The most basic reason to use image personalization in your email campaigns is to make them more appealing to customers. It seems strange that the television device of sending messages based on exact times hasn’t really gathered steam when it comes to email marketing. What happened is that the marketers managed to create an email where the image changed every time the email was opened. Unfortunately, the assumption that auto companies still rely heavily on TV, radio and newspaper advertising is true!
Given the growth of online marketing, Smartphones and social media, sticking rigidly to old fashioned marketing is a recipe for disaster.
Once you have a customer’s email address, the next step is to learn how to use it correctly and this is what we examine below.
A huge percentage of your email marketing messages will remain unread if you persist with generic content sent to the wrong people. There are some interesting statistics relating to how segmented emails perform against non-segmented messages. There is no point sending carefully crafted emails if they never reach their intended destination. Given the competition in the automotive aftermarket industry, special offers and discounts are typically the most commonly used subject lines.
Avoid the use of ‘spammy keywords’ and always ensure your subject line is representative of the email’s content. Finally, try to ‘personalize’ the subject line as the recipient is more likely to open when they see their name.
It’s best to keep your marketing emails short and to the point; anywhere from 200-400 words is reasonable but try and remain closer to 200 than 400 words. This could mean the promise of a discount on their next purchase, an offer exclusive to your subscribers or even important information relating to the automotive aftermarket industry. It appears as if the automotive aftermarket industry has been slower than other industries to embrace email marketing but it is finally catching on.
If you are a regular Response Wise reader then you’ll already know that the ROI earned from email marketing can be astronomical.
Email marketing is constantly evolving so you need to stay on your toes to keep up with these changes.
Your subscribers could be receiving dozens of marketing emails a day so creating a generically designed email with a less than compelling message spells doom for your campaign. Your emails should contain content that is easily ‘sharable’ across different marketing channels with special attention paid to social media sites. When designing your emails, make sure there are clearly defined areas where subscribers can share the text via social media and email.
Ultimately, the success of your email marketing campaign will lie in your ability to effectively segment your target audience and create content that benefits them.
There seems to be little evidence that email marketing will lose its effectiveness; indeed, all evidence points to the contrary. At present, over 90% of Americans have at least one email address that is checked on a daily basis and over 70% of email users provide marketers with their primary address when signing up for marketing offers.
If your emails are not mobile responsive, you are missing out on a huge chunk of the market. By the end of 2014, approximately 53% of emails were opened on a mobile device, a figure certain to increase by the end of 2015. The global economy can make things tricky when attempting to send messages at the perfect times. You also need to pay attention to email frequency, sending too many emails puts you at danger of being marked out as spam; too few causes subscribers to forget you.
The best subject lines tend to be less than 50 characters long yet they contain an interesting tidbit that compels the recipient to keep reading.
The next step is to customize your preheader text; this is the short summary that comes immediately after the subject line.
While we believe the above tips will remain relevant for quite some time, it is important to note that email marketing is growing and evolving. You would like to think that those marketing emails you have carefully crafted will all find their way to the inboxes of subscribers.
The thing is, there is no mystery behind this issue and we look at 4 clear reasons why marketing emails are not finding the inbox. When you send emails to accounts that are seldom ever used, your messages typically end up being filtered. A ‘spam trap’ is an email address specifically designed for the purpose of catching companies that send emails without the account holder’s permission. Never purchase email lists and look to implement a double opt-in system as it ensures subscribers have to click in order to allow you to send messages to their account.
Mailbox providers are becoming increasingly more sophisticated as they look to protect users from unwanted emails. If a high percentage of your messages are not opened or get deleted without being read, it is a sign that you are not connecting with the recipient. Although it seems as if the odds are stacked against email marketers, the more advanced algorithms used by mailbox providers is actually a good thing. If you are an email marketer you would be forgiven for thinking mailbox providers such as Outlook and Gmail were trying to prevent your messages from reaching the inbox of subscribers. According to a detailed study by Securelist, in the first quarter of 2015, over 59% of email traffic was deemed to be ‘spam’. This is a huge problem for email marketers as it can play havoc with your deliverability rates. First of all, you should be grateful that mailbox providers are trying to tackle the spam problem; fewer messages means lower competition for you as long as your messages are relevant and of high quality. Familiarity: Marketers tend to focus on the ‘To’ name and ignore the importance of including the right ‘From’ name.
Segmentation: This is essential if you want your emails to end up in the inboxes of subscribers with a real interest in your products and services. Remember, mailbox providers are trying to prevent spam and are keen to allow high quality emails through.
The marketing world is changing fast and the modern consumer wants to know precisely what a company or product can do for them and they want to know it quickly. Clearly, you can’t expect to make an impact in your niche without well-produced video content.
Also known as an ‘explainer video’, this is an excellent way to establish yourself as an authority in your niche.
A good How To video can take seconds to explain something that usually requires minutes of reading. Anyone can write down the great features of your products but actually showing customers your products in action makes a statement.
