A lot of company and establishments prefer promoting their products and services using email marketing, for them it is the most effective and efficient way of reaching out to different type of clients no matter where they are located.
This process is comparable to direct mail marketing where in marketers send mails to the customer’s mailbox. One of the popular ways for a certain establishment to get customer’s email address is when customer applied for a membership card, usually to get a discount or points that can be redeemed.
The reason why this process is famous and is used by numerous business owners is because there are so many advantages of using it. Fast and easy – This process is definitely one of the fastest and easiest ways of promoting a certain product with just one click, one will be able to send a thousand of emails to people in different locations. Cheapest advertisement – Most of the establishment chose this kind of marketing because it is definitely the cheapest. Eco-friendly– when printing flyers and posters, a company uses tons of papers then they will give it to random person and if the person is not interested, tendencies are they will just throw it away, there goes the flyers. Can reach out to broad market– since email marketing can be sent to anyone worldwide. Easy access– when sending a promotion or advertisement using this process, usually the link to their product is included so the customer can easily click it and be routed to the establishment’s website and check the specific product in no time. In recent years, email marketing campaigns have often gone the way of the print mail marketing campaigns: straight into the rubbish bin. Spammers and email scams like the Nigerian prince scam have made it harder for earnest marketers to reach out to consumers with their messages. Your first step is to choose a goal for your campaign, or simply put, a way to determine whether or not you’ve received a lead.
Shows and events give you the opportunity to interact with your customers face-to-face without distractions or the option to delete you.
Getting more likes on Facebook or follows on Twitter is usually a good sign that you’re doing something right.
Make sure your company’s social media links are in an accessible place on your email campaigns. With emails, you can track how many people click links so it’s best to use both in different ways. The success of an email marketing campaign is often measured in how much money was made within the days or weeks, depending on the type of email, following the campaign. All of these indicate that a potential buyer is interested in your company and might make a purchase either in your store or online. Email marketing can offer a number of benefits for marketers; More frequent communications and engagement with customers, the ability to drive and track sales, build brand loyalty, and gain insights into customer preferences. Regardless if you've never sent a marketing email before or if you’ve sent hundreds, using an email service providers like Mailchimp makes it very easy to design, send, and manage your campaign. A well thought out campaign concludes with an analysis of open-rates, click-throughs, unsubscribes, and bounce-backs.
Email is the perfect place to include links to your website and social media channels as it’s easy for readers to click to your other sites increasing traffic and followers. This is the very first thing email readers notice so you will want to create a subject line that grabs the reader's attention and accurately describes what the reader will find in the email. Cutting edge email marketing campaigns today are well designed and include headers, footers, images and links - not just plain text. It’s always a good idea to send a test message first to yourself, and a friend or coworker before sending to your subscriber list. Including photos and images in your email is a great way to add creativity and eye catching design, however, too many images can cause your email to download slower and cause some readers to disregard the email all together. In a perfect email marketing world every email you send would be opened, thoroughly and vigorously read, and receive a 100 percent response rate.
Kristan FiandachFounder and Lead Marketing StrategistKristan is the founder and lead marketing strategist for Urban Life Communications, an Integrated Marketing Agency located in San Francisco, CA. There are a few different pricing options depending on how big your email marketing list is and how often you will send out your bulk emails.

