As many of you know, I have spent a good portion of my spare time over the last 6 months doing research on Caroline’s and my family history. Family Tree Maker 2014 boasts a revamped family view that is easier to navigate, especially for access of one’s extended family.
Although the genealogical software market is a specialized niche, it has a surprisingly large number of relevant players. It is difficult to dispute that Family Tree Maker is the most popular software in this niche market.
The pedigree view lets you see several generations of your family at once and easily navigate to each member of your family. If you want to change the root individual, hover your mouse over an individual in the pedigree view until an arrow appears (see fig. You’ll notice that other types of arrows appear next to individual nodes on the tree. You can also change the number of generations that are displayed in the pedigree view–up to five generations. Craig Spencer One Major Problem I wish you would address and I know from many people they also have a problem with this. In my case, I have my main tree (4700+ individuals) and a separate tree for my great-grandfather (1000+ individuals) because I’m not sure that the Samuel (NMI) Davis I found on-line is MY Samuel Madison Davis. Debra Elliott Messer I have to say that I was very pleasantly surprised when I learned that I am a direct descendant of Governor William Bradford of Massachusettes. At least under Windows we larger database holders generally only faced problems with crashing and slow responses. Later, after checking for correctness, I found that the original name was in the tree twice. I have tried and tried to figure out how to maintain the information from the original entry while somehow including all of the huge amount of information from the later entry without losing anything but the original name entry… Can I do that like a merge, as when you obtain information from another persons tree or is there another way?? Tony Knight Why can’t I display 5 generations, I thought to myself as I wrote my earlier comment? The answer is that I resized the bottom frame to allow for the display of more chldren, which reduces the maximum shown on the slider to four generations. There is then a filled triangle just below the slider which if pressed hides the children and allows the display of five generations in the pdegigree. If you are talking pedigree view in the People Workspace have you considered minimising the index the RH editing panel and the children’s area?
Sharon Wiliams I have the mac version of FTM and am experiencing a very frustrating and inconsistant problem that I would appreciated some help with. SW I actually just deleted an online tree which I reduced down first and I noticed the same thing that Sharon #16 mention. Tracy I am also having the problem with the duplicate children in the latest MAC version and would dearly like a fix for this problem. Here you will find informational, and sometimes fun, posts from the folks behind the scenes here at Ancestry. This printed version (size 7x9) of the Companion Guide helps you get the most out of Family Tree Maker 2012. I am a native San Diegan, a graduate of San Diego State University, a retired aerospace engineer, a genealogist and a family guy.
Angel Linda and I love to travel to visit friends and relatives, to sightsee, to cruise or to do genealogy.

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I’ve enjoyed this so much and discovered many interesting things that would have otherwise remained unknown to me.
They have access to around 1,000,000 out of print copyright free publications that they can print on demand. You’ll need to buy Family Tree Maker 2010 and Charting Companion for Family Tree Maker in order to pull this one off.
Through the many types of charts available, mapping one’s lineage is easy and sharing the information is a snap. Some of these include Legacy Family Tree, Roots Magic, Ancestral Quest, Family Historian and WinFamily. This is because of the ease with which a family tree can be built and arranged as well as its clean and organized interface.
This is where you enter information about individuals and families in your tree—and where you will spend most of your time in Family Tree Maker. The individual on the far left side of the tree is the “root” individual of the pedigree view. 4) that appears to the left of the root individual indicates that he or she has children (descendants). Simply drag the slider at the bottom of the view to the number of generations you want (see fig.
When There is missing generation(S) in your tree, then at a later time you find information on these missing generation(S). Simply detach the person who is currently the parent of the missing generation, add in the new person as the new parent of the descendant, and then reattach the detached person as the parent of the new person. Not only was he governor, he was one of the first pilgrims to come across on the Mayflower. Once with the original information and then again with the new and vastly added information. I have a problem with 2011 crashing every time I try to import my own photos from my own storage.
In previous weeks we’ve learned how to navigate your tree using the pedigree view on the Family tab and also how to add individuals on the family group view. We hope you’ll notice just how passionate we are about family history and about the products we’re building to help connect families over distance and time. I've sorted and rated all of these family tree templates, genealogy books and family tree software to save you time and help you get started. Genea-Musings features genealogy research tips and techniques, genealogy news items and commentary, genealogy humor, San Diego genealogy society news, family history research and some family history stories from the keyboard of Randy Seaver (of Chula Vista CA), who thinks that Genealogy Research Is really FUN!
You can keep your online tree private or make it public so that others researching your family can always find the latest version of your research. It takes you beyond the simple step-by-step instructions to the why, how and when of the software’s most popular features. Fix exposure, adjust lighting and color saturation, sharpen images -even preserve photos on a DVD or CD. This project has been exciting because it involves many things I love, like my family, research, travel, software, visualizations, story telling, graphic design and layout, and more. I had to bring my fan and Caroline’s Fan chart both into Photoshop and combine them there in order to get this chart to look the way it does.

For example, users can use the Plan tab to create task lists, prioritize tasks and view statistics.
It operates a global network of historical record websites catering to the United States as well as nine other countries, in addition to genealogical software, and offers a wide range of related services. Over the next few weeks I’ll spend some time explaining each section of the workspace in detail. Click the arrow and the individual moves to the root position and his or her ancestors are displayed.
If you click this button Family Tree Maker moves the root person’s first child (or the child in the direct line of the home person) to the root position of the tree. I was going to keep one for awhile to make sure I had everything but when I changed info on one, it changed on both. I have reported this problem 3 months ago and have sent an error log and as yet no reply on how to fix.
You may connect with others who have insight on your ancestors or even rare photos to share with you. Plus, use with Family Tree Maker to print charts, manage photos, and make your family tree look better than ever.
You’ll find tips and tricks to help you quickly navigate in your tree and enter information more efficiently.
Note: If the individual has more than one spouse, the drop-down list displays only children from the individual’s preferred marriage.
Gutenberg would have been blow away.  I ordered 4 books from them at Christmas and I am amazed by the quality of their product that I received.
They actually had somebody pull the book from the shelf at the New York Library, scan the entire book (on one of the proprietary machines they sell) and then print, bind (hardback no less) and ship it to me in less than 3 weeks. You would have to input them again,but if you have many more generations like my Tree there is a big problem if you know what I mean. Cut with a flattering high waist, this form-fitting piece has a polished-gold zip and a cool frayed hem - a label signature. Luxe linen in a fitted shift silhouette is adorned with hand applied multi-colored embellishments at neck, waist and pockets.
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