Tickets to events are usually quite expensive, particularly if they are marketing events designed to improve a company’s profits. This can also be called an ‘expert’ video and is yet another opportunity to display your knowledge of your industry & products. There were a few more but basically, marketing automation is not a ‘golden ticket’ and only works if you make it work. According to Blume, small businesses need to go out and get a host of leads if they expect marketing automation to work. When you assign a ‘score’, you do so based on the activity levels of the lead and when you assign a ‘grade’, you do so based on how leads fit into your ‘ideal buyer profile’. Another issue Blume outlined was the lack of quality content that leads would swap their contact details for. The results of this strategy should be a clear insight into what customers want in terms of content.
While Blume’s employer when bust back in 2011, small businesses in 2015 are enjoying the fruits of marketing automation. The fact that marketing automation will significantly help your business seems to be set in stone but the level of success depends on how much you’re willing to put in. Multi-channel marketing is essentially the practice of communicating and marketing to consumers across a number of channels both online and offline.
No matter what niche you reside in, competition is almost certain to be fierce so you can only hope to achieve success by being wherever your prospects are. If you get it right, your software will instantly send the correct messages at the perfect time. It should go without saying that your marketing team must work together if you wish to succeed in a multi-channel world. Remember, the modern consumer moves from one channel to the next at warp speed so your strategy must adapt just as fast.
Since there are several channels to analyze, you’ll have to create a system of measuring all of the results. It may seem as if the entire multi-channel marketing approach is overly complicated but with the right automation software, you’ll find that most of the work is done for you.
A surprising number of marketing teams within organizations use outdated techniques and tools which are high on workload but low on results.
Fortunately, marketing automation tools are now readily available and best of all; they have a fairly gentle learning curve despite their hi-tech nature. Choose the proper marketing automation tool for your company and you can enjoy the flexibility of implementing ‘real time’ marketing strategies across a variety of channels. Personalized Website Creation: You can change your company website according to your target segment. Form Creation: You can create forms on your landing pages or website that work with other marketing channels such as social media; and you don’t need to bother your company’s design team! Imagine a scenario where you have a database containing the information of prospects and existing customers and their behaviors across all channels. Recentemente ho ricevuto una email da un’agenzia di comunicazione che mi invitava a parlare qui sul mio blog di un nuovo video viral di Intel. Questa volta, pero, la mail mi ha fatto riflettere sul discusso argomento del direct email marketing come strumento utile di promozione ma pericoloso, in quanto sanzionabile dalla legge (addirittura con la possibile reclusione).
Dopo il successo riscosso con il video Cannonbells, che ha totalizzato oltre 1 milione e 600.000 di contatti in tutto il mondo raggiungendo addirittura la home page di You Tube per piu di 3 giorni, Intel ripropone ai navigatori un nuovo video chiamato BassJump, perche e una sorta di base jumping musicale. La trama: gli ingegneri della sede Intel in Romania alzano la testa dal PC e riescono a realizzare il piu grande jingle Intel del mondo, battendo il record finora detenuto dai colleghi finlandesi.
L’obiettivo di Intel e quello di mostrare come, dietro ai successi della piu importante azienda di microprocessori al mondo, ci siano persone capaci di cogliere anche le sfide piu difficili con molta professionalita, ottimismo e quel pizzico di follia (calcolato, ovviamente!) che c’e sempre dietro le innovazioni piu straordinarie. Completa l’iniziativa un’applicazione Facebook che permette di cimentarsi dal proprio computer con “l’impresa” BassJump. BassJump e un progetto concepito nell’ambito della strategia di presenza Intel sui social media. Se hai piacere, ti chiediamo di condividere questa iniziativa sul tuo blog e nei tuoi profili sui social network. Il contenuto del presente messaggio e riservato solo al destinatario e puo contenere materiale confidenziale. Qualunque modifica, inoltro, distribuzione o altro utilizzo delle informazioni contenute sono proibite. Se ha ricevuto questo messaggio per errore, Le saremmo grati se, via e-mail, ce ne comunicasse la ricezione e provvedesse alla distruzione del messaggio stesso.
Per rispettare la privacy (di chi non ha rispettato la mia ?? ) ho omesso i dati sensibili. In Italia non e consentito fare direct email marketing, o meglio, “con quattro distinti provvedimenti [doc.
Detto questo, nella normalita delle cose, il direct email marketing esiste ed e comunemente praticato.
Se vuoi capire come creare una campagna di email marketing di successo, dal formato al design e ai contenuti, e anche come analizzare l’efficacia delle tue campagne e-mail, ti consiglio di dare una occhiata a questo Corso E-Mail Marketing Completo: ci trovi 5 video-lezioni, in italiano, totalmente gratuite! Una volta per definire un prodotto editoriale – un giornale, una brochure, una copertina, un manifesto etc.
