However, one essential way to maximize the use of Flickr is to create a slideshow and share it on YouTube.
Hoy les traigo una alternativa mas aunque ya se que no dejo muchas, pero intentare dejar programas alternativos mas seguido. Ezvid es un editor de videos gratuito, que permite editar videos en HD y que ademas de eso permite subir los videos directamente a youtube al acabar de trabajar con ellos. Por ahora solamente compatible con windows, 7, windows vista y windows XP, esperemos que hayan mas versiones para otros sistemas operativos.
Ah bueno, en este caso no es opensource, pero por ahora es freeware, asi que espero les sirva y disculpen que ponga algo que no es de codigo abierto como bien dice el titulo de nuestro blog, pero si a alguien le sirve ya estare contento. La verdad es pesimo, es tan malo que no deja ni agregar un desgraciado .m4a y ni siquiera un .mp3 al audio del video!
Muchisimas gracias, esto no es una alternativa, solo estoy solucionando un mensaje que me marco un problema con directX pero por todo lo demas estoy soprendido, sobre todo porque yo solo buscaba (alternativa movi maker) y este programa zvid me dejo sorpendido con el grabador de escritorio. Not only can you draw on your screen with Ezvid, but you can also select from an array of stamps.
And if you’re a gamer, and you are acquainted with screen capture software like Bandicam, this can be most obnoxious.
Luckily, there is a freeware available that gives you the option to add or remove watermarks.

With Ezvid, you are given the liberty to add your own watermark, or upload your video without one. You should see “Everyone’s Uploads” interface and it will show you the available photos you searched for. Choose only pictures that are allowed for you to download as some authors disabled downloading their photos so watch out for those restrictions.
To add a background music – just click the drop-down arrow in the Ezvid music library and it will show you everything. If you want to do some more voice-over, then just press the “record voice” icon and it will start recording your audio. Preview your video and once satisfied, fill in the title of your video, description and put relevant keywords so your video can be seen easily on YouTube’s search engine. En este caso les traigo ezvid que viene siendo una alternativa al editor de videos de windows que es el movie maker.
Of course, you can purchase the software for $37 and $39, respectively, and your videos will be sans watermark.
So in this article, I will show you how you can make amazing picture slideshows using pictures from Flickr.
Click “add picture or video” icon and then find the folder where you saved your photos. Drag all of them into Ezvid’s timeline.

Not unless you feel like thumbing through endless program folders searching for some form of a .PNG file.
And for those of you thinking you can live with a Fraps watermark, because – hey, it’s free! For gamers and average users alike, Ezvid makes all aspects of screen capture and video editing a breeze. It will surely amaze you and I know its’ going to be that easy as we will be using a user-friendly tool as well that will do the rest for you. Login to your YouTube account and wait for like few minutes to successfully upload it on YouTube.
Ezvid conveniently records your screen in HD and in real-time – no more fearing video lag!
To edit, you can rearrange the media in the timeline by clicking and dragging, split and duplicate media, control the speed of movie clips, add text slides, speech synthesis, and add background music to fit your video from a huge list of songs. Perfect free and easy alternative to:* Windows Movie Maker* Animoto, Corel, Videopad, Cyberlink, Adobe, Pinnacle, Sony Vegas, and more You can make a great looking slideshow in less than one minute!

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