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Your marketing team is running on all 4 cylinders, especially as they work on upcoming spring events.
The team at Crowdster and their email provider, Open Moves have curated a list of ideas to help you unleash the potential of your email marketing strategy and program. Before reviewing the list of ideas below, consider how your nonprofit achieves these goals through the existing email marketing strategy.
Nonprofit emails stand out from traditional business or commerce emails in that there is an opportunity to inspire an attentive audience and further their commitment to your organization. Take time to develop inspirational content which can be made available across multiple email templates and shared across your social channels as well. CEOs and leaders at nonprofits play a significant role in capturing the hearts and minds of their supporters. A well designed email will get more clicks and an email that reads well across multiple devices (i.e mobile) will a have better chance of being read. Bounce Rate or Delivery Rate – emails that were returned by the email server for a reason.
Unsubscribe Rate – 2% or under for a mature is list is standard while it is normal for new lists to have much higher rates.
It is a staggering fact that nonprofits tend to see 50-70% cart abandonment or donor form abandonment. There are potentially many reasons for this but the overall takeaway is that donor forms should be easy, one step processes and should make the donor feel safe with their financial transaction. Develop a Donation Form or Cart Abandonment Campaign by developing a specific call to action for those emails that abandoned and do so in a specific time frame. To see how Autism Speaks successfully deployed a donor form abandonment campaign, visit the Open Moves blog.
An important email marketing strategy is automation where a specific list with an identifiable specific action is designed.
Develop an annual birthday email that celebrates the birthday of your supporter and asking them to set up a peer to peer fundraiser as an idea for their big day. To learn more about effective email marketing strategy, visit Open Moves and connect with their team for further ideas.
To evaluate peer to peer fundraising and mobile apps for your next fundraising event, visit Crowdster and schedule a demo. Kunjal Panchal is a Digital Marketer at E2M, the fastest growing digital marketing agency in India.
Despite the emergence of new and advanced marketing technologies and tactics, email marketing continues to be the simplest and the most effective lead-generation techniques in the world of digital marketing.
Research suggests that for every $1 spent, $44.25 is the average return on email marketing investment. This little snippet of information speaks volumes of the fact that email marketing is here to stay. Typically, a marketer would describe a lead as someone who fills out an online form on your website, downloads resources off it, or attends a company-sponsored webinar.
Your call to action (CTA) should be compelling, focused, and easy to understand and respond to. It is important that you reach your audience not only at the right time, but also with the right message. When your audience feels that you’re asking for too much personal information, they become reluctant to sign up with you. Also, when trying to capture user information, link your email to a highly-optimized landing page, which has been designed to emphasize the call to action in the email and capture the lead through an online form or a direct sales link. Upon generating a lead successfully, you will need to follow it up with a series of emails that develop and foster the lead moving along in the sales funnel. No two people are the same, which is why you will do well to optimize your email campaign by trying and testing various designs, personalization, segmentation, content strategies and timing.
Refrain from bombarding your target audiences’ inboxes with emails without their permission. Email marketing may be perceived as an old-school marketing tactic, but the fact is that it is one of the most effective techniques of moving leads through the sales funnel. Another way in which email can be utilized is as a quick way to build rapport with clientele. By putting all of these simple methods together, your business can maintain an excellent email marketing program and will be more likely to draw in customers.
In the often overflowing sea of emails in your inbox, how many do you promptly delete without even opening? In short, many businesses find that email marketing continues to be one of their most effective tools for generating sales.

Data collected by the Custora E-commerce Pulse shows the significant impact that email marketing had on sales for US retailers on Black Friday 2015.
Custora E-commerce Pulse is a free dashboard for current US e-commerce statistics and trends. While usually lagging behind online search (free and paid), on Black Friday email marketing was the primary channel, driving 25.1% of orders. Email marketing has the potential to generate higher sales volumes than any other digital marketing technique for one main reason: emails (with the exception of “spam”) are permission-based.
Orchestrate Technologies, which offers IT to companies nationwide, created the infographic below, “How to Make Email Marketing Successful.” The graphic shares excellent stats and tips that businesses can use to achieve better results from their email marketing campaigns.
This article originally appeared in DashBurst Magazine and has been republished with permission. At this point, your team has already developed a decent email marketing strategy and the machine is running effectively, so you think. Take the opportunity to personalize emails by writing them on behalf of your leaders or CEO. For example, when asking for donations, are you writing Dear John or starting with your pitch?
Consider the lost opportunities for your organization and how these can be recovered by implementing a recovery email marketing strategy. Another key consideration is mobile and the implementation of one click approach like Apple Pay functionality. It is also reflective of the average consumer’s proficiency and comfort with using email, as well the universal appeal of it. However, just because he does so, you cannot be sure that this person is actually interested in buying from you or has any genuine interest in your offerings. A marketer needs to capture that person’s inquisitiveness and allow it to foster until it transforms into full-scale interest in your products and services.
