Attack!’s crew of outgoing brand ambassadors hit the streets of NY to help promote the well known international cosmetic company, Bobbi Brown. The Ulster Scots Agency is partnering with the audience development agency for Northern Ireland Audiences NI to provide training for Ulster Scots community and voluntary groups.
Audience Development plans are becoming an essential part of any grant process with grant organisations requesting one to be submitted at the time of application. Audience development is based on the same principles as marketing, but it is about increasing the range of audiences not just increasing the numbers of attendees.
If you want others to know about the work you are doing, and if you want people to take part in or attend your activity, then marketing and audience development will be important.
This training session will cover everything you need to know about marketing your project or event to the public, how to develop your project or event to appeal to a wider audience and how to provide an audience development plan that will satisfy the funder.
CommunityNI is developed, managed and hosted by NICVA - Northern Ireland Council for Voluntary Action. Bud Light has done it again with their second iteration of Whatever, USA, a Content Marketing Dream. Bud Light brought on Snoop Dog to help promote the event on social media, and as soon as it went to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat, the brand got just the kind of exposure they were looking for. Whatever, USA is using insights about millennials, specifically that they value experience more than material possessions and that they fear missing out on events.
If you have questions about experiential marketing or content marketing contact BeCore today!
In its ninth year, the Agency of the Year awards has been expanded, with new categories and a new submission process to reflect the changing industry landscape and the depth of talent across across the agency world.

In past years, finalists were based on a city-wide survey of marketers agency preferences, but this year the awards are open for submission and all agencies in Hong Kong are eligible to join. The judging panel will continue to be made up of senior client marketers and finalists will be evaluated across four key business areas: Performance, Work, People and Vision.
Across each of the 23 AOTY categories, a Gold, Silver and Bronze winner will be announced, in addition to a Local Hero.
Agencies that emerge with the highest number of awards will be crowned Overall Agency of the Year. WHETHER THE OBJECTIVE OF YOUR EVENT IS A CELEBRATION, FUNDRAISING OR PROMOTIONAL LAUNCH, WE HAVE A SOLUTION TO MAKE YOUR EVENT THE TALK OF THE TOWN. Broadwater needs a new community centre and this royal event was the perfect excuse to celebrate and raise funds at the same time.
Promotional spokesmodels raised awareness about the cosmetic’s newest Pretty Powerful Campaign. Millennials get a sort of social currency through posting photos of the event so it was a perfect match for the brand.
We created a fund-raising committee which included community centre stakeholders, local residents, councillors and the deputy Mayor of Worthing.
Promotional spokesmodels interacted with nightlife audiences and gave complete mobile demonstrations. Energetic spokesmodels engaged with event attendees and generated excitement around IZOD products and promotions.
Street teams successfully distributed branded Bobbi Brown handouts and postcardsA throughout high foot traffic locations .

In addition to sampling, the Brand Ambassadors greeted and drove people into the Times Square Walgreens location to experience an excitingA in-store event. Last year Bud Light announced that it was going to be turning Colorado’s Crested Butte into the fictitious Whatever, USA for one weekend in September.
The event was an outstanding success and we raised A?1500 and attracted thousands of visitors.
Event attendees were also encouraged to test out the mobile unitA  to have a first-hand experience with the new product. Almost a quarter million millennials applied to get in via thousands of summer on premise events and virtual auditions. Mosaic led the experiential aspect of Whatever, USA and Contend, Vayner Media and Weber Shandwick powered the social media war room. At the entrances winners and locals, 2,000 of Catalina’s 3800 residents were given wristbands to enter saw placards telling them that their photo scan be used for anything Bud Light Desires. Talk about the ideal situation for capturing an experience and marketing it through content marketing.

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