In effetti il senso e sempre quello, bravo Stefano a sottolineare come nella comunicazione (soprattutto in quella che vorrebbe poi essere diffusa) le regole siano sempre quelle della cortesia e del buon senso. Utili i rif normativi.In effetti pochi giorni fa mi sono trovata nella condizione di segnalare ad alcuni blogger un evento che realmente avrebbero potuto trovare interessante. Recentemente ho beccato in tutti i miei contatti email un tizio arabo che manda mediamente una 30ina di email al giorno in tutti i miei account. Esistono software in grado di estrarre email direttamente da pagine gialle e anche altri organi di distribuzione.Alcuni addirittura a buon mercato. Ma se e illegale mandare SPAM allora perche permettono di vendere con tanto di licenza programmi che appunto estraggono tutti i nominativi di un intero database? E ancora se e illegale prendere informazioni sugli utenti allora perche non si fa una mega colossale DENUNCIA A GOOGLE per i cookie e a FACEBOOK per i dati personali.
Per non parlare di tutti gli account che in maniera discriminante vengono bloccati per motivi al quanto futili. Una volta a Milano, ho chiesto di persona alla ricezionista di eBay quante persone lavorano negli uffici e mi ha detto che non e autorizzata a dare informazioni riservate.
Qualcuno sa se e possibile acquisire un e-mail da linkedin e utilizzarla per fare e mail marketing?
CHI SONOMi chiamo Davide Pozzi, online sono da sempre conosciuto col soprannome di "Tagliaerbe". DI COSA PARLOSul TagliaBlog parlo principalmente di Web Marketing e di tutti i temi che girano attorno a tale disciplina.
Puoi contattarmi per una consulenza o per dei corsi, utilizzando le voci che trovi sul menu orizzontale. As a professor who favors pop quizzes, Cedrick May is used to grimaces from students caught unprepared.
He soon learned that the students did not know he had changed the reading assignment because they did not check their e-mail regularly, if at all. So the word of warning is to all of us about how we manage our expectations of the place of email in the online space as we trudge forward. Morgan Judge, a sophomore at Fordham University in New York, said she thought it was “cool” last semester when a professor announced that students could text him. Fortunately, you can simply fire them if they don’t want to play along but having turnover is sometimes a bigger headache than trying to teach someone a new trick. Paul Jones, a professor at the University of North Carolina, does not think they should have to. E-mails to him receive an automated reply: “Goodbye E-mail, I’m divesting,” plus some 20 ways to reach him. The choices by students at Brown need to be seen in a different context than Ivy vs Public and especially when looking for potential hires.
To make your emails look as professional as possible, invest a little thought in their design. Try using holidays and important events to your advantage in your email marketing campaigns. It is very common for people to view the Internet with cell phones instead of using a full sized computer. As you are utilizing engaging emails and targeting the right customers, make sure you are also soliciting feedback from them.
You might want to send a follow-up email to your clients that includes a caution if your products or services supply is running low.
Offering your email recipients an incentive for referring others can be a great way to expand your email list and to gain new customers. However, many marketers have this misconception that email-marketing is ideal for only large or established businesses since they can afford huge investments, unlike small business owners or bloggers. There are dozens of free and paid – but affordable –plugins available that can let you manage your email marketing campaigns without any worries at all. MailPress is one of the best plugins that can boost up your email marketing quite productively. ALO easymail is yet another powerful plugin that allows the bloggers to gather subscribers through impressive newsletters.
If you want to make the subscription process easy and manage your newsletter scheduling system without wasting your precious time, then Newsletter Tycoon is the plugin you should consider. With the starting price of $6 and 4.29 user rating, Mail Chimp offers you dozens of different methods to integrate simple subscription form into your WordPress site.
The prevalent misconception is newsletters are all about catchy content and not about design.

Whether you opt for DIY or hire a professional designer, it’s a must for you to know how an email newsletter template is designed. Since the content is to be added in the body, a rectangle of 600px width should be created underneath the header and stretched it to the bottom. To add social icons, a rectangle of 250px should be created and texts should be added that instruct the subscribers to follow the brand on social media. If you have a web designer working on your email newsletter template, check if he’s using responsive layout. The benefit of using third party tools is that they dynamically check the resolution of reader’s devices and format the content accordingly, so it fits the respective resolution. Such third party platforms have scores of other benefits like they let users create custom URLs and integrate video and multimedia.
Similar tips are prioritizing formatting and avoiding extravagance so the page doesn’t look messed up. As for visual clutters, not only that they account for poor user-engagement, they can also make the website slow to load. But despite a slump in popularity, email marketing is still a viable way for users to receive information about a product’s launch details or description. Your browser is old school Upgrade to a different browser or install Google Chrome Frame to experience this site.
We all receive a huge amount of spam and junk mail in our inboxes and a host of dull and unappealing emails as well. We are of course referring to those adverts which state that there is a sale in 5 days time. If the subscriber opened the email once a day, they would see a new image and a different countdown time on every occasion.
While these traditional methods of marketing still have their place, the truth is, they are very expensive and have a pretty low ROI. Some dealerships are finally getting to grips with email marketing and now realize it is arguably the most effective mode of advertising for their businesses.
You need to identify consumers at different stages of the ladder before creating specific promotions to encourage further purchases. For example, segmented emails get 14% more opens, over 10% unique opens and over 59% more clicks. You need an email provider with an excellent track record of ensuring every phase of sending activity is in accordance with email marketing best practices. For the record, 57% of auto-dealerships send out emails monthly while only 9% send out weekly email newsletters. Use clear ‘non-salesy’ words when communicating with the reader and always ensure the message contains something of value to the reader.
