Email marketing e uma forma de marketing direto, onde e possivel criar relacionamento e informar ao cliente por meio do envio de e-mails. Se voce nao tem uma estrategia de email marketing, nem que seja ao menos capturar emails no seu site, voce esta “deixando dinheiro na mesa“, como dizem. Pensando na importancia do assunto, o Viver de Blog produziu um rico infografico com os principais numeros que comprovam a eficiencia do email marketing e as 10 dicas para voce melhorar sua taxa de abertura e conseguir mais cliques nos seus emails enviados. Opt-in email marketing is an excellent way of promoting products, services and events to customers, business prospects, members and suppliers who have explicitly requested to receive such email messages. When conducting email marketing campaigns, it is important to use full-featured email marketing software. All other trademarks, both marked and unmarked, are the property of their respective owners. Email marketing remains one of the strongest ways for companies to stay in touch with their customers, keep their customers informed, and ensure that they stay in the forefront of their customers’ mind when it comes time to make a purchase.
We know from various email marketing research that sending our our emails too often is one of the leading factors that leads our readers to unsubscribe. So instead we’re going to look at some overall rules of thumb, based on research conducted by many email marketing companies,  that should be applicable to most businesses.
Send eblasts a minimum of once per month: anything less than once per month is no longer a regular eblast update. Send ebalsts a maximum of once per week: moving down from monthly, the weekly eblast is another very effective frequency (as are frequencies in between). If you’re considering an email campaign more frequent than once per week, you have to ask yourself whether the information is really that time sensitive? Be sure that your eblast is providing useful information to your customers — not just information that they may not know, but information that they care about. Social Media MarketingRPM Services can take over your Social Media Marketing and not only make you look like a rock star, but drive traffic to your website and through your door.

BlogWe'll help your brand develop a voice, all while getting the word out about your products, services, and events. Video ProductionWe'll take less than an hour of your time to film a strategic video of you and key aspects of your business. Direct MailAlthough we're a Digital company, we offer all you need for success in a Marketing Campaign. Hace unos meses tuvimos la oportunidad de conocernos personalmente con Victor Martin en el Congreso Internet 3.0, donde coincidimos ambos como ponentes.
Veras que valdra la pena escuchar todo el Podcast pues en la entrevista hablamos de como definir una estrategia de email marketing, como hacer tu lista de suscriptores o potenciales cliente, como hacer lead nurturing con autoresponderes (si no sabes de esto merece la pena que escuches la entrevista), por que es importante saber generar respuestas dinamicas a traves del email marketing, que la tasa de apertura de tus emails aumente, como evitar que los emails que envies caigan en la bandeja de SPAM, y hablaremos del lead scoring que si tampoco sabes que es, en esta entrevista saldras de dudas y veras que merece la pena. Como habras leido, no queremos que pierdas mas el tiempo, por ello Haz Clic en la siguiente imagen para que disfrutes de esta entrevista que nos ha hecho Victor Martin. Acabo de escuchar la entrevista entera, sabeis que os sigo desde hace tiempo y espero conoceros pronto en persona. Recipient responses to email marketing messages can be measured through open-up and click-through tracking.
The software should provide double opt-in functionality and an easy-to-use interface for people to automatically subscribe, unsubscribe and change their email addresses or subscription settings. In fact, the View from the Inbox study shows that 73% of users who unsubscribe from an email list report “too many emails” as their reason for unsubscribing! If your email marketing campaign falls within these ranges, you should be safely outside of any danger zones.
While some companies can have very effective daily email campaigns, that frequency is definitely in the minority, and many, many people will simply unsubscribe or even report the emails as spam.
The best way to lower unsubscribes and increase click throughs is to increase the value and quality of the content of your email campaign.
Then make sure that information is presented in an attractive, understandable way and that it includes calls to action that allow you to measure the results.

Responsive Design, Custom Graphics, Professional Photography, Mobile, and SEO Optimization. Es cierto que habiamos hablado virtualmente antes, pero no habiamos teniado oportunidad de hablar en persona hasta ese dia.
Naturally, the software should also automatically handle bounces or delivery errors and provide advanced, in-depth tracking and reporting capabilities to measure the effectiveness of campaigns.
In the perfect world you would do random sampling and testing within your email campaigns; however, you need several thousand subscribers at a minimum before you can obtain statistically significant data that way. Is the customer really going to miss out if they don’t know now (and if so, could you have told them earlier)?
We’ll also help you create a winning marketing campaign with an attractive and professional design.
Based on this real data, companies and organizations can make more informed decisions in tailoring future announcements to more closely match the needs and preferences of subscribers. Database integration and customization capabilities allow senders to tailor messages according to each recipient's individual preferences. Some larger companies have made their email campaign frequency research public, and showed that even dropping from twice per week down to once per week lowered unsubscribes by over 50% with more than an 80% increase in opens — and most importantly, higher sales as a result of the once per week frequency.
You can update your customers on events, send them coupons, or add in an automated campaign that will send the customers you’ve added to your database a carefully tailored precision marketing plan that is sure to be effective. This allows organizations to build loyalty and trust through a more personal relationship with subscribers.
To top it off, we’ve got all the analytics to show you your results, what is working, and what is not.

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