Pay Per Campaign - Pay per campaign (pay as you go) is a great option if you send a few times a year. View a live interactive map and track who opens your email, where they open it and if they clicked on any links in your email.
Powered by the same kind of technology that's behind Siri, VirtuOz agents engage with customers via the web, offering top-quality 24x7 service. When people want to sell a specific product, they look for the fastest, cheapest, and easiest way to promote it. Email address will be included to the information that needs to be filled out, then they will collect all of the emails and when the company has a promotion, upcoming sale or new product, they will send an email to all of the email addresses that they got. Compared to direct mail which will take few days for the customer to receive it and will take a lot of human power to package and send all the letters. Compared to printing flyers and posters, paying for an advertisement, and hiring telemarketers just to promote their product. This process will definitely reach more people and the possibility of getting customers will be bigger.
Compared to direct mail where in the customer need to exert extra effort by manually typing a website just to check the product. People have become more and more selective when giving out their email addresses, even at some of their favourite stores.
Even if you’re a famous company such as Nike or Coca-Cola, you will always need to market your goods or services. Read on to learn about possible goals you may have and how you too can launch a successful email marketing campaign that generates the types of leads you want. This is a great way to bring them the latest news, the latest products and services and any specials or deals you might have going on. They trust your company not to give out their email address, and they know you’re not trying to spam them.
The consumer can see your product up close and get a better idea of what you’re all about.
First, you’ll have a rough sketch of how many people are coming to the show with the intention of dropping by to see you, which will help you decide how many people should be sent to work the show. Even if they don’t make it to the event, the fact that they went through the trouble of making their commitment known is a good indication that they might be willing to buy from you in the future.
Basically, the consumer is expecting to interact with your brand on a near-daily basis, and that’s an awesome first step. Theoretically, if more people clicked the links to your site and your profits were up, your campaign was a success.
While opening the email is a good first step, it’s getting your audience to the next step that is the true challenge. This incredibly important marketing channel is constantly evolving, making it sometimes difficult for marketers to stay on top of current trends and optimization tactics.To help you have better success with your email marketing campaigns, here is some current email marketing advice. Most service providers will offer you tech support and guides to help you get the most out of your email marketing campaign. Understanding the results of your campaign’s response will offer you insight into how you can better execute next time and make any adjustments that need to be made. Vice versa, include an email newsletter opt-in on your website and periodically encourage your social media followers through your posts to sign-up letting them know the benefits your emails provide them. Whether it’s to make a purchase, visit your website, RSVP for an event, or to follow you on social media, you always want your reader to take some form of action. To highlight certain words feel free to use ALL caps, and don’t be afraid to use exclamation points if it matches the tone. With email marketing service providers offering these design tools even someone with little to no experience as a designer can send a visually appealing email. Make sure the subject and body are free of any spelling errors, and click on all your links ensuring they work and go to the correct destination.
To avoid this, make sure you limit your images to just a few and medium in size, and include any messaging in the images in the plain-text version option.

Some email service providers will close your account and blacklist you if you get too many spam complaints. Alas, in the real world, it takes a lot of work, thought and analysis to have a successful email marketing campaign. Create simple email marketing emails or full fledged newsletters and send out to your current customers or potential customers.
For the past several years marketers have been using different types of marketing strategy such as direct mail, commercials, using a telephone, posters, flyers, and many more which is very effective that time but nowadays, since almost all people are using internet, social media, social networking sites to communicate, Email marketing became famous and was proven the most effective, fastest, and cheapest way to promote a certain product. They will send all updates about their products or establishments like upcoming sale, events, new products or promotions, and many more through email. There are also some establishments usually restaurants who uses survey, comments or suggestions slip to get customer’s email address, fast and easy.
Though many cashiers will ask for an email address in order to send buyers coupons, consumers are already expecting to be hit with a barrage of junk mail and spam.
You just have to know how to reach your market without coming off as an electronic sales pitch.
If you’re struggling to come up with new leads, companies such as GetWired can help you generate new leads with email campaigning and other forms of marketing. Your sales people will have better chances of nailing sales if they can only get people to come.
If you’re having trouble getting people from the email to the social media site itself, offer an incentive. There are naturally many factors that play into this, but on the whole, it’s a good start. In addition, a good email service provider will help you manage and scrub your email list as well as provide analytics that give you measurable results for your campaign. Studies have shown that reader response is much higher if the design of your email is optimized for mobile devices.
Also, if fitting, use timeliness cues like “TODAY” or “this week only” to add urgency and intrigue. This way you will still get your message across to the reader who can’t see the image or opts not to download the images. You can prevent this by using the double opt-in method when subscribers sign-up and making it easy for subscribers to opt-out if they should choose to do so.
Email marketing is like most things in life: the more you practice it, the better you’ll get. View how many people opened your email, how many didn't open it, who removed you from their list and who marked your email as spam.
Usually, they will add an interesting picture or slogan that can definitely get the customer’s attention.
One more thing about sending advertisement through email, they can make their poster colorful, they can add all interesting designs that will definitely attract the customer at their first glance, without worrying about the printing cost. You want to entice buyers to click on certain parts of the email to get more information on a product or service. It doesn’t have to a discount or a coupon, but a promise of more information and the latest updates. They might visit your site later, but you won’t have an accurate read on the success of your marketing efforts.
Two ways you can keep keep mobile email readers reading is to keep the width of your email under 600 pixels and include a plain-text version. An email marketing campaign gets your message in front of your audience, and a successful email marketing campaign gets your audience to act upon your call to action request. And if you ever get stuck, YouTube is a great resource for learning how to do most things, and your email service provider should offer you technical support, otherwise, you’re using the wrong one.

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