Make sure you conclude the email with a clear Call-to-Action; research suggests that Orange and Red are the most eye-catching colors to use for your CTA button. According to a report by VentureBeat, email marketing could provide marketers with an ROI of $38 for every $1 spent!
What is working for you right now may not be effective 12 months down the line for example. Deliverability rates tend to suffer when subscribers believe the emails are irrelevant to their needs so you need to segment your list to ensure the right person receives the right message.
No matter how well written your email is, if it isn’t about a topic that interests the recipient, it provides no value and is therefore of no use to them. A cleverly designed marketing email will contain multiple CTAs that flow seamlessly within the content and don’t seem overly ‘salesy’.
All it takes is a handful of brand advocates to transform a company’s fortunes and when you give these loyalists the option of sharing your content on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc., good things will happen. Yet there are a couple of simple additions that can really boost your click-through rate and this will inevitably lead to more sales. Of course, the modern consumer expects high standards from email marketers so if you want to turn subscribers into customers, read the following tips on optimizing your emails.
Basically, this means ensuring your email is crisp, clear and easy to read no matter what device is used by the recipient.
Depressingly for those yet to optimize emails for mobile devices, over 70% of mobile users will delete any unoptimized emails.
The best way to do this is through the use of segmentation; you will ideally invest in automation software for this purpose. Avoid daily emails unless they contain special offers; most marketers tend to send out a weekly email. It can sometimes take 14+ days for a company to acknowledge the consumer’s choice to ‘unsubscribe’ which means more marketing emails sneak through. These providers have an obligation to take complaints seriously and their next step is to consign your emails to the recipient’s ‘spam’ folder. Remember, mailbox engagement depends on account activity so sending emails to ‘dead’ accounts is bad news for your stats. If you make the mistake of falling into this trap, your email address will immediately be flagged as spam which of course prevents your messages from reaching their destination.
They are including complex algorithms in order to understand what account holders really want.
This will lead to the mailbox provider filtering your messages entirely which means they never again reach the inbox.
They force you to create more relevant content and follow email marketing best practices which increase the quality of what you create.
In actual fact, these providers work hard to ensure that only high quality emails make it past their filters. While this is a 6% drop when compared to the first quarter of 2014, it still means that 3 out of every 5 email messages is spam! According to one source, the average email marketing database will decay by over 22% annually. Instead, build your own by offering incentives and a variety of subscription opportunities. The top mailbox providers take the stance that authenticated domains are typically a sign of a legitimate business sending genuine emails which greatly reduces the chances of your messages ending up in the spam folder. Use a name that subscribers will recognize; for example, using your own name rather than a bland corporation name should increase open rates.
So if you are a clothing store sending messages to a female subscriber, it makes sense to contain information about women’s clothing rather than a generic email.
If you focus on quality in terms of content and subscribers, you should have no issues with deliverability whatsoever. As long as you play to your strengths and keep it personal and genuine, a video about your brand can be a powerful marketing tool.
A great example of a ‘how to’ video would be a production created by an Internet marketing company that shows small businesses how to create a marketing video for their website!
As well as clearly demonstrating the benefits, it tells customers that you’re extremely confident in your merchandise and this confidence rubs off on them. Record one of your events in action and let viewers decide for themselves the kind of impact you can have on their businesses.
For customers still in the research phase, the option to directly ask a company questions will be well received.
Don’t be afraid to test out the different types of video to find out the ones that are most popular with your target audience.
One article in particular was written by an author (Joby Blume) who had worked with the technology only to find his employer not only failed but went bust! Fortunately, it is possible to do incredible things with the new technology which we outline below.
But once you have done this, it is possible to get the maximum out of your lead management efforts.
A lead nurturing system also makes sure that they receive marketing communications to nudge them towards ‘sales ready’ status over the course of time. According to a recent survey by Venture Beat, 80% of companies that utilized marketing automation saw an increase in leads and 77% of companies saw an increase in conversion rate. Savvy marketers know that they can only be a success if they establish a presence on online channels such as social media, blogs, emails and websites along with offline channels such as TV, radio and print media. One way around this is to continually track consumer visits across the various channels but this is only possible with the aid of marketing automation software. For example, an insurance company will be able to send out information about automobile insurance right at the time when the consumer’s existing coverage is coming to an end. There is no point in going to the trouble of setting up various social media accounts, an email address, a blog and a website if they are working independently. You can use analytics software to perform ‘closed loop’ analytics which can show you the most & least effective channels and how certain channels influenced others. Best of all, your brand name receives more attention which is crucial in such a crowded marketplace. According to over half of the marketers surveyed, one of the top 3 things that make them dread their job the most is trying to get all their work done in a 40 hour week.
The majority of automated marketing systems are designed to be user-friendly which means you no longer need the assistance of your company’s technical staff.
Instead of going down the old and unsuccessful path of marketing ‘at’ customers, you can use the new technology to actively engage with customers thus improving your overall relationship with them.
