Companies are forever manipulating advertising pictures to make their products more appealing but sometimes the actual product is so different from what is advertised it’s ridiculous. The Federal Trade Commission slams companies making false claims of losing weight without dieting with $26.5 million  in settlement charges. False claims by weight loss companies cost consumers more than a dollar amount.  The emotional toll that is taken when the “Lose Weight Quick” schemes fail cannot be measured.
Although it was back in 1960’s, claiming that ‘War is Peace’ would never appeal to customers.

However, claiming something like this is totally unethical, regardless of the time it was aired. A big print ad that claims that you could see people naked, using these X-Ray glasses, and when you buy it for $1, you get a cheap frame that gives you a distorted vision of the things right in front of you. More than deception, this seems to a completely illogical and absurd tagline to promote the brand.
Most brands today are not hesitant to claim extraordinary, unbelievable and too-good-to-be-true results after using their products.

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