Ever since the conception of social networking over the Internet, computer users have developed an additional fear that their personal information is put at risk of being compromised.
You are probably already aware that Facebook is the largest social network on the Internet, harboring well-over 500 million computer user's profiles. Kids are usually a big target on Facebook for cybercrooks because most of them fail to protect personal information. Click the 'Privacy Settings' option in the upper right corner of your Facebook page 'Account' drop-down menu. Locate an item under 'Things I share' of which you wish to limit access for that specific item on your Facebook profile. Please remember, it is never required that you supply contact information on Facebook other than a primary email address for accessing your Facebook profile. In the midst of all the fun connecting with family and friends via apps, walls, and photo albums on Facebook, we sometimes forget that our privacy is vulnerable on the Net. Not to fear though, we have here 5 privacy settings that could help you better manage your privacy while at the same time make your content-sharing experience on Facebook worry-free.
Following the footsteps of the Google+ Circles concept, Facebook has implemented an improved Friend Lists for its users in September 2011.
After you have set up your several friend lists, you can now define the privacy policies which you wish to apply to each of them.
You are also now able to put in any new friends you’ve added into whichever category you want to.
Aside from Facebook Search, the other place some people would want to hide themselves from the public is search engines like Google, Yahoo!, etc. You can decide what you want to post on your wall, be it your most intimate secret, complaints about work or even philosophical musings. Many of us are aware of online companies data mining and selling our demographics and profiles to marketers. You may feel uncomfortable visiting places where such services can extract and openly use your personal information and details, even if it is to improve user experience.
There are certain information which you wouldn’t want to reveal to your friends on your list under your Facebook profile page.
I hope that these 7 Facebook settings will help you store your private details from prying eyes.

With good reason computer users should be concerned about their personal information, but did you know there is something you can do about your address and phone numbers being displayed on Facebook? Over the past couple years, Facebook has attempted to provide a safer environment allowing their users to access and modify certain 'privacy settings'.
If your Facebook profile is open for everyone to view, what could some stranger conclude about you?
As a parent, you can easily limit access to the personal information that may be found on a kid's Facebook profile. If you are ever unsure about Facebook protecting your personal information, it can easily be deleted from your Facebook profile by selecting 'Edit Profile' from your Facebook wall. Every time we share info about ourselves across various networks, it is revealed to everyone even though it is meant only for a select few. Individually, they may not be able to significantly strengthen your privacy defence but adopting most or all of these settings may put your mind at ease even when you have shared more than what you wanted to.
If you don’t list your user account into the Facebook search directory, then these people would not be able to find you there.
In fact, it makes sense for people who remove themselves from the Facebook Search directory to hide themselves from these search engines where users and non-users alike can search them by name. Also, these information about you which they can see are sometimes used by apps to enhance the social experience. If you have other settings you know of to add to the list, sound off in the comments section below. Or even worse, what damage could a hacker cause if they were able to access your full name, address, phone number, school you attend, work address and other personal information? Did you know that you can keep your Facebook profile information but prevent certain people from accessing it? As a result, people or organizations outside our network could easily exploit such info about us even without us knowing. Inevitably though, this means that you would need to tediously organize all your friends into different affiliation groups like Friends, Family, Colleagues, etc before it can come to effect. This, along with restriction of contact details, wall posts or other updates, can be done when you tweak the settings within each group. Some of your friends may have a tendency to write things on your wall that you’d rather not let others see, like your relationship problems, financial troubles, etc.

If you want to keep your privacy on such matters, you can select what you wish to reveal and what you don’t.
Model yang keren menyebabkan anak muda jaman sekarang banyak yang Foto Motor Honda Nova Dash mereka menjadi motor berjenis balap. Even though a lot of this information can be found by searching specific records and sites online, why should you relinquish it on Facebook making it easy for a hacker to gather this data and later use it against you? Must users be willing to pit having a healthy online social presence against a firm hold of their privacy?
If you have some of these people on your list, you would be glad to know that you can customize who can see what others post on your wall.
Instant Personalization grants certain websites access to your public profile information when you visit them. Penyebab mereka mengubah motor kesayangan menjadi motor drag kebanyakan untuk keperluan balapan di sirkuit maupun jalan - jalan yang sepi dan halus. What these sites do is that they adjust their web contents to suit your wants and needs, thus creating a personalized experience.
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