February 8, 2014 by Hoang Tran 1 Comment Nowadays, it is common for small businesses to have a Facebook page as well as a web business site. The emergence of social media networking sites transformed the business arena for all businesses; especially small business owners. A small business must manipulate the best of social media sites such as Facebook to boost its market presence and bottom lines. One of the best forms of Facebook manipulations is to generate a high number of ‘likes’ on the web business page. It is crucial to create a custom welcome page that represents the small business professionally.
A well designed web business site is commonly ‘like’ and shared with others which is an excellent form of free promotion for the business while establishing the brand name in the marketplace. The innovative small business owners need to think out of the box to gain an unfair advantage over their competitors by including components that their competitors do not have to make their web page stand out in the crowd. Video inclusions are simple creations which can also be used on self introduction with regards to the business, headshots of staff and owners who are serving the consumers as well as clear demos of business products and services to convince viewers of the dynamism of the business offerings. Modern consumers enjoy business websites that have pictures or photos of the staff, especially customer services to link a face to a name and services rendered. A small business website can garner more ‘likes’ than its competitors with a high dose of proactive services compared to a lackadaisical attitude by business owners.
Proactive services to every visitor to the web business site make the visitor feel important to generate a positive response such as a ‘like’ on the webpage. Quality blogs can be posted regularly and directly to the web business’s Facebook to entertain web visitors. Web visitors would more like to click the ‘Like’ button on the web business page if there is an obvious ‘Like’ gate staring in their face. A direct request to ‘like’ the page is very effective when the request is posted professionally. As time goes, many bloggers who have realized that a Facebook page is a necessity in spreading their great ideas and market their brand to a global audience. For that reason, many bloggers are starting to embrace Facebook as part of their business marketing.
It’s suitable to build a good impression in selling their products and services online as well. A blogger who wants to be serious about using social media to market their blog should think of their Facebook page as an “extension of their blog“. However, in general I can predict the final outcome to be achieved by bloggers who use Facebook presence are to increase Facebook page likes and gained a lot of new email subscribers. Implementing strategies to achieve goals can be done by posting the latest posts from your blog and try to post other types of updates as well.
Monitoring is not about the hardware devices such as surveillance cameras or complex metrics.
To get accurate results, you can combine several statistics at the same time, such as by using AllFacebookStats and Facebook Insights. The previous step allows you to give an evaluation of the progress you have achieved as well as a reference to change your strategy.
All the feedback has the purpose to make you better than ever and to make sure you achieve your great success.
About Latest Posts Follow MeNanda RahmaniusI'm a Blogger, Internet Marketer and Online Entrepreneur who Work at Home Online. Yes indeed, creating Facebook fan page is easier said than done, but what matters after that is maintaining one and making it grow, isn’t it? Honestly speaking, just like my blog, I’ve never tried marketing it in the real sense, though I am glad for the number of followers (about 3300 I think)that have joined in and are a part of it. Well as we all know, Faxebook doesn’t convert like it used to be because the owner of Facebook reduced our number of reach. Creation of Facebook page is easier but we can not get likes for Facebook fan page easily its tough job.
Facebook marketing though is a good way to get traffic to your blog but that will only help a business if they are into ecommerce or something like that.
Aditya Antil recommend you to read >> E-mail Marketing – Why most People Treat it as Spam ?
Indeed, building good relationships with influential bloggers is the fastest way to be widely known.
All these 5 facebook strategies that you have listed above seems very helpful and useful for us . Here you have shared a great and informative article, Yep if we create a Facebook fan page then we get lot of likes and also helpful in business terms, like marketing,advertising etc…. Hvem ejer bloggen?Navnet er Kenneth Olesen og jeg elsker at snakke med mennesker, sa lad os komme i sving. Como comentaba en el Workshop sobre Facebook de la semana pasada, tener una pagina de Facebook puede ser una buenisima herramienta para conectar con tus potenciales clientes, escuchar sus opiniones y aportarles valor de modo que tu imagen de marca se fortalezca.
Por experiencia he visto que la mayoria de la empresas que estan en Facebook se obsesionan con el numero de fans de su pagina en vez de concentrarse en que esos fans realmente generen actividad, que es una de las cosas que mas les ayudara a conseguir mas fans. Despues de bastantes experimentos en mi propia pagina de Facebook he identificado algunas “Mejores Practicas” en cuanto a la publicacion que ayudan mucho a generar actividad entre los fans.