Automation allows you to create and analyze emails and alter them based on the behavior of the consumer. For example, your site will look different for first-time visitors than it does for regular visitors. Add in remarkably accurate analytics and an ability to create your own segments and you have a marketing solution that helps you work smarter not harder.
A dire il vero di queste mail me ne arrivano abbastanza, d’altra parte il blog tratta anche questi argomenti e la mia mail e ben visibile nella pagina info.
Come gia detto, alcune volte questa pratica viene sanzionata ma (come in tutte le cose) basta avere un po’ di buon senso per non far sentire il destinatario violato nella propria privacy. Realizza un contenuto valido e potenzialmente interessante; al tuo destinatario non interessa che “lavori da 40 anni nel settore del vino o del software gestionale”, se proprio vuoi sottolinearlo inseriscilo dopo che hai chiarito il perche stai scrivendo e quali effettivi e reali vantaggi posso ricevere da quello che mi stai proponendo, insomma cerca di attirare l’attenzione e colpire nel segno. Utilizza pochi link, uno al massimo due e verso la landing page; troppi link potrebbero indurre a pensare ad una vera e propria mail spazzatura. Chiudi cortesemente e firmati; come nella mail che ho ricevuto, il signore si firma con nome e cognome, agenzia per la quale lavora, numero di telefono, fax e email.
Note legali; non utilizzare le note legali che usi abitualmente nella tua firma ufficiale (come e stato fatto nella mail che ho ricevuto). Rispetti la privacy di chi non rispetta la tua omettendo i dati sensibili, ma evidenzi bene in grassetto i nomi delle aziende e dei prodotti, e pubblichi lo stesso video che volevano pubblicizzare.
Io sono tra quelli che pensano che il garante della privacy studia ogni giorno un modo per rendere piu complicate le leggi utili alla creazione di contatti, che siano via email, telefono o fax.
Quello che si dovrebbe intendere fra le righe del post e che chi vuol fare direct email marketing dovrebbe usare un po’ di buon senso per vedere risultati, e questo andrebbe anche a vantaggio delle persone che ricevono le mail, le quali si ritroverebbero messaggi piu pertinenti ai loro interessi nelle proprie caselle di posta elettronica.
Questo vuol dire che c’e stata una segnalazione da parte di qualcuno che e stato infastidito (o comunque il Garante si e accorto che qualcosa non andava). Trovo invece molto misera la email che ti hanno spedito, il come te l’hanno spedita e come ti invitano a farla vedere.
Qui troverai un sacco di contenuti su SEO (ovvero posizionamento sui motori di ricerca), Social Media Marketing, Advertising (campagne pubblicitarie e affiliazioni) ed Editoria Online. But a couple of years ago, in his class on early American literature at the University of Texas at Arlington, he said he noticed “horrible, pained looks” from the whole class when they saw the questions. To the students, e-mail was as antiquated as the spellings “chuse” and “musick” in the works by Cotton Mather and Jonathan Edwards that they read on their electronic books.
Why is that if email is dying or any number of the other arguments about the waning days of email are close to true? Marketers as marketers – Even if the email challenged come along begrudgingly as part of their jobs it is not likely that it will bleed over into their personal lives too much. About the only person frustrated by this, he said, was a department head who wanted to know “how will you possibly read our important departmental announcements?” Mr. An Ivy League school, which has students that are likely influenced by high end corporate types in their families prefer email while someone at UNC-Chapel Hill (a top public university in its own right) is trying to get rid of it. As I write and as studies show, under 25s see email as something from The Man — a painful necessity. Since this is the case, you should make it so that the width of any email you send out is easily viewable by mobile phone. Getting feedback from targeted customers is key to knowing what you can do to make your marketing strategies even better.
It makes it easy to stay in touch with your customers and keep them up to date on what is happening with your business. It is a method through which you can promote your products and services – ultimately paving the way for more beneficial business opportunities.
WordPress has brought with it many advantages that can be availed to enjoy as much sales or promotions as other established business. We understand that sorting the unimaginable number of results can be quite hectic for finding the right plugin.
This ultimate plugin is heavily loaded with features that can really ease down your emailing workload.
With this availability of this tool as a free plugin for WordPress, one can capitalize on his marketing campaign even more productively. The plugin comes with a huge list of features that make your subscription management task way easier and effective. The important factor that makes this plugin different from others is that you can create custom forms. The plugin pop ups a subscription box that asks for the basic information of the client such as name and id.
Keep the width of your newsletter between 550-600px and see to it that the pivotal information are within the top 300-500px of height.
Users don’t like horizontal scrollbar because they have to drag the scrollbar to right to see the full content. If you are designing the template yourself, use a third party platform that will enable your content to automatically adjust itself so readers could view the full content irrespective of the resolution of their devices.
Email marketing campaign activities therefore, won’t pay off if the design of the landing page isn’t attractive. Load time is a very important factor because even one second delay in the loading time of a page could cause 16% decrease in consumer satisfaction. Currently he is obsessed with the latest trend in eCommerce development, online marketing, Magento eCommerce and lots more. These don’t stand out and even though they may be from genuine companies, we dismiss them as spam too because they are so generic in nature. The reason why it is not used in emails is because most marketers assume that the message will be opened and read soon after receipt and will then never be read again. It was even possible to change the time displayed in the email depending on where the recipient was viewing it from. While your email campaign does not have to be as innovative as the one we just outlined, you should be using dynamic images in order to get the best results from your email marketing. According to BBC Worldwide America, over 50% of viewers watch shows on DVR and an incredible 97% of them skip the advertising content!
