Email marketing can be one of the most easiest and affordable ways to connect with a customer. The following rules and tips will help you understand some of the important elements that go into effective email marketing and how you can keep from getting yourself in trouble.
The best way to be successful with email marketing is to build your own list and make sure that your subscribers actually ask to be on your list.
Nielsen put the percentage even higher at 38.5% and you can only imagine what it might be in 2012. In November 2010, 70.1 million mobile users accessed email on their mobile device, a figure representing some 30% of all mobile subscribers. Ensuring that emails are designed for mobile devices is more important than ever so make sure this is a focus with your content and design. One of the most important things you can do to improve your open rate is to ensure that the important part of your email appears in the mobile viewer’s preview pane. Blasting irrelevant content to your entire subscriber list is another one of the biggest email marketing mistakes you can make.
Chris Auman is a veteran Internet marketer, website developer, and designer with over 20 years of experience in the trenches. We all know there is a fine line between email marketing best practices that result in conversion and the kind of marketing strategy that does not motivate people to click the email message open at all, much less clicking through the email to your website or blog. This infographic, found on the Kissmetrics blog, acknowledges that marketing using this medium is effective, and has been over the years.
Sikich’s infographic briefly outlines ways that email is effective for marketing purposes before launching into ten easy email best marketing practices to follow to increase your email open rates.
It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, and Pure360 dishes it out from an email best marketing practices perspective. The Infographics Archive shares CCLoop’s nod to all that is great about email and acknowledges that things that annoy us. Once you add people to your email subscribers list, use these tips from Leaders West infographic to keep them there.
With this infographic from the Get Response blog, the connection between sharing among social outlets and click through rate (CTR) is revealed. With a nice round up of all the latest trends and highlights when it comes to best practices for your email marketing strategy, Email Monks delivers it in a colorful and well organized infographic. This succinct and concise infographic outlines the top six steps you need to follow in order to ensure that your email marketing campaign helps you to further the goals of your business. Email marketing best practices are essential because they are a very effective tool for reaching customers and converting leads.
While other channels, such as social media and SMS, have risen to prominence in recent years, email is still a valuable marketing tool for many reasons.
In 2014, email marketing was cited as the single most effective digital marketing channel for retaining and engaging customers in the U.S. Of B2B marketers surveyed, 59 percent say email is their most effective tool for generating revenue. Approximately 49 percent of B2B marketers spend more resources and time on email than any other digital marketing channel. There are dozens of other statistics like these, but the four referenced here provide a relevant snapshot of the importance of investing in email marketing as your business moves forward. If you’re going to send regular, unsolicited emails to users, you must first gain their permission. Customers are legally protected by a right that allows them to know exactly who an email’s sender is. As your marketing department grows, it’s important that you give email the attention it deserves. Larry Alton is a professional blogger, writer and researcher who contributes to a number of reputable online media outlets and news sources.
According to the results of the Consumer Device Preference Report (Q4 2013)- 65% of emails were opened on either a smartphone or tablet device, up from 61% in Q3 2013. There is no doubt that designing and successfully delivering marketing emails to mobile devices is critical to all marketers, particularly for retailers.  Retailers utilize mobile email marketing to drive traffic to online and physical stores, to increase online conversion and build customer loyalty. I‘m a registered subscriber to many major retailers email lists and check regularly emails from different retailers. With current volumes of messages in our mailboxes we likely will ignore messages that are not mobile friendly while checking on our mobile devices. Below are examples how emails from different retailers are rendered on my iPhone 5 with retina display and Gmail client app. I grouped emails in different ranking groups based on how easy to read, use scrolling and touch screen navigation. The Media Queries component is the technology that is used to detect device and HTML client attributes such as screen pixel density, screen dimensions and font size. The responsive web design approach utilizes the media queries technology to adapt the content rendering to device conditions. The second challenge – make sure that emails are easy readable on mobile device and important information or call to action elements are adequately displayed on device screens. There are so many device models, version of device operating systems and email clients at any given time used by users that testing become extremely challenging. Challenge 3.  Deliver email content that is the most relevant to mobile device users context. With proper use of data, predictive modeling and marketing automation we may increase relevancy of communication to customer context and improve effectiveness of our email communication. In Part 2 of this blog will also discuss mobile retail email best practices – how to design scalable or responsive emails to support multiple device screen factors. I really appreciate your ideas the mobile devices are important part in e-commerce business nowadays.
There are tons of best practices to keep track of when your are building one marketing email — not to mention an entire campaign. In today’s world of constant connectivity you don’t have a lot of time to make an impact with your email marketing.
Just like making your emails scannable, It’s important to point to a primary call-to-action and make it obvious what that action is.
Even with Gmail now showing images by default its essential that you use alt text with your images. As I mentioned earlier, these are just 5 of many email marketing best practices that we keep track of when building campaigns. Posted in Blog, Email Marketing SoftwareThere is no secret that each email marketer is aimed at growing his subscriber base.
Even if you make it to the inbox, all it takes is one click to skip, delete or unsubscribe from the list. It’s the big decision-maker when it comes to whether your potential customer even opens the email, so take the time to get it right.
