Though there are a numerous amount of shady jobs on Craigslist, there are still quite a few legitimate jobs on the website.  Knowing where and how to sift through the posts is one of the biggest time savers you could ever give yourself. I can honestly say that I’ve picked up a few tips along the way.  Certain tricks-of-the-trade to help me find the next job in the field I enjoy so very much. Mind you, my advice is not the end-all-be-all of any promotional job search, but it is definitely a good start for those looking for work, promotional or otherwise.
These sections are where the majority of event marketing agencies post their temporary promotional opportunities.  Whether its promoting soda at a local wholesaler, guerilla street teams for the newest wireless provider, or demoing the latest energy bar, the sections stated above are where you will find the majority of experiential marketing jobs. Mondays are days for discussing ideas, client needs, agency needs, and hiring needs.  Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday is when those ‘needs’ are set out into the job arena.  Friday, well, nobody ever really does any real work on Friday, do they? Special Note:  If your only time to look at last week’s job postings is on the weekend, then send in your resume to those jobs on Sunday night.
These words, in any combination, will bring up postings related to the event marketing and brand ambassador world.

If you want to go on a promotional tour, search all the major cities (Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas…) on Craigslist.  There are promotional tours posted in those cities, many of which will fly you to their state and put you on tour if they find that your qualifications meet their job needs. If you only have three years, or even three months, of event marketing experience, send in your resume to the job recruiter who is looking for ‘experienced’ help.  I have secured many jobs through sheer default when the other ‘reliable’ workers bailed on the event a day before it was to start.
Relevant skills, experience and proof that you are suited to the role could secure you an event organising job. To raise as much money as possible, today our staff will be taking part in a 12-hour runathon.
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We have a treadmill in the office that has been on since 6am and will not stop until 6pm this evening - a member of staff has to be on it at all times!
Friday Media Group Foundation is thrilled to have 21 runners participating in the Brighton Marathon and 10k races on April 17th, representing Friday-Ad!
We're raising money for St Peter & St James Hospice and you can help us by donating to such a fantastic cause!

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