The key is to find what interests different subscribers; then you can create tailor-made emails they will click on and read. Writing something compelling enough to elicit a response in the form of an Open is a tricky task; but that’s what you pay copywriters for!
The best way to do this is through carefully crafted email newsletter content that increases customer loyalty and boosts your reputation. Clearly, this will not be the case for every single email marketer but it does provide an insight into the kind of success it is possible to achieve.
However, it is possible to enjoy fantastic results by making a few simple additions to each email with the goal of optimizing them. The fact is, the more links there are to click, the more likely it is that readers will click on one.
Don’t make the mistake of shrinking the screen to fit; this only makes emails look bad on larger screens. With detailed analytics, you can find out the time period where recipients are most likely to be checking their email. You can change all that by using the preheader text to provide a teaser of your email content, provide an incentive to open, expand on the subject line and instil a sense of urgency.

I hope to continue bringing you up to date information to keep you at the front of the queue.
While email marketers in the UK fared a little better with only 18% of emails not making the inbox, this was a steep rise from the 2014 figure of 13%. Worst of all, once you are marked as ‘spam’, that consumer will never subscribe to you again. Your job is to provide subscribers with valuable content or else you risk being consigned to the scrapheap. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the U.S was the biggest culprit as it made up over 14% of all unwanted email messages.
While there is a lot of effort involved, the ROI on both your time and financial investment will be well worth it. The thing is, the article made a lot of sense and it was a lesson to all small companies interested in using marketing automation to get to the next level. The biggest problem is lack of quality leads but with a scoring and grading system, you can immediately qualify leads and pass them directly to the company’s sales team when they are ready to be nurtured. With marketing automation, you can create buyer personas in order to learn more about your target audience. The potential for any business in the Internet age to grow is obvious but how can you maximize this growth? This data can then be used to eliminate the channels that don’t work for your business and enables you to spend more time and money on areas of your marketing strategy that actually work. In most cases, their work hours extend beyond reasonable levels which can only have deleterious effects on their health in the long term. 5 intrepidi ingegneri si sono buttati dal tetto del loro ufficio senza paracadute, atterrando su grandi materassi ad aria, collegati ad altrettante trombe che riproducono le note del motivetto aziendale che si sente in tutte le pubblicita di PC. Nella mail qui sopra, ci sono ben 8 testi ancorati (le parole sottolineate, dalle quali ho tolto il link). Questo e importante non solo per trasparenza e correttezza nei confronti della persona alla quale scriviamo (utilizzare la barriera dell’anonimato induce a pensare che c’e qualcosa da nascondere), ma anche perche la persona puo capire a chi rivolgersi nel caso in cui la mail colpisca nel segno. Piuttosto scrivi dove hai trovato l’indirizzo email e sottolinea il fatto che quella mail e la prima ed ultima, che non disturberai piu in futuro e che non si deve far niente per non essere piu contattati.
Una sola nota: questo video e davvero molto triste e poco virale sinceramente…mi sembra davvero creativita da ingegneri ?? (e detto da uno che si e laureato in informatica e tutto dire ?? ) A rileggerci presto!
Ho cercato di gestirla non tanto come direct marketing ma come attivazione di una relazione. Pertanto chi invia cartoline pubblicitarie, cataloghi o offerte varie dovrebbe prima verificare che tutti i destinatari non si siano iscritti al registro delle opposizioni.
Se vuoi cercare qualcosa fra i migliaia di articoli gia pubblicati, utilizza il modulo di ricerca! As a result, it is extremely unlikely in the foreseeable future that email will go away as the modern day form of a paper trail in the world of business. If I hear one more description like the one below I may toss my cookies (not the virtual ones either). This group in particular will have to get over themselves because they get to the workplace email rules and that is not likely to change any time soon. This means that marketers are going to need to sharpen their pencils in reaching younger folks in the online space because email marketing to this group may not be effective at all. Why must I constantly plead with clients to do email marketing?Look, a wheelbarrow full of money will get you a 30-second spot on the Super Bowl broadcast. You can use these messages to promote your business and let your customers know about new products or services you have available. The ending of the message could inform these people that they can become a customer immediately by clicking on the provided link. This gives your subscribers the impression that they are hearing from a trustworthy, authoritative source.
Your readers should enjoy the creativity and festiveness of your messages around special times of the year. You can even offer a further incentive when the person they refer actually makes a purchase. By using attention-grabbing emails about your products, you can easily widen your email list and enjoy more potential leads or clients. Be not worried because we have made this process easier for our precious readers by compiling a list of some popular tools that can help you handle different aspects of your campaign efficiently.