If your subject line includes a CTA, support it accordingly with the first line of your email. It is crucial that your content is useful and focused on recipients’ issues, and provides a solution to their problems. Most prospects will think twice before providing you with anything more than their email address and first name. Ensure that the steps between opening the email and carrying out the desired action involves minimum steps and maximizes lead generation. Some marketers activate auto-responders that provide additional useful information that benefits the prospect.
Email retains the highest success rate for drawing in customers when compared to social media mediums.
A lot of people today do the equivalent of window shopping online, packing things into their carts and leaving them there for another time. Pre-set automated messages that thank people for a purchase or notify them of an item similar to previous purchases.
If someone has attended a webinar or downloads a whitepaper, you can create a list from the available emails that are automatic follow-ups, designed to focus on a particular product or specific information. Champ specializes in web design and development, SEO, and brand strategy to drive traffic to your business and enhance conversions. Its data comes from over 200+ online retailers, 500 million anonymized shoppers, and $ 100B billion in US e-commerce revenue. And, if you doubt the importance of email marketing, take a look at the stat which shows the incredible Return on Investment email marketing offers.
It is always a good time to take a step into a process that seems to be working well to see if there is anything you can do to truly lift up results. They will feel more compassionate towards your cause and will serve as delivering an expertise in your field. Test to see what group responded the most and review your various newsletter styles and content. They can also be action-oriented and directive about your content, such as ‘download our newsletter’ or ‘sign-up for this webinar.’ Make it a point to test your subject lines continually to know exactly what works best for you. The perceived value should be greater than the risk of giving up their personal information.
As already mentioned, personalized and relevant communication will strike a better chord with your target audience. Once you have figured out what works best for your offerings, implement it in your other campaigns to generate higher leads.

Whether it is using an appealing subject line, a meaningful first line, relevant and attractive images, or integrated social links, make sure it leads the readers to take the desired next step. Offering value and maintaining the audience attention all through the sales funnel is definitely something that everyone should be keen about.
We customize our performance-based partnerships to optimize web presence and develop core site structure, while elevating your brand’s unique style and personality. Social media (including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest) drove only 1.7% of sales.
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If your email design is not optimised to display properly on mobile devices, you risk alienating a huge chunk of your audience.Integrate email and social mediaEmail and social media may not seem like the most natural bedfellows. A better indicator of success is reviewing those email addresses that have opened your email more than once. Hence, make sure that important content in your email is placed so that it is always visible. In order to build a systematic profile of your prospects, use behavioural and demographic information from touch points such as CRM databases, Web, social and email analytics.
But integrating them can help you get more out of each channel — more followers, more click-throughs, more engagement — and grow your presence online. Send those emails a personalized email as a test vs the group without personalization and see what results might look like. But if you want to make 2016 the year you level-up your email marketing, here are six savvy tips for small businesses.
Getting started is easy.Surprise your customers, without lifting a finger…Marketing is tough. Easier to get your head around than Spanish verb conjugation — and no Lycra necessary.Cast your eyes over 2015Sometimes you have to look back to look forward. At least that’s the case when it comes to plotting the email equivalent of world domination for 2016. Focus on keeping your email marketing campaign relevant to your audiences and you will be able to maximize your lead generation potential.
You can use email software to automatically send pre-designed emails in response to certain triggers.
The most obvious example is a thank you email that’s sent when someone makes a purchase from your website or signs up to your newsletter. But as automation software gets smarter, 2016 will be the year marketers get more imaginative with their use of email triggers.
Don’t miss the party.Review, review, reviewThe annoying thing about improvement is that it rarely just happens, even with the best will in the world. Schedule time on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis — whatever works best — to review your email marketing and check how you are progressing against your goals for the year (see step one). It’s your call.Be smarter with segmentationThe more targeted your message, the more likely it is to convert. In 2016 sending the same email to every subscriber — known as batch and blast email marketing — will become less and less effective.Look for novel ways to segment your subscribers based on what you know about them. You could gather that data through website registration questions, social media or simply tracking how your subscribers are interacting with your email newsletters and website content.
Be aware of spam filters.Danielle Bedin, Digital Marketing Executive, ReceptionalOne of the tips that I often discuss with my clients is to be aware of spam filters. People very often forget how smart anti-spam systems can be and once your brand is flagged with an anti-spam filter, your email marketing efforts can be in vain with none of your campaigns ever falling into the desired mailboxes.
Make sure to clean out your hard bounces after every newsletter when using software that does not automatically do it. Also make sure that your subject lines do not contain words that can trigger spam filters or are capitalised. Once this is decided, you will need to figure out what metrics will provide you with insight on if your campaign is successful or not.
It’s true that non-coders will need a software like mailchimp or GetResponse to be efficient.
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