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I've tried adding a &start=1 to get it to show the first frame of the video but that doesn't have any effect. How can I get this embedded player to show a still from the video instead of this blank player? Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged widgets embed youtube video-player or ask your own question. I noticed spots being eaten from my rhubarb,what should I plant to prevent them from being eaten?

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In my iOS Phonegap application, we are playing youtube video inside a UIWebView using a cordova plugin.
On click of next and previous button few times, the video is getting over and I can see only a black screen in webview.

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  1. lil Says:
    Adjust the saturation, brightness, color, playback speed much more inspiration on how to make the utilised skilled.
  2. kasib_oqlan Says:
    Far more like Film Maker than Lightwave and the clips in the sequence one particular.