It may be a little late to the party, with numerous mobile video editing apps in the market like AndroVid, Video Maker, etc, but still, when Adobe releases a free app, we sit and listen. The more customizable is of course the Freeform editor, where you get to choose the effects and visual polish that you would need for your final video. If you want to do a bit more complicated editing, you can export the whole thing, including the effects you already applied, to the Premiere Pro CC. I am a smartphone addict - a millennial trapped in a Gen X-er's body and is a true blue digital native. Training for SketchUp, Screenflow, Final Cut Pro, Avid Media Composer, After Effects, and Photoshop.
It's super easy to create a video montage to the beat of music using Adobe Premiere CC 2014.To start, edit some music to the timeline that has a good beat to it. Then navigate to the file menu and choose new Transparent Video.When you press the okay button this will place a transparent clip within an active bin window. Edit the transparent clip above your music within the timeline and trim it to match the length of your music segment.
Press the space bar to begin playingUse the keyboard shortcut Command K (ctrl k on a pc) to add edit points to the video track as the sequence plays. Next, park over one of the clip segments you created.Load a clip into the source window and park the playhead indicator at a point in time to sync with the playhead bar within the sequence. So what happened here is that Adobe Premiere matched the source frame with the location of the playhead bar in the sequence.It also filled in the rest of the media in both directions based on the location of theplayhead bar.

But before the Adobe Clip rundown, it’s worth noting how her approach to shooting should also serve as a lesson on how to edit. Organize, re-arrange and trip your clips here (the bar below the selected clip is where you set your beginning and end points for trimming your clip.
Create a different mood and tone to match your story by selecting a filter to apply to all of your clips. Lower the volume of your individual clips here or turn off completely if you are adding a theme song.
Converting Public Domain SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) Clip Art in to Coloring Book Pages. This clip art is derived from clip art that was released into the public domain by the Open Clip Art Library.
Promote peace art & design, CND Logo, hippy clothes, peace jewelry, peace signs, peace stuff, peace stickers for free on Just like with the Premiere desktop program, you just drag and drop the pictures and clips on a timeline, add transitions, adjustments, and effects.
Navigate back to your sequence, and right click on the clip segment and choose replace with clip 'from source monitor, match frame'. The thought of sitting down at a computer to edit any of it seems like a mountain you have no time to climb.
She provides lessons on composition, recommends helpful accessories and shares her favorite shooting apps, which includes Adobe Premiere Clip, an easy way to quickly edit videos into a shareable clip right on the phone.

The nine clips here for editing a 15-second montage, which she said could easily be finished in less than an hour).
Adobe Premiere Clip is the latest member of the mobile family, and it lets you edit those short videos on the fly on your smartphone, while at the same time, giving you the option to further enhance the edited video on the Premiere Desktop, should you wish to do so. For the former, all you would have to do is choose the pics and video clips you want to include, choose a soundtrack and then select the pace, and the app will do the magic.
You look at the people as they walk by you, maybe you look at their hands and then you see a tree across the street.
If you’re satisfied with it, you can immediately share it or go into the Freeform editor to tweak it according to your preference.
You will notice in the screen grabs how slider bars make it easy to adjust things like exposure and sound. There’s your wide shot, which may be an establishing shot, you need some kind of close up and a medium shot that shows the subject with some the environment.

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