Hi Friends, I am a rookie Internet Marketer and Social Media student getting my feet wet in the online world. This blog is for me share with you the Social Media Marketing and Internet Marketing strategies and tools which I come across in the online world. Start-up options could be set by using Web Query; as an example, the following query sets the autoplay option and selected item index=2 (see the sample screenshot taken from the functional demo here). This demo screenshot demonstrates the technique described above using GridView control's custom Template field. The section to the left contains embedded YouTube player: section to the right is made of GridView control linked to the app backend Database with functionality extended via Javascript [3]. Other points of interest may include a video playback customization, related to the linked (not embedded) YouTube video items.

Open day talks for a subject invariably contain a short section covering careers and employability. We could have re-edited the original video to provide a standalone version with just the careers and employability section.
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In this English example, which is pretty typical of the format, the careers and employability information starts 30 minutes and 1 second into the 33 minute video. Notice two command buttons at the bottom of the sample screenshot in Figure 1; clicking on these buttons when the actual application is running will cause the playback to start at a certain predefined position (15 sec and 60 sec correspondingly).

The logical extension would be adding a playlist controls and bing it to the underlying database. The actual WebTV project also implements a scheduler that allows the items auto-progressing operational mode.

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