses a moderate amount of system resources.
Make Movie in Windows Media 9: The all new Windows Media 9 support gives you Windows Media 9 profiles organized in 4 different categories of videos.
Pan and Zoom Effect: The new Pan and Zoom video effect lets you create the classic Ken Burns effect from your photo snaps and videos.
Animated Transform Effect: With this new effect, you can make your videos move and rotate at the same time.
Display Aspect Ratio in DVD Video: With Video Edit Magic, you can now create DVD Video for Normal TV, HDTV and Cinemascope Movie. Software edit video terbaik – Bila Anda ingin membuat sebuah video atau film dengan kualitas yang bagus, tak peduli apakah Anda memiliki skill yang baik dalam merekam video atau menggunakan kamera dengan spesifikasi mumpuni, namun Anda akan tetap memerlukan sebuah software khusus untuk mengedit video. Namun, kebanyakan software yang bagus untuk video editing merupakan software yang menuntut Anda untuk mengeluarkan biaya yang tak sedikit.

Untuk Anda yang sudah akrab dengan dunia animasi, maka Blender mungkin lebih Anda kenal sebagai software untuk pemodelan 3D dan animasi.
Tak hanya itu, Blender juga menawarkan fitur untuk mengatur brightness, kontras, color balance, mengaplikasikan tone map dan masih banyak lagi. General: Here you can freely rotate, crop videos and set video contrast, saturation and brightness. Trim: For video trimming, you can manually set the video start and end time to get the part you want. Effect: Select a video clip, then choose the video effect you like and double click it to apply. Common: You can freely rotate photos, set photo duration, contrast, brightness and saturation. Effect: Set audio fade in and fade out effect and adjust audio volume to get a better overall effect.
When you place your mouse cursor on a certain transition, you can have a preview of it or double click it and preview it on the right viewing window.
As you can see, there are four ways to output your videos: Device, Format, YouTube and DVD.
Besides video editing, you can capture footage from a USB or DV camera or view the interactive tutorial and user guide. However, it takes a while for Video Edit Magic to apply changes and navigating could have been simplified. Padahal mungkin Anda memerlukan software editing video untuk hal-hal non komersil, seperti untuk tugas sekolah atau kuliah misalnya.
Untuk Anda yang membutuhkan video editor rasa professional, Blender merupakan software yang layak dicoba. No matter it's a wedding video, love movie, travel story, life documentary or party record, it is just so easy to turn it to a treasured home video and share it with everyone!

If you want to get several parts of a video, click "Add" to add mark and drag to choose the part you want, then repeat to get another part. Type in your text, and select the font, color, set the text start and end time to add personalized captions to your videos.
When adding transition effects, you can choose one and apply to all or let Vivideo randomly choose transitions for you.
Like Device, type in the name of your videos and choose the output path, then hit "Output" to start saving videos. Fill in your YouTube account information and the video information like category, title, description, etc. Choose the output path and create DVD folder, ISO image file or burn videos to DVD if you have inserted a DVD disc.
Tapi jangan khawatir, ada beberapa software untuk edit video yang bisa digunakan secara gratis. If you particularly like some transitions, you can add it to Favorite so that you can find it quickly later. If you have applied an effect to a video, there will be a yellow rectangle icon displayed on the video. If you have added an effect to a photo, there will also be a yellow rectangle icon shown on the photo.

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