A film editor is a mechanic who removes the unneeded and fits pieces of film together to make a finished movie. Being a film editor requires hours of looking through footage and then assembling a film a half-second at a time, while working quickly to meet the filmmakers' deadlines. While a skilled movie editor's contribution can mean the difference between a hit and a so-so film, film editing done well is completely invisible to the audience. A­While movies traditionally have had a single lead film editor, the trend with big-budget features is to split work between two editors. The two editors split up the scenes, edited them, and then swapped and re-edited each other's.
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As film editor, the main information required might be the job experience organized by movies, if you had any awards you should include them also; see more tips in this film editor resume example. Many of the most memorable film-editing sequences are highlighted in this multi-part tribute to one of the least understood of the cinema's technical arts.

What many people probably don’t know is that Tasha has a twin sister named Sidra, who also work in the film and entertainment industry. Vin Diesel and Paul Vincent What many don’t know is that popular actor Vin Diesel has a fraternal twin brother named Paul Vincent.
Omg with this black white stuff back in the day you had a quarter black in you you were black get over it we did. Personally I dont find Vin Diesel to be attractive so my opinion of his brother in this photo doesn't have anything to do with him not looking exactly like him.
Because they are people of African descent who happen to be born in or have parents from Latin America. The art of the guillotine has a great podcast interview with editor Ken Schretzmann on how he got his start in the industry, his creative process as feature film editor at Pixar, and how to handle a film that’s always, always changing. He is a collaborator who works with cinematographers and sound editors to bring sight and sound together. By the time shooting was complete, they had plenty to work with -- 1.5 million feet of film.

Sidra, who is Tasha’s identical twin, has produced, directed and cast several movies and television programs. Share this empowering narrative on your social network of choice and ask others to do the same.
The first cut may take up to three months to assemble.Make revisions, as requested by the director and producers, and prepare the final cut for release to the film house for production.
Because the movie combined live action with animation sequences, he also brought in Sabrina Plisco, an editor experienced with visual effects. But more than simply selecting and assembling footage in the desired sequence, they had the challenge of combining footage of the human actors with that of animals who seemed to be talking, like Wilbur the pig, or were simply animations, like Charlotte the spider [sources: Editors Guild and IMDB]. As for the look on his face, I dont know if he was caught off guard, coming out of hiding or what but its not a flattering photo.

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