One of the greatest pleasures about running Play with Learning is the flexibility it gives me to do things that I believe are genuinely worthwhile; ¬†one of those things is teaching. This week, I revisited a very simple tool to capture a business’s¬†headline¬†characteristics. Although the task of developing a viable business plan for a potential company is something that only a few of the group are considering right now, the activity is analogous to marketing the students themselves. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. The management team is made up of four people with excellentqualifications and extensive experience.
Given the rapidly growing number of WWW users, manycompanies are looking for ways to exploit the advantages that this newdistribution channel has to offer. Its use is nolonger restricted to government and academic circles, and it has become a toolwith potential benefits for millions of consumers.

Using it insufficient numbers, they will create an incentive for businesses to pay a fee inorder to be present in CityScape. It is both an interactive WWWdirectory and a commercial platform for small to medium-sized businesses. CityScape specializes in marketingand sales to consumers and local businesses and the integration of existingInternet technologies (search engines, transaction, processing etc.). Electronic shopping sales are alreadyat DM 10 billion per year, and electronic retail trading is expected to reach DM100 billion by 2000. Internetaccess and the maintenance of the computer infrastructure will be outsourced tolocal Internet providers. This service extends from the posting of a contact address to complete interactive catalogs with integrated commercial transaction processing functions.One innovative aspect of CityScape (compared with existing Internet products) isits convenient on-line consolidation of everyday information that usually needsto be gathered from various sources such as newspapers, telephone books, andthe radio or TV. Another innovative aspect is the way CS enables small andmedium-sized businesses, which commonly lack the funds and the know-how todesign and support a website, to be commercially present on the WWW and usethe Internet to promote their businesses.The marketInitial statistical analyses indicate a potential market for CS in Northern Bavaria ofmore than 5 million small and medium-sized companies.

CityScape is looking forinvestors who know the sector well, and who can actively support the team inbuilding the business. In the first financing round, CityScape offers investors a60% stake in the business for DM 1.5 million. Based on our valuation of thebusiness in year 5, the IRR for first-round investors would be 68%.

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