The above are parts of a standard business letter, and you could have professional business letters using just those. Dixie invites you to check out a fun game for practicing line spacing after each major element in a business letter.
These are more specific elements that you use only when you need them, some of them are even interchangeable.
The manuals on business correspondence recommend to type special mailing notations in all uppercase characters before the inside address if you consider them necessary in your letter.
Dixie thinks that you can have different reasons for including an attention line in your letter.
You might want to draw the immediate attention to the topic of your letter, Dixie thinks a subject line would look very professional in this instance; its proper place is below the salutation. In the old days when secretaries used to type letters for their bosses… Wait a minute, are those days so long gone?
Dixie invites you to look at samples of letters with enclosures on her modified block and indented business letter pages. Students often ask Dixie what 'CC' in the email stands for and Dixie tells them that 'CC' can be part of a business letter as well. The 'CC' notation usually includes names of people to whom you distribute copies, sometimes you could include their addresses as well. If you don’t want the addressee to know that a copy is being forwarded to a third party, use 'BCC' that can be shortened to 'BC' for blind (carbon or courtesy) copy.
Dixie would like to remind you that a postscript used to be a very important part of a letter.
Postscripts are not needed any more for including a forgotten piece of information as the whole letter can be easily edited for that purpose.
This cute widget allows you to check the meaning of any word on this site just by double- clicking it.
Digital transformation is changing the way we work and live, yet for many people the term digital transformation is still widely misunderstood.
Accenture Digital integrates digital assets, software and services across digital marketing, analytics and mobility to help clients drive growth and create new sources of value. Sutcliff provides us with an education on digital transformation and helps businesses discover how they can provide better outcomes and experiences by doing things differently using a combination of digital technologies, such as social collaboration, mobility, cloud computing, and analytics solutions. Sutcliff has huge respect for the role of the CIO and says they are continuing to lead digital transformation initiatives. I agree to Shutterstock's Website Terms, Privacy Policy, Licensing Terms and to receive emails that I can opt out of at any time. All plans come as a Standard license, and can be upgraded to an Enhanced license at any time.
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A set of 147 cards in 13 categories each representing options for each element of your business plan. The cards also include new trends in business models like open innovation, gamification, freemium, crowdfunding, multisided platforms etc. See the full set of this business financial corporate identity (sign, blank, web site) in my portfolio. Remember that you can download your licenses whenever you want in the Downloads section of your profile.
This means it is typed to the right of the center in the modified block and indented business letter layouts.
This, Dixie says is also typed in all uppercase characters or you could prefer to bold them before the inside address (after the special mailing notation if you have included it too). One of them could be wanting the organization to respond even if the person you write to is unavailable. Dixie would flush it left, and if you prefer to center it Dixie would like you to reconsider. When asked about 'CC' Dixie immediately pictures in her mind carbon paper that was very widely used for making copies not so long ago.
This notation appears on the office copy and the third-party copy only, not on the original. When people had to write their letters by hand or type them, the option of including an additional or even previously forgotten piece of information was very important. They still can be used to add a more informal, personalized touch to a formal communication. One of the top digital business thought leaders in the world is Dion Hinchliffe, a chief strategy officer at Adjuvi, who answers this question by highlighting the key elements of a digital business with an incredibly insightful illustration. In his role, Sutcliff helps all of Accenture across industries and geographies to think about how to combine digital technologies to solve problems for clients in new, unique and scalable ways. Mobility is an element of all digital transformation initiatives - Sutcliff makes the case for designing for a mobile-first and even a mobile-only world by painting the following picture for us, "Today we have about 6 billion people on the planet, about 4 billion have mobile technology and 5-7 billion "things" are connected. Digital business transformation expand beyond marketing - Marketing has been one of the early users of digital technology, and digital has done a huge service for creating better customer engagement, but what we are seeing today, says Sutcliff, is an equally explosive opportunity for the way the enterprise is managed and how operations are executed. Digital business transformation is a C-suite agenda - With the roles of the CIO, COO, CMO and CDO mixing and mingling, exactly who is leading the digital transformation revolution? Digital transformation is less about technology and more about business outcomes - Given the pervasive nature of digital transformation across so many parts of the organization, thinking about how to implement and measure success can be daunting. Data analytics is at the core of digital business transformation capabilities - Just as technology has to be core to designing a product, analytics is the core of digital transformation. Business, products and services innovation is a team sport (the eco-system) - Innovation and digital transformation efforts are inextricably linked.

Please join me and Michael Krigsman every Friday at 3PM EST as we host CXOTalk - connecting with thought leaders and innovative executives who are pushing the boundaries within their companies and their fields.
Everyone who signs up gets full access to our entire library, including our curated collections.
Our Standard license allows you to use images for anything, except large print runs over 500,000+ or for merchandising. Once you have downloaded your image, you have life-long rights to use it under the terms of the license purchased. Each category has a different colour, so the business model structure is built into the cards. Dixie does provide some peculiarities pertaining to the use of major business letter elements, you can find them on the full block business letter page, together with a sample image of a letter that includes all of them (except for a letterhead). As always, use your own judgement in deciding which of them your letter can’t do without.
Or sometimes you can include the reference line in your letter to refer to the information specifically requested by the recipient, such as a job reference or invoice number. Dixie says you can also refer in the reference line to the letter you are replying to, if you wish. Dixie would like you to remember this very well: not sticking to this rule can put you in an embarrassing situation.
Nowadays it is usually considered that a postscript is not needed in a business letter, but as always with business correspondence there might be exceptions. Contemporary sales letters use them as a common tactic, implying that the writer has an additional reason for the customer to buy the product. Note that the postscript closes the letter; it comes after identification initials, enclosure(s) and CC.
Sutcliff says that digital transformation, defined by Altimeter Group as a "formal effort to renovate business vision, models and investments for a new digital economy", is all about restructuring industries and keeping up with blurring lines between businesses because even if you are not doing it, people in your industry are.
Sutcliff feels that CEOs need to grasp the concept that technology is not something that happens under the covers of the business and that CEOs need to adopt a mindset of working in an eco-system and taking advantage of new technologies that can rapidly redefine how they create and deliver products and services. If at any time you're unsatisfied with your experience with us, you can cancel your subscription. When we start looking at products, features and new services, we see the next generation of business being able to be fundamentally rethought because of digital," says Sutcliff. He sees start-ups as an extension of corporate innovation efforts, but also advises those charged with leading the digital transformation efforts for their companied to listen to the eco-system that they are already a part of - lots of customers, employees and business partners with great ideas and energy to make a change. To avoid investing in digital transformation without insight or purpose, Sutcliff recommends starting with a value map to determine what matters in your organization, the key drivers, and measure those out: "Try not to measure activity, but outcome. Some bosses do prefer to type some letters by themselves and give others to their assistants. Focus on what matters and measure that." He also says it's important to separate what's possible and what you could do from what's important and what you should do, "It's very easy to do digital because it sounds interesting and makes you look good, but it takes more work and thinking to do it effectively.

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