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You may want to type up a list of home-staging items for your sellers to address.  You can use this 4-step process as an outline to work with sellers, get more offers, and sell your listings faster.
It’s a dedicated voice-mail system created exclusively for people to easily and conveniently send you referrals.  It’s cheap to set-up and folks can easily send you referrals anytime they so desire. Well, a past client, friend, family member or acquaintance may think of someone needing your services, and then forget about it if they have to wait for a convenient time to call or email.
With an “always-on” hotline system, they can call immediately 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. And here’s the most important point: The sheer fact that you’re promoting your “24-hour Dedicated Referral Hotline” subtly reminds people that you work by referral in a way they’ll remember. Plus it’s so unique from what other agents do, it will set you apart in a very positive way. You should already have a hotline to capture new leads that come in from your promotions, but if you don’t have one, you can find one online (try this company). Help a friend save time and money when buying or selling a home…Call my Dedicated Referral Hotline 24 hours at 999-9999, ext 1234. Introduce a friend or family member to my Free Report, “Sell Your Home For All It’s Worth, NOW!” simply by calling my 24 hour Referral Hotline at 888-8888, ext 2222.  I’ll rush their report out to them.
Bottom line: Every agent should have a referral hotline – if for no other reason than the process of promoting it makes you unique and puts you top-of-mind for referrals.
Plus, I frequently tell agents that the more “marketing systems” you have working in your business, the more clients you’ll generate, and the greater your production. Smart agents realize that, by having a client or a listing, they now have an asset to help generate more business for them in the form of buyer and seller attraction (magnet), referrals, word of mouth and repeat business. The first value is the single transaction value – the commission you make from completing one transaction. And who do you think they’ll refer for real estate services when their friends, family, co-workers or acquaintances need a competent agent? Build the backend of your business with these house list strategies, and you could triple the value of each and every client you get. It sounds trite, but when you send birthday cards, anniversary cards, home purchase anniversary cards, you make a BIG impact on the relationship. Start capturing birthday, anniversary, and home purchase anniversary information on your database and recognize these events.
Every contact has an offer for his clients, and subtly programs them to think of him for referrals, word of mouth and repeat business. One agent old me that, after hosting a comedy club party (for which other services she uses paid the cost), she generated over $60,000 worth of GCI business either directly from attendees or by referral. Do you have an email list of clients, friends and acquaintances with whom you make contact on a regular basis? Well-executed market research and the development of a marketing plan can be vital to the success of a small business.
Industry Trends – If your industry is experiencing widespread growth or decline, it might affect your marketing efforts, so you need to be aware of that and take note of it.
Goal(s) – Choose specific and measurable goals that you hope to attain with your marketing efforts, and note them on your one page marketing plan.
Yearly Marketing Budget – You need to estimate your yearly marketing budget, which will serve as a guideline when choosing your marketing tactics. Use this one page marketing plan template and guide to help you build a quick and basic marketing plan for your small and online business needs. Thanks, I’m writing a marketing plan for a company doing their webhosting in a climate neutral way. I am in charge of the sales and marketing of our services for our long term care division and would very much like to use your one page marketing tool for myself and the regional manager who works in a different area of Illinois.
Being the head of sales & marketing in a Dairy company in Asian region your one page plan provided an insight knowledge to make the starting point. Great guide…I am preparing business plan for dairy industry in Nepal, this concise template helped a lot.
Sharing great content with your network is an important part of establishing yourself as an authority in your field. Your Strategic Marketing Plan is an integral part of your overall business plan, and we can help you pull all of the elements together.
Based upon years of working with technology companies who were at various stages of strategic planning, Aistrup Consulting developed our own flexible process to help customers define and develop compelling, actionable marketing plans. We don’t need to re-invent the wheel every time we take on a project—if all you need is a “tune up” on your old plan, we’ll start from there.
We write your plans to meet the specific needs of your audience, whether it’s investors, lenders, Board members or your own management. Take the first step toward making that commitment, and call us today to help you develop an actionable Marketing Plan. Conducted a product line optimization to identify low margin products and refocus business development on high profit segments. Developed and wrote funding documentation for clients seeking financing and government grants, resulting in over $20 million of SBIR funding and successful private and public financing rounds. Trained Marketing and Sales of a Fortune 50 technology firm in Best Practices including strategy and value proposition development, market analyses, competitive intelligence, product life cycle modeling, pricing strategies and product launches.