Customers will decide to open an email or even mark it as spam based on what’s in the subject line so take it seriously. If they are signing up on your website, provide a double opt-in system to ensure that all email addresses are signed up legitimately.

While I don’t discount the value of a great presentation, you should never sacrifice effectiveness and you do this by making sure that all your most important information is within the email as text.
In fact, according to my recent experience and discussions with top industry professionals at a conference in California it’s the only thing that matters. Whenever possible you should try to segment your email list and target your message to specific customers. If you continually send the same sale information over and over, customers will tune out or possibly unsubscribe. You should know how many people opened the emails, who clicked on what and which segments worked better than others. As President and Senior Strategist at Sanctuary, Chris has successfully guided the online marketing efforts for companies large and small. Add to that the fact that everyone these days is super busy and there is not much time to explore the nuances of email marketing best practices. With the advent of mobile devices, however, companies that do not adapt will likely see their return on investment (ROI) decrease. Their infographic points out some statistics about the effects of spam before moving on to outlining some ways to make your emails sizzle via an email marketing strategy that does not involve pulling out the spam card.
Found on the Pardot blog, following these tips will ensure that you are following the path of email marketing best practices now and into the future. In fact, you could argue that email marketing is the foundation for many companies’ entire internet marketing endeavors. Bush helped put the CAN-SPAM Act in place in 2003 in an attempt control the presence of non-solicited pornography and marketing via commercial email. If a business is found guilty of violating the privacy of customers, the government can charge the organization $16,000 per violation per individual email. Unfortunately, it’s becoming increasingly common for hackers to target small businesses via email.
This customer consent can come in oral or written form, but is traditionally expressed through an opt-in form on a company’s website.
This means you’re required by law to offer an option at the bottom of your email that allows them to unsubscribe. If your budget allows for it, you should consider establishing an email marketing team that’s solely focused on increasing engagement and staying within the law. When done right, email marketing offers incredibly valuable returns and high engagement rates. A graduate of Des Moines University, he still lives in Iowa as a full-time freelance writer and avid news hound. In the first part we review challenges facing retailers with mobile email marketing.  In the second part we will discuss best practices in mobile retail email marketing. To my surprise most of incoming emails from major retailers are not mobile friendly on my iPhone 5 with retina display and Gmail app.  While emails from Amazon are rendered perfectly and completely mobile friendly the emails from many Amazon’s competitors are not optimized to be viewed on iPhone. Latest survey shows mobile email marketing has been increased and it’s important to build more user friendly website for mobile devices which holds large traffic and leads to business growth. With so many nonprofit email marketing metrics to keep track of it’s easy to overlook one or two here and there. However, far too often do nonprofits get caught up sending email only when they have something to say or when they are in the midst of a huge fundraising drive. If you’re in need of email help, take our 10 step nonprofit email marketing audit here. What do you think are some of the most important things nonprofit email marketers should be keeping track of when building their campaigns?
So take a little extra time and follow these basic guidelines and you’ll be on the path from sinus supremus to marketing supremacy before you know it.
Getting it right involves choosing the right message and testing that message to ensure that the best message is used for the largest segment of your list.
You should also provide ways for customers to unsubscribe without hassle and remind them in the email how they got on your list.
That should include call-to-action messages, links, supporting information, offers and all important supporting information.
Many more like mobile devices take too much time to download images or they won’t be displayed at all. The reputation and the proper configuration of your sending source (the server that actually sends your emails) is critical. At the most basic level, maybe this is accomplished by sending a different message to men and women.
Your message should be unique, valuable and give them more than just a reminder to buy from you.
Beyond that you can get as sophisticated as you want but it’s pointless to send a message out to thousands of people without a way to know if anybody opened it. Chris’ clients range from family owned & operated retail operations with a local footprint of 1-10 stores to multinational Fortune 500 companies. Since these are all infographics, you can easily digest the information presented in small, bite-size pieces. Following their recommendations can help you implement some email marketing best practices to get you the results you desire. In addition to having a really clever name, the act has made email marketing a little more challenging for businesses.
In other words, sending out a few hundred unsolicited spammy emails can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines. They do so by trying to get users to unknowingly click on spammy links or download malicious software. The form typically explains what the user is opting into, asks them for their email address, and requires them to check a box that clearly indicates they’re voluntarily signing up for your email list. This is can allow businesses owners and marketing directors the opportunity to focus on bigger picture issues and the overall direction of the company’s digital marketing campaigns.
Email marketing is an incredibly valuable tool for brands looking to expand their reach and engage users, so don’t mess this up. Texas remained the most smartphone friendly state, now with over 57% of emails opened on a smartphone (up from 53% last quarter).
Here are just a few of the nonprofit email marketing best practices you should be keeping track of when it comes to your campaigns.
While these might be important times to reach your subscribers, it’s important to make them part of your community at all times not just when you need something. Don’t send too often, build trust, provide great value and personalize your message to build relationships. If your email begins with images, links, random messages, disclaimers, messages like “Can’t view this? Forget about your subject line, your offer, your beautiful email and all the finely crafted wordsmithing in your email if you don’t have a reputable sending source where you can manage your own reputation. My thinking is that people are caught up with emergencies by this time of the week, they’re awake and they may have time before, during or just after lunch to actually digest an email.