Cuando compartes un enlace en tu muro de Facebook asegurate que siempre vaya acompanado de una imagen. Despues de varias pruebas, he comprobado que el tipo de post que mas interaccion genera, muy por encima de los demas, son las imagenes.

En los ultimos meses Facebook ha sido la red social a la que mas tiempo he dedicado, publicando mucho mas contenido de forma mucho mas consistente.
Pedir opinion a tus fans es otra de las mejores maneras de generar actividad en tu pagina de Facebook. Would you invest your time in marketing yourself or your brokerage on a free platform that has 750 MILLION people? Here are a few tips to make sure you are remaining professional and relevant in terms of your business Facebook profile (whether it’s a standard profile or a fanpage).
Stay relevant by posting valuable info about your real estate niche, the area you work in and what different ideas you bring to the table.
The welcome tab and any other apps you had on your old page get moved to the view right below the cover photo.
The new admin panel promises to be a much easier way to administer your brand’s page. Overall, there are some very exciting, nerve-wracking, and frustrating things about the changes Facebook announced for Brands. How does the story of Cinderella teach us how to market our business in a stylish and smart way? These are essential business components in today’s modern business environment to stay ahead of the competition. As more and more consumers climbed onto the social media platform to stay connected, small and big businesses are also capitalizing on the benefits of social media avenues. The full potential of social media networking features must be capitalized effectively to bring about the desired business outcomes.
This would draw the attention of popular search engines to generate a high ranking to the web page which augurs well for the web business. This page may be simple but crucial in introducing the small business with its plethora of products, services and brand to visitors. There can also be some inclusions of promotional components that encourage visitors to ‘like’ the web page as they navigate through the site. Hence, the web business site that incorporates interesting videos and colorful photos that are relevant to the topic of discussion would stand to enjoy more likes from visitors. Well executed videos are great advertising tools that allow an effective dissemination of product or service information that would compel viewers to make a purchase immediately or establish the brand power in the market as more visitors view the video. When good services are rendered such as fair recommendations and tips or caution on the suggested products, consumers are more likely to ‘like’ the webpage for the professional services experienced.
It is important to make every web visitor feel like a VIP when visiting the web business site regardless of status and purchase capacity. There is a status update feature that can be manipulated to garner relevant information on potential leads with open options for visitors and fans to participate in any update activity. Sponsored web events or quick updates on relevant market happenings via Facebook event features are proactive services by a small business to garner more ‘likes’ on its web page. Clicking the ‘Like’ button opens to another space of more interesting contents that would captivate readers.
It is necessary for a small business to track its page activities professionally with quick responses to customers’ mail while cleaning up the mail list to keep the website always professional in appearance and contents.
If you are new here, you might want to subscribe to the RSS feed for updates on this topic. I tried to give you some steps in implementing Facebook marketing strategies with the aim to make you stop applying the chaotic and random strategies. If you already have clear goal, then your business plan and your road to success will be properly directed. This update is usually suitable for bloggers on the topic of photography or art that requires a visual exposure.
Shoot emails to the people to tell them that you have a Facebook page and ask them to connect with you. I guess they like what I share to they join, which is the best way, rather than trying ways to grab followers by other means. As per promoting blog is concerned, posting good content and engaging on other blogs will boost your traffic as well and in a better way. I know it is catered to Facebook but these tips are so effective they could be effective on any social platform.
Yes, facebook is one of the popular social networking site where you can get your targeted audience for sure and it helps you in doing marketing very well. Esta comprobado que un enlace con imagen adjunta genera entre un 100% y un 180% de mayor interaccion que un link sin imagen. Esto se puede comprobar de forma sencilla viendo las estadisticas de la pagina, y con ejemplos como la imagen del “Proceso Mental antes de Publicar en Redes Sociales” que en apenas una hora tuvo mas de 100 likes, 35 comentarios y se compartio 62 veces. Esto se ha traducido en un incremento muy sustancial en el numero de Fans, en la propia interaccion de estos fans y ha convertido a Facebook en la web de referencia que mas trafico esta llevando a mi blog. Lo mejor de todo es que puedes utilizar estas preguntas con un doble resultado beneficioso, el primero es que se genera interaccion entre los usuarios, y la segunda es que es una manera muy buena de obtener feedback de tus potenciales clientes.