Clarified the value proposition for a disposable medical device, established a new brand identity and ultimately positioned the product as the new industry standard within two years. Conceived and led strategy development for more than 20 early stage technology companies, resulting in first commercial sales, industry awards such as “Startup of the Year” and funding from SBIR, private and public sources.
Strengthened product pricing strategies for management of a renewable energy technology firm, validated with in-depth analysis of competitor financials, distribution, production capabilities, new products and SWOT analyses. Established an aggressive IP licensing program for a biotech company resulting in the company’s first multi-million dollar license agreement with a Fortune 100 medical device company. Licensing and royalty revenues increased from zero to over $50M in 5 years, propelling the company to #20 on Fortune Small Business Fastest Growing 200 List.
Managed and negotiated Intellectual Property licenses and agreements with global technology developers in the Printed Electronics industry resulting in two publicly announced agreements. Qualified prospective licensing targets for medical diagnostic technologies, initiated discussions and negotiated terms leading to 3 executed agreements. I'm a full-stack developer using open-source software standards such as HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery, jQuery Mobile and Bootstrap. I recently developed a NodeJS application that enhances a leading customer support system called TeamSupport. To provide maximum compatibility with mobile phones, the application uses jQuery Mobile on the client-side. FountCouver is an a meteor application that I developed based on an initial prototype that I built with Jenny Lian at a Meteor hack-a-thon.
The main challenge was that the data was only available by FTP and I was surprised to discover that there was no FTP client-emulation package available yet within the Meteor eco-system. Afterwards, I continued with the project on my own and wrapped the NodeJS FTP-client package called jsFTP into the Meteor server code. At numerous companies including ADC Mobile Systems, Cardinal Health, and Moneris Solutions, I managed multi-million dollar business areas. The solutions provided by my team of 24 employees involved design, integration, and support of RF, datacom, telecom, digital hardware, and software. Identified, defined, and planned features based on analysis of market feedback, competitive landscape, technology possibilities, beta user surveys, international market focus groups, and creative brainstorming. Product Managing GN Netcom's wireless (Bluetooth) consumer headset which was sold in over 20,000 retail locations worldwide. Selling mobile phone consumer profiling solutions to major wireless providers such as Sprint, AirTouch, and BellSouth Cellular. One presentation on broadband multimedia applications at a Bell Canada Seminar attended by hundreds of executives from Canada's major corporations was ranked the top presentation by the audience. At various companies I held a number of sales roles including direct sales, indirect sales, and sales management. One of my biggest accomplishments was during my first job in sales where I increased annual sales by 900% for a DS1 telecom network solution that profiled voice and data usage of mobile phone users. I spent a considerable amount of my early career doing engineering and later moved into management. My team would add wireless internet to base stations and mobile switching centersby adding and configuring the system components shown above (shaded).
The following overview shows the components (shaded) of an RF protection system which I designed to protect TV transmitters from self-destructing. Honours Bachelor of Applied Science in Electronics Engineering which included an additional curriculum of business management courses. Completed the Engineering Internship program which required several terms of work experience for high technology companies. President and founder of association for alumni of all Canadian Universities in San Diego called And you’ll be amazed – people WILL call it.  The more places you use your benefit-rich message, the more referrals you will get. Employ the strategies for maximizing Lifetime Value, and that $5,000 could turn into $20,000. If you have a true back-end system to deepen your relationship, continue bringing value month-in and month-out, and position yourself as a true professional, who do you think will get your client’s business when it’s time to buy or sell? I’ve got several agents who send something to their house list for a holiday every month. One of the most effective ways to increase sales is to build an email list and have a regular, value-oriented contact program. In addition to blogging about small business issues she also frequently writes about freelance writing, indie publishing, and blogging, as well as social media and marketing.