Ever since its inception, it is deemed as the most dynamic WordPress plugin by many savvy marketers. It offers a great way to gather a huge list of blog subscribers through simple yet beautiful forms. Its many features include html or text-based newsletters, import or export subscribers, subscribers’ management, beautiful newsletter themes, etc.
This way you can acquire more information about your subscribers, other than getting their names or email ids.
The plugin also gives you the admin rights to activate or deactivate any subscriber you want. If you want to make your newsletter subscription attractive, then you should consider using Mail Chimp as your primary email marketing plugin.
In this article, we’ll discuss the importance of newsletter template design in email marketing.
For proper formatting, you need to clearly lay out the submission form, headlines and most importantly, the offer. While designing the landing page, one thing should be kept in mind; there should be similarities between the newsletter format and the landing page design format.
It should be changed to something attractive and appealing from something routine and monotonous. William also runs free consultation programs on web designing tips, Internet marketing trends and more for his set of readers. With image personalization, you not only add a bit of color to emails, you also cater to the individual tastes of each recipient.
However, one set of clever marketers thought otherwise and created an email that displayed a dynamic countdown, in this instance for Christmas.
For example, if a consumer in Paris and one in New York opened their emails at the same time, they would see a different message. The 3 seconds it takes to read the preheader text could make or break your email marketing campaign so don’t forget it! Solve this problem via a customer reengagement campaign which helps you bring old subscribers back while getting rid of inactive accounts.
With so many qualified leads, your chances of finding new customers are increased exponentially. Sono invece d’accordo sulla e-mail preventiva, ovviamente se il nostro indirizzo elettronico e pubblico.
Gli altri possono uniformarsi per sicurezza (ma poi si deve sempre avere riguardo al caso concreto) ma non e obbligatorio. Dovrebbe invece dirmi non solo quante persone vi lavorano, ma anche quanti soldi fanno, chi e il responsabile ecc., tutte informazioni pubbliche.
Non so come sia possibile fare questo, ma se non lo fate sappiate che rischiate una multa da 10000 a 120000 euro.
Il mio obiettivo e quello di dare valore e aumentare le conversioni (in poche parole, il fatturato) di tutti i miei clienti e partner, eticamente.
This is a subject that crops up from time to time but as marketers it is something that we need to be acutely aware of because whether you are trying to communicate with a student as your target market or working with co-workers who don’t think they need to bother with email there are going to be repercussions. What will need to be understood is that your internal communication and paper trails may hit a snag or a bottle neck with the this group who simply don’t like email. When you speak to them personally, they will feel more comfortable doing business with you. In simple words, by using email marketing plugins for your WordPress site, you too can enjoy more potential leads and effective promotion without even spending a penny. However, to integrate AWeber’s web form into your blog, you first need to create an account via AWeber’s website. For example, if the page has grey or bluish background, the form submission button could be dark red, so it creates a perfect contrast to the background and captures the attention of users. An ideal template should have a clearly visible headline, a submission form underneath the headline, sub-header and a space on left or right side of the call-out box for short descriptive type content. That will be possible only if a campaign uses email templates with gripping design and winsome landing pages. These marketers banked on the fact that the email would be opened repeatedly and recipients saw a different countdown time whenever they open the email. If this seems like a lot of work for a single email, it is worth noting that in our example above, the company enjoyed a sales increase of approximately 40% and each email was opened more than 5 times on average. Because email is needed for one thing that even an over coddled student will have to do one day: work. Segmentation of your email marketing may simply mean you don’t do it at all the younger your target audience is for a particular message. The only downside of this plugin is that setting up and configuring MailPress can be a little hectic and time-consuming due to its huge piles of features. With the broadcasting feature, you can schedule your broadcasts for automated email marketing.
You won’t bother repeating yourself ten times a day.You’ll hit “send” and your message will be received.
You want to see the interest compound.You accomplish this by asking the people who visit your site to give you their email address. You have to offer them something.Offer free contentThe most effective way to capture email leads is through landing pages.
For optimum conversion, your landing pages should have a singular focus.This email opt-in form will generate a high response rate because it asks only for your name and email address.
Your landing page should offer a free resource you make downloadable or instantly available online.
Place opt-in forms in the sidebar of your blog post pages, preferably at the top.You might also put another opt-in form below each post. That is, to click-through to a page you want them on.Extreme focusOverwhelming readers with choices often results in no action. You may have occasions to offer a variety of links, however, email studies will prove a single or extremely limited number of choices for next steps foster greater results.Be clear“Click here to read [blank]” hardly seems like advanced copywriting advice, but clarity and simplicity are your allies in your emails. Help the reader help themselves with crystal clear directions.Use namesEveryone’s favorite word is his or her first name.
Your email service makes it extremely easy to do this.What’s worth emailing?There are a variety of email marketing types with different purposes. The type of business you have and the way your business is conducted should factor into the choices you make.
