Totango found that on average, 15 percent of SaaS users converted after their free trials when a credit card was not required to begin the trial. But no matter where your conversion rate is compared to these averages, you can always improve your conversions with better email marketing. This email first makes it obvious how Nimble can improve its users’ sales and productivity, and then it explains how to add a new user. Patrick McKenzie found that 40–60 percent of free-trial users (for almost every SaaS company) will log in once and never come back.
Bottom line: When you see users getting stuck, send them emails that inspire them to take the next step. Have you experienced any other SaaS email marketing mistakes you’d like to add this list? Copyright 2014-2015 © Free online community, share traffic in groups, topics, interests and blog post distribution.
Need more email marketing features, but aren’t ready for the higher cost and complexity of marketing automation solutions?
We’ve taken email campaign reporting one step further so you can quickly evaluate results and get in-depth reports that you can export and share. Pinpointe’s awesome email inbox previewer (powered by Email On Acid) render previews of your email campaign on 20+ email clients with 100% accuracy in less than a minute.

Pinpointe includes the largest library of pre-tested, mobile-friendly, ready-to-use html email templates. But when the trial period ends and it’s time for your users to take out their credit cards and pony up for your software, how many of your leads are converting? This article will help you convert more users by avoiding common SaaS email marketing mistakes.
GrooveHQ improved its end-of-trial conversion rates by 10 percent when it switched to an action-based email campaign. For example, Buffer used its analytics to discover that users were more likely to churn when they had no future posts scheduled.
A study by Experian found that follow-up emails resulted in an average 54-percent increase in conversions.
Users might need more time to decide or they might simply be too busy to sign up when their trials ended. Pinpointe advanced split testing features allow you to automatically select a random sample set of contacts and send an unlimited number of email variations in equal parts – plus so much more. Define your complete segment criteria by combining behavioral information (like, whether subscribers opened a campaign or clicked on specific links), demographics information and custom field values you create.
Out user-friendly reporting and analytics dashboard allows you to view, drill down and easily export all campaign results.

No purchased lists, association directories, traded lists or shopping lists – Yes, we do check. That includes your most active users and people who have completely forgot they signed up for your free-trial. You can use tools such as, Vero, or Hubspot Enterprise to set up your action-based email campaigns. And while 2 percent is no landslide victory, that’s still winning back 2 percent more customers that would have been lost. Responsive email templates automatically adjust to display correctly on mobile phones, iPads and desktop systems, so your campaigns look great. Since half of all emails are opened on mobile devices – you’ll enjoy higher response rates. So why send users emails based on a random number of days that have passed since they signed up for your trial?
Instead, continue sending awesome emails (as long as you have their permission, of course).

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