Yet writing a marketing plan is a commonly ignored part of business planning, especially in the digital age when an entrepreneur can start an online business with minimal effort. One page marketing plans give business owners a marketing to-do list, in addition to a general snapshot of their marketing situation. A one page marketing plan can later work as a springboard into a more comprehensive marketing plan, almost like a marketing plan outline. For example, if your goal is to increase listeners of your podcast by 10,000 in a year, an example strategy might be to invite well-known people in your industry to be guests on the show.
This one page marketing plan template lets you break them down monthly in order to ensure that your marketing efforts are continual, instead of using up the marketing budget on one or two tactics early on. By in the first place having their servers running on green energy and in the second place having a genius way of cooling the server room in a way which uses only 65% of energy compared to traditional cooling.

Definitely the help I was looking for after freelance writing and web authoring for a bit now! In addition to operating several Web properties, the company focuses on print and e-book publishing as well as professional blogging and business writing services for clients. Our program isn’t “canned”—instead, we customize how we work with you based on your unique needs and budget. It provides a brief summary of over fifteen years of my experience in technology and business development. We hand-craft each movie using the perfect blend of information, entertainment, and persuasion in order to match specific target markets. I develop in MeteorJS due to its relatively rapid development cycle and NodeJS due to its excellent server performance.
My application provides customer service agents with key workflows that they can while they are away from their desktop computers. Consequently, we couldn't get very far during the short hack-a-thon and were only able to load test data from a static file. One of my favourite roles was as Director at ADC where I held P&L responsibility for a business unit that provided systems and services for mobile phone infrastructure. I did the physical engineering and production-engineering of the radio enclosure shown below. Conditions that could cause these failures include ice or wind damage to the antenna or mast. Multiply that by the number of transactions you’ll do this year, and it adds up to some pretty big money.
First and foremost, if your site isn’t designed to motivate visitors to volunteer their contact information, all other efforts will be in vain. Put it on your letterhead, advertising, listing signs, listing info tube flyers,stationery, listing sign-in area and around your open houses, business cards, home and personal brochures, your car sign (if you use one), the return address of every email and on everything you pass out to clients (coffee mugs, key chains, free reports, etc.). No one acts without a self-serving reason, and no one will visit your site without a meaningful reason for doing so. Benefit-rich URLs do 2 things: 1) they imply a reason why someone may want to visit, and 2) they are generally easier to remember.
Every email you send should have signature language that drives people to your site (or, better yet, a link to your site). One of the most powerful ways to generate traffic to your site, and create a strong client surge, is to create promotions through suppliers and compatible businesses. Anytime the news reports a trend or event in real estate, you have an opportunity to generate huge publicity and traffic to your site.
Before becoming a full-time writer and publisher, Jenn ran a PR firm where she specialized in online PR and social media marketing. My goal for your visit is not just to show you projects that I have completed, but also to convey an understanding of how I face new challenges and achieve goals. The major design criterion was to turn off the amplifier's input when VSWR conditions threatened output transistor stages.
This includes focusing on your page title, meta tags, key words in your header language, 1st paragraph key words, and putting raw informational content on your site. List out all the reasons why someone should visit your site, then craft a simple, short paragraph for your email signature.
Simply tie a selection of resources at your site (such as consumer reports) as news to your press release, or write a brief article tied to the current news trend, and include your web site URL.
And if the audience they target is the same as yours, you now have an opportunity to create targeted banner and text ads in those publications.
By offering them access to something of value in their eyes… something that appeals to their self-interests. Your site(s) and any content you create on them should be regularly submitted to the major search engines and key directories. Then it would be a snap to create simple 250 or 500 word articles about buying or selling and submit them to local publications: community magazines, newspapers and news outlets. Simply create a short banner or text ad (with a valuable offer), then have a link that terminates to your site. I produced their website highlighting gourmet preparations of their foods with recipes that I tested across major Canadian ethnicities.
Some agents can handle this task themselves, while others hire specialized SEO companies to do the work for them.
Received proclamations from both San Diego City Mayor and San Diego County Board of Supervisors. Or better yet, offer access to special consumer reports revealing helpful tips on buying, selling and financing. The site is dedicated to giving specific information about the listing, but also offers special reports and MLS access once a visitor registers and provides contact info.

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