As you know, the first time you were faced with email marketing design, you probably looked for a template. They could very well be the trends listed in an infographic presented by HubSpot called The 2013 Design Guide To Email Marketing. A good thing to remember is that 65% of the people opting in to receive marketing emails prefer images over text.
When you start putting together your email marketing design, you could start looking around for templates. While creating an email you should always try to use compelling email design that must be able to attract your customers. Ravi from Email Monks sends their updated email design best practices infographic, which comprises useful information on how well one could and should design an email or newsletter templates in 2013. The main topics covered within this email design best practices infographic include current mobile rendering considerations as other important factors to consider, such as the pre-header, body content and footer. Founder of Email Industries, the folks behind Indiemark and BlackBox, publisher of this blog, email marketing super geek, and beer snob. VP of Creative Services at Inbox Group, head email nerd at LuckyRedPixel, and all around great fella. A (nearly) world famous email marketing strategist who is also proud to be a bit nuts, a sci-fi fan and an all-around nerd. Needless to say the bright colors of the cases really draw attention – and the three smaller panels below make a nice addition. Remember that you can download your licenses whenever you want in the Downloads section of your profile.

Warp Design create highly visual branded HTML email newsletter templates for the European Handball Federation's wide range of prestige events. Templates are designed, coded and rigorously tested  to integrate seamlessly with existing brand collateral and integrate with the EHF’s in-house mailing system. Our small, friendly studio is based Ashford, but can provide bespoke design, digital and print services wherever you are. How companies like Microsoft, Zappos and Shopify use email to activate users from trial to pay in just 30 days. We have concluded many times that email marketing is more effective than people might think. This could spell disaster for your email marketing campaign since we tend to go for the most visually appealing template. It might not be the longest or most jam-packed infographic to date, but it’s effective and that is exactly what you want when putting together your email marketing design. As a matter of fact, there are soon more people using a mobile device than there are people using a laptop or a computer. Just remember to look through their elements and compare them to the email marketing design trends of 2013. Other adjectives include comic book geek, iced coffee aficionado, small business owner, and New York Mets apologist.
Logo repetition is something you don’t see that often, but here it is in the top-left corner as wel as in the social media bar below the main content on the right. It’s not such a hard task to accomplish, but putting it in there as a stylish and appealing design element might not be the easiest of things to do.

However, android and other mobile OS mail apps have problems with displaying how the designer had intended it to be. So what exactly is good email marketing design, and what are the trends of 2013 that we should start implementing as soon as possible? Well, when they sign up you could always have them choose their preferred format and then create two different emails catering to your subscriber’s taste in email marketing design. Of course you can have the subscriber choose what device they are on when they sign up for your updates, newsletters and email marketing. After you are done with this, all you have to do is to start sending your marketing emails out and comparing the results with 2012’s email marketing design and campaigns.
When it comes to email marketing design, there are trends and optimizations which may impact the end result of your campaign. The fact is, we only have a limited amount of time to grab the readers’ attention before they decide the email has little value to them. This is the most optimized and effective approach which will definitely maximize your results. Just slamming together an email and sending it out might not be the best or most clever approach. That makes it 4 different email marketing designs to put together before we can add it to our marketing campaign.

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