What SEO website tools or resources do you recommend for eMarketing affiliate products that can be promoted on my website? A HUGE thanks to the "SBI!" software that made it possible for even an "e"dummy like me learn how to build a website that's now profitable internet business. This page reviews definitions of the most common eMarketing activities as well as some of the main supporting technologies and tools, like analytics. Pre requisites: Your company should have an online presence before engaging in any eMarketing.
Overview of Google Analytics ( click here for the 40 minute how to video) Analytics refers to analyzing data to measure the success of your program. Target market is the group of the population you are trying to reach to buy your product or service.
What is Google Places? Google Places allows business owners to load a description of their business to Google. The term became popular in the article written by Neil Borden called “The Concept of the Marketing Mix.” He started teaching the term after he learned about it with an associate.
Every product is subject to a life-cycle including a growth phase followed by a maturity phrase and finally an eventual period of decline as sales falls. When setting a price, the marketer must be aware of the customer perceived value for the product.
Advertising covers any communication that is paid for, from cinema commercials, radio and Internet advertisements through print media and billboards. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Learn the latest trends and innovations in social media marketing and online tools from a panel of global experts. Make sure you review the additional pages under this tab to get a complete overview of the most common online marketing methods. Your company presence can be a website, a blog, an e-store or other online space to which your eMarketing will lead people – your potential customers.

Businesses may choose to engage in several or all of the eMarketing activities depending on the goals of the company, product types, target market, company capacity and other decision-making criteria.
The data is collected by your website, platforms or 3rd party systems like Google Analytics. They should be distinguishable by demographic factors such as age or gender and, increasingly important, by their interests, values, needs, and beliefs. This description can include a business summary, hours of operation, basic services, pictures, videos and more. Jerome McCarthy, proposed a Four P classification in 1960, which has since been widely used by marketers throughout the world. Marketers must do careful research on how long the life cycle of the product they are marketing is likely to be and focus their attention on different challenges that arise as the product moves through each stage. Marketers can expand the current product mix by increasing a certain product line’s depth or by increase the number of product lines. The price is very important as it determines the company’s profit and hence, survival. Three basic pricing strategies are: market skimming pricing, marketing penetration pricing and neutral pricing.
Promotion comprises elements such as: advertising, public relations, personal selling and sales promotion. Public relations is where the communication is not directly paid for and includes press releases, sponsorship deals, exhibitions, conferences, seminars or trade fairs and events.
Communications can include advertising, public relations, personal selling, viral advertising, and any form of communication between the firm and the consumer. With the rise of internet and hybrid models of purchasing, Place is becoming less relevant.
These commissions fund the site in order to keep it up and running.I'd like to sincerely thank you all for your support as well as your purchases, comments, forum participation and visits. Panelists from Aalto University, Stanford University, and Valencia University of Technology will use real world examples, share their knowledge and experiences, discuss numerous 'tricks of the trade', and help you navigate your way through the various social media tools to help you meet your goals.

You can view your email analytics in 3rd party systems like Constant Contact to see how many people opened the emails and clicked on links or content. Website analytics shows you where people came from, what they did on your site, how long they were there, and more. It is critical that your company understand the motivations and behaviors of your target audience to support development of a successful campaign. Your company needs to know where your target market is online, what they will respond to and share with others, and what will motivate them to take action on in regard to marketing messages.
Intangible products are service based like the tourism industry & the hotel industry or codes-based products like cell phone load and credits. Marketers should consider how to position the product, how to exploit the brand, how to exploit the company’s resources and how to configure the product mix so that each product complements the other. Adjusting the price has a profound impact on the marketing strategy, and depending on the price elasticity of the product, often; it will affect the demand and sales as well. Word-of-mouth is any apparently informal communication about the product by ordinary individuals, satisfied customers or people specifically engaged to create word of mouth momentum. Various strategies such as intensive distribution, selective distribution, exclusive distribution, franchising can be used by the marketer to complement the other aspects of the marketing mix. The Four Cs model is more consumer-oriented and attempts to better fit the movement from mass marketing to niche marketing. By defining offerings as individual capabilities that when combined and focused to a specific industry, creates a custom solution rather than pigeon-holing a customer into a product.
Convenience takes into account the ease of buying the product, finding the product, finding information about the product, and several other factors. Typical examples of mass-produced, tangible objects are the motor car and the disposable razor.
For more information on analytics including videos, articles, best practice resources click here.

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