Email Marketing can be very effective, simple and affordable which is why many small businesses choose to use it. Email marketing is one of the most powerful tools you can use to build trust and recognition between you and your customers. Email marketing is an important aspect of any website as there are numerous benefits from using it.  In this post, we will look at what those benefits are, as well as how to set it up for your site using AWeber. Email marketing is a broad term to describe the process of creating an email list for your site and using that to help promote your content and products. AWeber is the industry standard email marketing provider.  Used by tens of thousands of professional sites (including ours), they make it really easy to setup and manage an email list. The reason why AWeber is so popular is because they offer plenty of useful features that you can use.  Let’s take a look at some of them.
To create your own, simply log into your AWeber account and go to ‘Sign Up Forms’ and click ‘Create A Sign Up Form’. Everything else is optional really, but those are the features that you must include in order for your web form to work. It’s good to include information about what people are subscribing too, or at the very least a link to a page where they can read more about it. To do this in AWeber, go to ‘Messages > Follow Up Series’ and click on ‘Create A Follow Up’. Just like when creating the web forms, there are lots of templates that you can choose from to create your email follow up.  Alternatively, you can design your own pretty easily by using the simple options provided. As well as an eCourse, you can choose to send out broadcasts to your email list whenever you want.  These will be sent out to everyone at the same time, so they are useful for promotions, offers, site updates, etc. Newsletters are created in the exact same way that follow up emails are done.  To learn how we put together our newsletter, check out our post about setting up a newsletter in AWeber.
I suppose the key question that you should be asking yourself is whether you can afford NOT to be using email marketing on your site.
Do you use AWeber to manage your email list?  If so, what features do you find most useful?  Do you have any questions about setting up AWeber that you need help with?  Please let us know in the comment section below.
Yes, I suppose it is a couple of hours work, but for those few hours you can build a real following on your site.
We have plenty of other posts (linked to in the post) that has more info on setting up AWeber that should help you. Pretty much all of the recent and relevant industry research points to the sustained importance and success of email marketing. Because all of the writing, designing, setting up, and tracking (not to mention contact list management) will have to be done manually (Outlook offers little to no assistance for those tasks), you’ll end up diverted from your other necessary responsibilities and you’ll miss out on most of the aforementioned benefits of email marketing. Well, if you’re too busy to singlehandedly run your business and develop in-depth email marketing strategies that work well enough to garner meaningful results, your best bet is to look for a helping hand. This doesn’t ever have to stop you from developing a working, standalone email marketing plan into your overall marketing strategy. Even with standalone email marketing, there are software platforms to make your job easier – and many of them are far cheaper and easier to use than their full marketing automation brethren. It is widely accepted that MailChimp offers great options for people who are new to email marketing. As for the paid plans, there are definitely advantages to be had with features only available through paid accounts. In terms of pricing, they offer four basic packages (along with four client-specific options: universities, non-profits, agencies, and franchises). Emma’s offerings are probably best suited for someone that has time available to devote to email marketing every day of their workweek. In addition, all Constant Contact users have access to extra campaign and marketing tools such as creating a survey, collecting donations, creating a coupon, and more (see below).
In terms of support, Constant Contact offers a little bit more than the others in the way of interactive help.
Ultimately, Constant Contact offers a helpful, solid service that caters perhaps more comfortably to users who already have some email marketing experience.
Ultimately, email marketing is and will likely remain an effective way to get your message to your customer base.
Mike is an Inbound Marketing Specialist at Mainstreethost, a digital marketing agency in Buffalo, NY. I haven’t used that tool personally (yet) but I see they offer a no credit card required 30 day free trial.
As the old saying goes “the money is in the list”.  Email marketing has proven itself as one of the most cost-effective and profit-pulling marketing methods available.
If you are just starting out with your online store, you will no doubt be focusing on getting new customers to your store. Going forward, you can collect email addresses automatically as most good shopping carts will collect and database this information for you.

