And mostly, all landing page templates persuade the user to do something… this persuasion maybe for buying something, watching a video, liking a page on Facebook or anything like that.
This landing page HTML template is designed to focus on the product you’re selling or giving away. A simple clean responsive landing page template, built using Bootstrap and uses only free Google fonts.
These are four beautifully designed landing page templates and their main focus is to run a video. This is another fine choice for templates but only if you need a Bootstrap powered template. Fine Dining is a Landing page that capture the feel of a delicious restaurant, hotel, coffee shop or any other your prestigious business. Landiin is a minimal single page HTML5 theme specially designed for smart phone app landing pages. 2 pages included: landing page with slider, landing page with video, landing page with slider, quote section below slider. 7 Template powered by Twitter Bootstrap files included: 5 Predefined Skins, 10 Handpicked fonts, HTML5 Valid, 300+ Font Awesome Icons, jQuery Powered FAQ Section and Contact Form with Result Page, Testimonials Scroller.
Sytic focus on One-Page Responsive Multipurpose Template that can use all kind of Business sites.
Cuvapag is a responsive HTML5 website template built for featuring software products and applications. A simple and clean product landing page, including a “selling” image-rich header along with logo, key messaging and call to action button. Responsive – Twitter Bootstrap, prettyPhoto, Working subscribe, W3C valid and PSD file included.
This is a landing page template exclusively made for getting Facebook likes and social media followers. This freebie also provides you a Facebook page mockup to test your brand page before make it visible to everyone.
Calculating how much money they make from their Facebook Pages is difficult for businesses of all sizes. Traditionally, landing pages are website opt-in pages that are used to capture visitor information and improve lead generation results.
Note: Before we get into how to create a landing page within Facebook, one thing to keep in mind is that there is no way to a€?defaulta€? your users to a landing page.
If you tuned into Amya€™s most recent webinar on email-list building, youa€™ll remember she mentioned that keeping your fans inside of facebook when asking for their names and email addresses may help your conversions. According to the Hubspot article a€?How to Leverage Social Media to Grow Your Email List,a€? only 10 percent of brands currently use an email opt-in form on their Facebook Page. There are so many statistics on lead generation and social media that ita€™s sometimes difficult to weed through them to find the numbers that are most important.

Companies with 30 or more landing pages generate 7x more leads than those with fewer than 10. Although currently therea€™s little information available about whether landing pages created within Facebook are more effective than landing pages for websites, we do know recent studies prove that people more freely reveal personal information about themselves when on Facebook. To create a landing page within Facebook, a popular option that saves a lot of time and stress is to use a third-party application design tool. To design your own landing page within Facebook you need coding skills,Facebook platform- compliant servers to store data like email addresses that your landing page will collect and, most of all, time. Another reason many people decide to use a third-party app company to design their Facebook landing pages is because ita€™s more cost effective.
In Amya€™s latest webinar, the three third-party app design companies she recommended were ShortStack (thata€™s us!), Heyo and Custom Fan Page Designs.
Once youa€™ve chosen a third-party app design tool to use, the next step is to design the landing page, aka app. Other optional, but helpful, landing pages design components include: testimonials, a video, a slideshow (great if you have an eBook and you want to feature a few pages) and out-linking social media icons. The rule of thumb when designing any kind of landing page, whether for Facebook or your website, is to keep it simple, professional looking and easy to digest and navigate for the user. Whether youa€™re small or large, service-based or product-based, landing pages are valuable for all types of businesses.
Landing page plays an important role and this post is clearly helping in understanding the importance. The combination of strategic targeting and visually stimulating ads usually works best in terms of succeeding over Facebook marketing.
When an individual is not able to read something quickly, they may not be as inclined to work on reading a blog that they may otherwise be interested in reading.
Amy is a social media strategist and co-author of Facebook Marketing All-In-One for Dummies. With the included PSD book cover creator and the simple, clean code of this theme you will be able to setup your page within minutes.
It is designed with Newsletter Integration, working Contact Form, One Page Navigation, Font Awesome Icon Font, Google Map and Lightbox images.
It is also an easy to update HTML and the glossy effects on the images automatically apply. This psd is a start for a personalized coming soon page before your blog or portfolio launches. A branded splash page provides full control over the message and helps boost conversion of fans. Value can be defined in a number of different ways, but this post focuses on conversions and the bottom line: money.
By creating a landing page that lives as an app (previously referred to as a€?taba€?) within your businessa€™s Facebook Page, your branda€™s Page is transformed into a monetizable online hub, collecting valuable information that also helps you stay connected with fans even outside of Facebook.

In todaya€™s post, Ia€™m going to address why these myths persist, include information about the benefits of creating landing pages, and outline the design components that make landing pages most effective. Those businesses have a leg up on their competition because theya€™re making it easier for their Facebook fans to become email subscribers.
In one study by Amanda Nosko for the Department of Psychology at Wilfrid Laurier University, she found that 53 percent of users disclose their email addresses on Facebook.
Yes, it is possible to design a landing page within Facebook without enlisting a third-party app company, but there are a few drawbacks. The simpler option: use a third-party app design tool where all the heavy lifting is done for you. There are some app design tool companies that provide a free plan so ita€™s possible that it wona€™t cost you anything to design and host a Facebook landing page.
Something that says a€?We promise we wona€™t spam youa€? makes users more willing to share their information.
The body of your landing page should include an easy-to-read list of what your business is offering in response to an email opt-in. Whatever image(s) you choose to use on your Facebook landing page make sure ita€™s relevant and high quality. Her landing page design is clean, presents an enticing offerings list, and even includes a drop-down menu so that she can easily gather detailed user information. When used within the Facebook ecosystem, landing pages complement social media and email marketing efforts, as well as improve the value of a branda€™s Facebook Page.
About Jim BelosicJim Belosic is the CEO of ShortStack, a self-service web app design tool that allows users to create custom Facebook apps for Facebook and external websites. Facebook is great way to reach target audience with FB since there are millions of people using it every day. Now anyone who visits a Facebook Page can only view an app (or a landing page) from a provided link on the Timeline.
And as most marketers know, having a strong email list is a foot in the door to better lead generation and increased sales. Its interface provides small businesses, individuals, graphic designers, agencies, and corporations with the tools needed to build mini-websites within their Facebook pages that help drive user interaction and increase fan page likes. Just want to share with you this case study on how 2 guys launched a million dollar campaign on Facebook in 7 months by targeting the right audience.

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