At Brick House Partners, we focus on bringing you the talent you need for even the most hard-to-fill marketing and advertising executive positions. Though your leadership requirements may continue to evolve, Brick House Partners knows that talented leaders will always be instrumental to your business success. Are you ready to fill your leadership positions with quality candidates? Contact us to learn more about our solutions!
The Recruiting Best Practices ScorecardDownload the scorecard to identify areas of improvement in your own recruiting efforts.
When it comes to marketing, knowing how to speak with your audience is essential to success.
Internet contests and sweepstakes are a great way to capture personal information or opinions from a market. Many popular social media management tools, such as HootSuite, offer point and click report creation and information collation to make the process even simpler. Whether you are a local small business or exist solely online, social media offers instant access to millions of potential customers or clients. One of the biggest disadvantages to traditional forms of market research is the time required to conduct thorough research.
Social media is one of the most powerful assets any business can use to optimize their marketing research routines. Willie Pena is a freelance writer, video producer, visual artist, and music producer who writes on social media and traditional and nontraditional forms of market research. I was looking to grow my business through social media, I accidentally hit your blog and found it useful for me….
Hi there, my name is Cara Pring, welcome to The Social Skinny, a website dedicated to social media and website optimization strategy. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Triggers: 30 Sales Tools you can use to Control the Mind of your Prospect to Motivate, Influence and Persuade. For my money, the Doan's guy is right up there with the guy who claimed that Winston tastes good.

Our knowledgable and friendly consultants use their years of industry experience and wealth of business contacts to fill positions for even the most demanding industries.
With our concentrated areas of expertise, we’re able to fill many executive positions in the marketing and advertising industry.
We understand that the most valuable talent in the marketing and advertising industry is looking for more than just a job, they’re looking for the perfect fit. Take our brief evaluation to learn more about how you can increase the effectiveness of your recruiting efforts. Not only has it become a common form of communication and advertising for many businesses, it is predicted to be as common as email for customer support and other interactions in the coming years. Social media provides instant access to the thoughts and phrasing that your customer base uses.
With the viral nature of social media, it is easier than ever to increase exposure for your contest or giveaway. This means that virtually any interaction on social media has the potential to result in useful information for your business. If you are not analyzing your social media effort and impacts, you are neglecting a massive source of information for your marketing programs.
Speaking directly with your target audience can provide candid information, honest answers and greater insight into thoughts, behaviors, preferences and other important aspects. Posts are typically public or easily accessed by following or subscribing to a specific feed or service. From quick polls to in-depth conversations, the access social media offers any business to their market is hard to beat.
Our variety of tools and proprietary techniques allow us to conduct thorough assessments of potential job seekers records, knowledge and abilities to find the candidate that is most relevant to the position and your companies culture.
We investing the time at our expense to immerse ourselves your companies specific culture and environment, learning the intangibles that are critical to matching companies and candidates for the long-term.
However, many businesses still fail to use social media for one of its most powerful uses—marketing research. This means that with a little effort you can vastly improve the quantity of information that you obtain with any given promotion. From the best times to contact customers to split testing and brand monitoring, social media offers powerful tools to augment and support your marketing research efforts.

When conducted properly, your market research also doubles as brand building and advertising. By building lists of common tags on social media networks, you can quickly analyze the popularity of key terms, brands or trends to integrate them into your marketing efforts. This makes it easy to check out your competition or keep up with major industry influencers. Outside the geeky expert stuff I'm a crazy cat lady from Sydney - and no, that is not me in the header (everyone asks). This highly evolved, custom recruiting process allows us to deliver the best candidates to our clients with lasting results. In addition to our recruiting services, we also offer a custom recruiting best practices scorecard that can help leaders as they make critical decisions during periods of change. These tips and tricks offer effective ways to harvest marketing information from social media. From improving your marketing copy or mission statement to improving engagement and interaction, aligning your business’ voice with your market holds big benefits. Sharing your contests with potential social media influencers in your market is a great way to start. In most cases, these lists are also automatically filled with potential customers or clients. By integrating their successful methods with your efforts, you can stay ahead of the competition and position yourself as an authority in your market. Social media makes it possible to obtain useful information, through polls, surveys and interaction, in a matter of hours or days. When it comes to marketing innovation, this is a popular way to find new angles or methods to implement and with which to experiment.
This allows your business to change marketing techniques quickly in response to changes in business trends.

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