If a customer of yours receives an email that simply tries to push them into making another purchase, you will only push them to unsubscribe from your newsletter.
There are some fantastic options for email marketing that will save you a lot of time and some of these options are free!
Familiarise yourself with anti-spamming laws in your country and make sure you stick to them! Above all else, just aim to write top quality newsletter content and get ready to make more sales! I completely agree with you, email marketing is really very significant for online retailers. I really appreciate your post and agree with you email marketing is really very significant for online retailers. Most people are probably lost reading the main affiliate marketing threads if they have never had a website before. To connect your Namecheap domain to your Hostgator hosting, simply login to Namecheap, click My Account, click on the domain, and go to Modify Domain. Aweber will give you an opt-in boxes for your website which allows people to subscribe, and track how many of your subscribers open and look at your email.
An autoresponder allows you to set up messages that will automatically be sent at specific times following a sign-up.
After the welcome message you can have messages that are automatically sent days after the subscription.
77% of consumers prefer to receive permission based emails over any other form of marketing communication.When you send an email, you encourage consumers to engage with your brand.
When creating your email don't forget the following:Strong subject: You need the subject to be eye catching and make the users open your email, give them a reason or benefit for them to open it! Unless they are already clients, often your prospects will need to hear from you several times before this relationship will develop. At Select Marketing & Web Solutions we love new technology and love even more incorporating it into our client's promotional campaigns.
As new technologies evolve and trends rapidly replace one another, it’s extremely difficult for one particular strategy to have real staying power for years on end. It’s one of the easiest ways to reach your customers in a location you know they come back to on a daily or even multiple-times-per-day basis. Plus, you’ll likely be stretching yourself too thin to adequately handle all of your other important responsibilities.
Full marketing automation software platforms can help you with email marketing, but they are designed to do far more than just that. With any plan as low as $10 (the rates go up from there in intervals of $5 based on the amount of subscribers you have), you have access to their full analytics and reports dashboard (pictured below), in addition to email automation, list segmentation, connecting your CRM or ecommerce shopping cart, and more.
If you’re new to email marketing and would like to see how it functions and what kinds of customer interactions it can create for you, MailChimp is probably your best bet. Though they do not currently offer a free plan option, they make up for it with their extensive customization.
They offer “Emma 101 Training” on all packages to get you started, and the more inclusive packages offer even more opportunities to learn from specialists.
The first flagship option is known as “Pro.” With this, you’ll pay a monthly fee of $89 (a jump from MailChimp, but still reasonable) and have access to all of the features we’ve discussed so far, including Emma 101 training, real-time response data, and smart audience segmentation.
Its plans offer customization in areas that the other two listed here do not, and their hands-on training can teach you how to take advantage of them. The company merged with digital marketing software company Endurance back in November 2015, and this should lead to some interesting updates in the coming months. While MailChimp’s layouts are a bit more user-friendly and easy to use, Constant Contact’s email design options include a collection of basic templates and pre-designed templates (both which include wide-ranging social media integration options), as well as a Custom Code Editor (for those that have experience working with HTML and XHTML code) and a handy PDF Importer. Their users have access to an online learning center, a blog, video tutorials, and a customer service help line that helps take some of the sting away from the fact that their product is a bit less self-explanatory than MailChimp’s or Emma’s.
The majority of users who don’t have that experience find MailChimp’s functionality to be slightly more intuitive and easy-to-use.
The best approach to take is to rely on some help from email marketing tools like the ones mentioned in this post, as they will allow you to automate the campaigning process and track the results. To help you make the most of email marketing in your ecommerce business, here’s a quick beginner’s guide.
Your first step in a successful email marketing campaign is to collect your customer’s email addresses.
Usually your shopping cart will allow you to have an email list opt-in option that users can check. But don’t worry, you don’t need to be an expert marketer or a top writer to create a good email newsletter that will deliver results.
In terms of informing, establish yourself as an authority on your subject and teach your customers about something new.

It takes work to build a strong relationship, but the results can last a lifetime… or a lifetime of repeat sales! He is also thinker, maker, life long learner, hybrid developer, edupreneur, mover & shaker. There are some in depth email marketing techniques relevant to e-Com like drop marketing and life cycle marketing. At this point, you should receive a welcome email from Hostgator with your Nameservers in it.
Login to your Hostgator Control Panel, then go down to the bottom and find Fantastico De Luxe (blue smiley face). It's a great way to stay connected with your customers and make an impression on potential ones!
Email marketing used to follow a one-size fits all mentality, but with the increasing development of new technology, businesses have the chance to take their email marketing campaigns to the next level. We are not interested in being boring or even worse unforgettable and we certainly don't want that for our clients' either.
Plus, email marketing campaigns are easily archived and organized, making them particularly useful for tracking relevant metrics and results.
HubSpot, for example, has amazing email marketing tools, as well as for lead management, landing page development, social media publishing and monitoring, content creation and distribution, and much more. If this big-picture approach seems like something that would work for your business, then investing in this all-encompassing software is likely a wise business decision.
Using one is an easy way to get your message in front of the eyes of your audience on a consistent and reliable basis. You also have access to their extensive email template library (the templates can be edited with their simple drag and drop editor), which at a glance can be seen below, as well as a handy collection of other marketing tools. Also, their free plan offers a great way to get your email marketing toes wet, so to speak. Their free plan option and general ease of use give them an advantage over their competition for smaller businesses. Their templates are completely customizable, so you can set different portions of your audience up with different, personalized visual elements.
Perhaps this is a natural extension of the fact that their market share is so much smaller and their client base more manageable, but this personal attention to individual customers definitely offers some advantage, especially for inexperienced email marketers who need a guiding hand to get going. Emma also allows you to take a “tour” of an existing customer’s account and discuss with them how you see your email goals becoming reality. Every user is different, though, so it’s always worth giving a service a trial run (at no cost, in all three of these cases) before discarding it as an option. Depending on how much you want to spend right off the bat, the tools offer a great introduction to email marketing. After all, they are the most targeted customers you could possibly get because they are clearly interested in the products you sell!
You may be able to go back through your email account and database all the customers you have liaised with via email. You will get the best response to this if you give users an incentive to join your mailing list.
There are some in depth email marketing techniques relevant to eCom like drop marketing and lifecycle marketing. A great feature on your website is to have a 'sign up to our emails' which can automatically link to your email database. However, it’s worth noting that software at this scale requires in-depth training and understanding to truly use effectively. Much of that visual personalization can be done via their drag-and-drop editor tool, shown below. If you think you can carve out some time in your schedule for this, Emma might be the perfect fit for you and your needs.
Furthermore, studies have proven that it costs four times as much to gain a new customer compared to retaining an existing one.Selecting good online store software is also necessary for better marketing.
For example, instead of saying “Tick here to join our mailing list”, say “Tick here to be the first to hear about exclusive offers and discounts”. You will earn trust by providing your readers with valuable content as I mentioned above and by avoiding over-selling your product range. This works well if you have a small subscriber list (and if you’re new to email marketing, it’s likely that you do), or even if you just want to try it out on small subset of subscribers before jumping in the deep end with a paid plan right off the bat.
Share these with your list, and they will look forward to receiving your emails on a regular basis! Most templates already have this feature built in.Test: I can't stress how important it is to test! Before you hit the send button, double check every last detail because once its sent its sent!

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