Your clients and potential clients don’t need to hear how great happy hour was with your favorite co-lister or the cute thing your dog just did (although I’m sure the bar was awesome and honestly, your pug is the cutest). News had been traveling that Timeline for Pages was coming, and it was expected to be announced at the Facebook Marketing Conference (fMC) held in New York on February 29. You can now create thumbnails for any of your apps and display up to 12 apps using the dropdown (see image – click to enlarge).
Two of the most nifty features of Timeline for Pages are the highlighted story and the fact that you can pin any one story to the top of your page for up to 7 days.

It is accessed by a button near the top of your page and smoothly drops down above your page. Like any other change, it will take time to adjust, but I’m confident many of the features will be great to build your business on Facebook (some may not be).
But small business owners should also consider optimizing their Facebook pages as well as their web business sites for greater effects and returns to business.
Many small businesses are enjoying great success when Facebook marketing is incorporated into their online marketing strategies and campaigns.
There is a plethora of dynamic Facebook features that are powerful in enhancing the small business enterprise’s sales and profit. It must be well designed and structured to facilitate easy navigation that would encourage more visitors as well as a frequent return of visitors.
These videos or photos about the business, product or service can be shared along the circle of influence’s network of the consumer. Small business owners can make use of relevant Facebook apps such as Contact Me to create the relevant contact form for a quick contact option by visitors.
Hopefully this article can help you somewhat with the knowledge and tools to be able to make money online.I like to write articles about your favorite array as Design, WordPress, make money online and SEO. A simple call was like……” Click ‘Like’ to discover how to drive hundreds of people to your business each week regularly! But yes, marketing is needed if you have a business and want to make it all worth the while.
I can only assume that at least a few of those millions are in your area and in the market for buying or selling a home. So keep posting what great volunteer work you are taking part in or even the new local restaurant you went to last Saturday (everyone loves a good recommendation!).
Much to most of the world’s surprise, we woke up Februray 29 to Timeline already released an available to preview on our Pages. The welcome tab isn’t going to appear automatically when people go to your page, anymore.
Its dimensions are 180 x 180 pixels, but will be scaled down to 32 x 32 pixels when it shows up in other places on Facebook. Before, if a fan commented on your posts and you wanted to reply privately, there was no way to contact that person.
It’s releasing a new product called Premium, which includes premium placement, such as ads that appear in News Feeds, that run on the right-hand side of your homepage, within the News Feed on your mobile device, and ads that appear when you log out. The panel contains notifications of all your recent fan activity, making it much easier to respond to all new comments from one place. Will there still be a request to sometimes switch back to your personal page from your business page when you comment on others pages? You can set it so that you don’t have to switch between profiles to always post on your own page as your business, rather than yourself. You'll also receive weekly tips from Ekcetera's President & Creative Director, Kelly Garrett. A small business owner must learn to take advantage of these features to impact its online marketing strategy. Hence, the number of ‘likes’ on the small web business site would increase faster to capture the attention of top search engines for a higher page ranking. Due to limited knowledge article will equally cliche, so look forward to receiving many words your suggestions to improve. John “Real Estate Guru” Smith, so when notifications pop up on the client’s wall that they are friends with you, their whole network will know you are a valuable resource.
That allows your name to be seen in more places and, more importantly, associated with valuable information. But always check that what you are posting won’t detract from the reason you are there: to show what a great real estate agent you are!
Now, you can message the person and receive messages from fans exactly the same way you can with your personal profiles. In addition, Facebook announced Offers, which allow Brand Pages to offer a special deal only to those who have liked the page.
It shows the most recent likes you’ve received, as well as a snapshot view of your insights data. One has to share engage and post other related information also so that people get more and more exposure to the topic you posted. If they are in the market for a home or looking to sell, they might ask their friend who this “guru” is and if he would be a good agent. This will be interesting to see how different businesses will utilize the apps in the upcoming months. As a designer, I’m very excited to see what businesses come up with for their page design. Additionally, there’s a messaging area that will function very similarly to personal profiles.
Perhaps the nicest feature of the apps is that when you visit on of the apps on a page, you can now use the entire width of the page to build custom content.
This will make administration of your page much easier, faster, and more centrally located.

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