What this means for you is that you actually have to be creative and do actual work beyond sticking a sale promotion into an email. You should measure if it’s working and analyze the date to improve as you go forward.

Best of all, even though these only take a few minutes to read, they will provide you with some fresh ideas and email marketing tips that you can implement immediately when you send out your next email blast. While it’s important to follow the rules outlined by the CAN-SPAM Act, adhering to the law is the bare minimum in marketing.
While you can’t prevent all spam, you can increase the safety of your email system and the integrity of your users’ data by establishing and maintaining the right filters, firewalls, and security packages. Most businesses wouldn’t ever think of guising their information, but it does happen and the FTC doesn’t look very kindly upon it.
The CAN-SPAM Act specifically says that you must honor these requests within 10 business days.
Follow the rules mentioned in this article, research anything that’s unclear, and build an honest brand.
In addition to journalism, technical writing and in-depth research, he’s also active in his community and spends weekends volunteering with a local non-profit literacy organization and rock climbing. There are number of native device operating system email clients that also do not understand media queries. Clear headlines, call-to-action buttons, bullet pointed lists and links can all help increase scanability. Of course this doesn’t mean that you have to only have one action per email, just one primary call-to-action that you focus on. But you should not forget that you will pay more to your email service provider as far as your list is growing.With that in mind, what you should focus on is trying to make more sales from your existing list.
Did you buy a list where people said they might be interested in offers from “companies like yours”?
Click here to view online” then customers could skip it, delete it it, or just completely forget about it. Take the time to do this if possible and design your message to appeal to different segments. The good news is that keeping to email marketing best practices is also a great way to increase consumer engagement.
Make sure you take proper measures to remain complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB).
The good news is that most automated email marketing tools take care of opt-outs automatically. The first line of your email is premium real estate so make sure that your most important message and call to action is there as TEXT so you can grab mobile users and not establish any hurdles. Combine your sale message with advice, subscriber only offers, free downloads, benefits, news and ultimately give them a reason to stay subscribed. I found the best way to make sure that you are sending consistent messages is to calendar emails ahead of time each quarter. Again, testing and documenting when you have successes will help you determine what works for you.
You may have to shift deadlines sometimes, but this way you have something to be accountable to.
If the subscribers do not open and do not read your emails, then how will they know about your product and buy from you? There is an invisible trust metric which starts at zero or near zero, depending on how you got them onto your list.When you send a relevant email, that invisible trust metric increases by a few points. After a series of relevant emails (say ten emails in total), their trust towards you could be at 40-50 points, for example.Then you send something that cuts across their expectations, a promotion for example.
That’s why you need to be careful about what you send to your leads.How to measure their trust and attention? You can signup for G-Lock Analytics email tracking service for free and monitor your open rate and click rate for each message you sent. Plus, G-Lock Analytics will show you the email clients your subscribers use to read your emails.
It will help you focus on designing your messages primarily for mostly used applications.2.
Interesting and relevant content is the key to a high open rate.Being interesting is an art. Make Them Crave for MoreNothing holds the attention better than the desire to know what will happen next.
This tactic is called an open loop.=======Hi,When you are running an online business, your list is the best and truest asset you have. The email list is your prospect list (people who are interested in your emails and gave you the permission to email them) and client list (people who have already bought from you).
The client list always generates xx times more money than the prospect list.You may not take it for my word and run a split test yourself.
It’s impossible always to send relevant emails without constantly segmenting your list.
Thus, you are not allowed to promote a product or service that does not fit their needs, wants or desires, that cannot help them achieve their goals or that simply does not work. Many calls-to-action are usually confusing for most readers.Remember, attention is precious.
Use AutorespondersThe advantages of sending a follow-up (autoresponder) series of emails are:1. Do Not Be Afraid to Send MuchMany marketers stick to a particular frequency, for example, 1 email per week, 1 email per month etc. They are right to some degree because consistency also contributes to the reader’s attention.
The subscriber gets used to receive the email from that particular sender on Mondays or Wednesdays for example, and checks his mail on these days more carefully.In addition, consistency plays a role with forming your sender reputation with your ISP or email service provider. More consistent in email sending you are, more points to your reputation are added.With that in mind, can you break your sending tradition and send more emails than you used to or send at different days? For example, you have some hot news to tell to your subscribers, or you have a time-limited offer for an affiliate product, or you found a bug in the product you had recommended them and need them to download an update or whatever the case may be when you need to contact your subscribers urgently.On our opinion, you can send emails to your list whenever you need and as often as you want as far as your emails give them the relevant information.
Then, slow down.If your open rate is normal and the unsubscribe rate is usual, you can continue.
You will forever deal with being blacklisted, unsubscribed, opted out, and banished to the spam folder. Send Me The Free EbookEasily save as a PDF or print for daily usePrivacy Policy: We hate SPAM and promise to keep your email address safe.
I love the fact that my mass emails can be highly personalized and still look like regular emails, vs.
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