Also, because they usually include links back to your website, enewsletters are effective for creating traffic.Newsletters are also a very flexible format to serve various objectives. For example, your email may capture all or most of the content you’ve published in recent weeks. Most of the content I include is of the curated variety, that is, it’s been published by a company other than my own. This is definitely a popular format, however, I’ve made mine unique in that each edition addresses one specific topic, such as brand advocacy, LinkedIn, website design, etc.If you create a lot of content, digests are easy to compose and highly useful for getting extended mileage from your content. If you spend a good deal of time learning about subjects relevant to your audience, it should be easy for you to create digest emails that list valuable resources such as books, eBooks, podcasts, videos, etc.OffersYou can dedicate an email to be a delivery vehicle about an offer.
You may have a product, service, event, or new information asset you want to inform your readers about. Though offer emails are generally sent to everyone on your email database, you may see better response rates by strategically segmenting your list by some type of category.Generally, your offer emails direct readers to a landing page to gather the details. The extreme focus of an offer email lends itself to tracking and analysis which should help inform subsequent marketing and sales decisions.AutorespondersAutoresponders—often called “drip campaigns”—are created for the purpose of lead nurturing. So the time you invest is entirely up-front and you then “set it and forget it.”You craft autoresponders to nurture leads in the most targeted way possible. That is, your messages speak to a specific program and thus, focus on a singular conversion goal (sign-up, try, buy).  With marketing automation tools, you can advance your autoresponders to nurture leads more effectively with “if” scenarios. Though they most commonly play in the ecommerce space, transactional emails can be a response to a reservation for a webinar registration, a product demo, or even signing up for an email list.Recipients generally anticipate transactional emails, so the open and click-through rates are high. As a marketer, you can take advantage of this type of email because the recipient has just actively engaged, so it’s wise to provide a specific call-to-action.
Make your subject lines simple and relevant to your subscriber’s interests.The shorter, the betterOh how I resisted applying this tip. Questions marks are okay.Perfect your timing It’s important to time your email deliveries as well as you can.
Get insightful research findings from this great infographic.Stay away from spam filters Spam filters work differently, so there are no hard and fast rules, but there are general tips for avoiding them. Reconsider your subject line—or your entire email.Be a trustworthy senderThe “sender” field is the first to appear in an inbox. Of course, this is just one example and there are many.Before you begin segmenting, it’s wise to create benchmarks from past campaigns. And often, over time, though you may not unsubscribe, you tune out.Subscriber fatigue is a challenge for email marketers. Send an email asking these subscribers how you can better help them.Give responsive subscribers special treatmentYour most responsive subscribers may want more email from you.
Consider giving loyal readers early access to new products, events, and content.Break ‘em upYou could simply create recipient list segments by areas of interest. This is the percentage of undeliverable emails.“Hard bounces,” those not caused by a temporary technical glitch, indicate the email was sent to an address that is not valid. And, if the problem appears to be consistent and significant, you’ll want to re-assess your opt–in process because you’re collecting bogus emails that have no value.Delivery rate. When a delivery rate is uncharacteristically low, it’s a pretty sure bet your message was flagged as spam, which is obviously something you’ll want to revisit.List growth. Take your delivery rate from each month and divide by the number of email addresses you had to begin with. You want to understand this percentage to (1) tackle delivery issues (email addresses going bad at a high rate) and (2) track the growth of your list.Click-through rate (CTR).
Serious email marketers never lose sight of CTR and try hard to trace the reasons why some are higher or lower than average.Conversion rate.
A step beyond click-through, conversion indicates the recipient performed a desired action such as filling out a form or buying a product. Of course you can live without this metric, but if your email aims to sell, you should take conversion rate seriously.Open rate.
The percentage of recipients that open your email is meaningful, but for technical reasons, a bit elusive, and therefore unreliable. However, as means of comparison from email to email, your open rate is an indicator of the success of your subject line, so it should never be ignored.Unsubscribes. You shouldn’t be overly alarmed by a small percentage of unsubscribes because the goal is to send email to those that really want it.
Doing so will give you valuable insights into your prospects’ behavior and preferences and help you perpetually improve results.It’s easy to test your email in a variety of ways, so there’s no excuse to not do some testing. It’s that valuable.My email service provider is Campaign Monitor, which I chose because their templates looked sweet and I stick with the service because it’s the best I’ve tried.
Even so, testing time-of-day delivery for a few emails is likely to be a worthwhile exercise to help you determine the time of day that provides higher open rates.Day of the weekIt’s also smart to experiment with the day or days you send emails. You may find a significant difference in response rates when you compare early, mid, late-week and weekend deliveries.CopyThe success of your email marketing will be tied to the written content it contains. An especially test-worthy variable is where the CTA is located… at the end, beginning, both, in a sidebar?OffersIf you do direct response email, you’re likely to have an assortment of ideas regarding offers: free trials, discounts, multi-product kits, bonuses and various incentives. You need permission from every recipient otherwise what you’re sending is SPAM, which may not be against the law, but is unethical and a complete waste of time.Vendors continue to sell email lists.
They fail to notice open rates have slipped, their list is shrinking, or their emails are bouncing and getting marked as SPAM.
You need to check your email statistics after every send.Don’t forget…Email is the purest form of permission marketing and the most effective way to boost your bottom line and grow your business. It’s the only channel of online communication that remains private and provides a direct connection to your prospect.Review the email tactics and techniques offered in this paper and win big with the ace of online marketing.

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