Local music players are apps that turn your phone into an MP3 player that also happens to make calls. Local music players (as opposed to online radio and cloud storage players) sometimes seem like dinosaurs now that everyone and their dog is offering a connected music option, but there are still plenty of users who prefer high-quality playback of local files. Everyone else - keep participating and stay tuned to Android Police so that you don't miss our upcoming giveaway announcements. ApplicationsNews PowerAMP, my music player of choice, has just been updated with a number of new features and fixes, the most exciting of which to me are the addition of reconfigurable widgets and widget management. Congratulations, guys - all of you will be contacted for your information in the near future!
Code Sector (the name behind popular speedometer app SpeedView) recently brought to market a highly customizable car home app, introducing InDrive: Custom Car Home to the Play Store. InDrive's primary features are neatly contained in its three swipe-able screens: Apps, GPS, and Music.
Applications Poweramp, the popular music player app, has been updated to provide expandable notifications for users running Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean), as well as a few other improvements. This latest update allows you to easily control tracks from your system notifications, whilst viewing information about the track currently playing.

The update is live on the Play store right now, so if you own the app you can grab the latest version immediately. ApplicationsNews Poweramp is one of the most popular music players on Android, with over 10 million downloads and a feature set that blows the default media player out of the water. Now, after four months of waiting, an update has been released that strengthens it even further, bringing support for action bars in Honeycomb and Ice Cream Sandwich. You can find the full change log below, and if you already own the app you can download this latest update from the Play store right now. That may not sound like something you can put on a box now that music streaming services are the new hotness, but some of us still prefer to build up our own libraries, stick them on a ridiculously large microSD card, and jam using an interface of our choice. For them, the years-old PowerAmp remains a popular choice thanks to its excellent codec support, extensive equalizer, and a long list of musical creature comforts. You can now tap the top right corner of a PowerAMP widget to go to a new management UI where you can customize and completely change it without the need to remove and recreate it from scratch. While it doesn't have that Google cloud magic, the developer has done a great job of keeping the app fresh with updates. But for those who haven't, it's probably the most powerful, versatile, and customizable music player in the Play Store.

Also, the notification controls no longer disappear when you pause a track, so you don't have to dive back into the app to continue listening. HTC One X users will be glad to hear that they can now use Poweramp on their phones as well, although HTC Sound Enhancement doesn't work on the One X just yet.
There is also experimental support for Samsung's MultiWindow mode, which is cool if you've got a Galaxy Note II or some versions of the Galaxy S III. The screen comes preloaded with shortcuts to Navigation and Phone, but there are sixteen more slots waiting to be customized.
In addition to this, support for FLV files has been added, and there is improved WAV and WMA support, too. The GPS screen houses what Code Sector calls the "trip computer," which displays your current speed, odometer, average speed, driving time, and plenty of other info.

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