Depending on your past employment history, you may have previous sales and marketing experience, along with tactics that may or may not have worked well in the past.
Many of the basics of marketing will already have been provided within the franchise system and structure you have chosen. As well as assistance with the above your franchisor may have given you some training on tried and trusted sales techniques that they feel work effectively.
Regardless of the challenges, centralised marketing programmes are one of the greatest strengths of franchise programmes.
However, in addition to the overall marketing spends, you’ll still need to market your individual business on a day-to-day basis, and prove that you can attract and retain customers and generate repeat sales. With the general franchise marketing strategy in place, and your own marketing plans devised to complement it, your business should have a good grounding to find and understand new and existing customers, and, most importantly, drive sales. The Franchising Bible, 2nd edition, published by Crimson Publishing, is available to buy now. The Franchising Bible: Part of the Startups books series, published in association with the British Franchise Association.
June 19, 2012 by CarlosV 4 Comments In a nutshell, franchising is a business model that allows the franchisee to sell the products or services of the franchisor (the parent company).
The rest of the article provides practical tips you can use before you buy a franchise business. Buying A Franchise?First, it would be good if like the company, its management and the way they conduct their business operations. Avoid buying franchise from a company that is relatively new in the market — less than five years.
There are only two reasons why businesses survive: (a) they are profitable, or (b) the owners have deep pockets. Beware of the hidden costs and fees that are not clearly spelled out such as the Renewal Fee.
The franchisor should be able to give you list of company owned outlets and as well as franchisees.
It helps if you consider the help of a lawyer or accountant who is familiar with our local Business or Franchise Laws. When it comes to franchise opportunities in the Philippines, you have a lot to choose from. There are many franchising opportunities in today’s economy and market, which is why it is important for a prospective buyer to have extensive information and deep knowledge as to identify the most suitable opportunity for their goals, in order to ensure the highest chances of success.
ROI: The very first thing you need to assess is the return on investment, taking into account your initial investment. FPR: FPR stands for financial performance representation and it is what you will be able to find out from item 19 of the Franchise Disclosure Document. Litigation: When you are looking for franchising opportunities, you want to stay away from systems that register a long history of litigation, which you can also find out from the FDD.
Infrastructure: it will be a lot easier along the way, if you find a franchising opportunity that also offers you support in areas such as initial training, grand opening, marketing and others as such.
Branding: Through branding, customers and potential clients perceive a business, which is why it is important for franchise buyers to carefully analyze the way franchisors protect the integrity of the brand. While it is important to consider and evaluate each and every one of the above mentioned aspects individually, it is also important to look at them as an aggregate and identify whether any is negated by the higher power of another.
The difference between a large franchise and a small one often can be attributed to the larger company making the most out of marketing.

MDG Advertising is a full-service South Florida advertising agency, with offices in Florida and New York, that specializes in developing targeted franchise marketing solutions, exceptional online executions, and solid branding and media buying strategies that give franchises a real competitive advantage. Our core capabilities include advertising, branding, creative, digital marketing, media planning and buying, public relations, Web design and development, email marketing, direct mail, video marketing, social media marketing and SEO. Franchise Marketing – What’s the Difference Between a Franchise and a Business Opportunity? With one the lowest capped royalties in franchising, we offer more earning potential than any other franchise in our industry.
The large majority of our owners did not have a background in the industry and most have not owned a business before. Whether you are looking for a low or high volume existing business, we have opportunities that can fit your budget. To learn more about this established location for sale please call 1-800-645-3006 or fill out the from at the top of this page. Whether you are a multi level marketing, direct sales, network marketing or party plan business owner you have the same challenges when it comes to running your business! This toolbox will provide you with lifetime access and will continue giving with us working on supported programmes to move your business forwards regularly and new webinars, learning materials and help will be added to the toolbox free of charge. Imagine what it would be like if you were still stuck and had made no gains in your business or building your team in 3mths, 6mths, 1 year from now.
Now, there is no need to dwell, just acknowledge where you are and get ready to move forwards! Time for you to get your business fulfilling it’s promise and that dream that attracted you to it in the first place! Is it time for more sales, a bigger time, a more effective & time efficient way of working! The fabulous thing about this toolkit is that you will receive all the business help & support that you need with lifetime access to the programme.
Get FREE Stuff Now!Enter your name and email below to receive our 50 Terrific Tips To Franchise Success! It’s at this time that the reality dawns on you that you are required to master many skills and wear different hats, two of the most important of which will be marketing and sales.
What all new franchisees bring to the table is the experience of being sold to, and this may substantially colour how you feel about being marketed to, and how you feel about being labelled as a salesperson.
This ensures that many of the common marketing challenges associated with stand-alone, independent businesses are removed. Franchisors may have a central page on Facebook for the brand and an active Twitter account. The large central marketing fund will allow for spends, such as a TV campaign, that you may never be able to afford as an individual franchisee.
It may be, for example, that local radio advertising has already been tried and found to be a very expensive mistake.
It is an easy doorway to entrepreneurship for anyone who wants to take a short-cut and minimize the risks involved in creating and running a business from scratch. You may seem to like their products and the services they offer, but you can’t tell if they are really profitable or they are losing if they just launched their business. You can never find such information from the company’s marketing and promotional materials. One of the smartest moves you can take is to personally visit the stores and possibly talk with the franchisees.

But you have to watch out for the bad apples that could be lurking somewhere and ready to take you for a ride.
For example, if you are interested in buying a franchise in industry or field, you should know that the Federal Trade Commission imposes on all franchisors to disclose a document to candidates, consisting of comprehensive information about the offering, so that franchisees can make an educated decision.
It will provide you with the answer to the most asked question by prospective franchisees, which is “How much money can I earn?” The FPR should give you information about average overhead, including rent, utilities and others, average operating costs, such as labor and supplies, and the average unit volume. The big brands know that marketing is a must when it comes to motivating potential franchisees to sign on, as well as continually attracting and engaging consumers.
MDG Advertising handles creative, media, and interactive marketing for Coverall, one of the world’s leading commercial-cleaning franchising companies, with a global network of more than 90 support centers and 9,000 franchisees. Our centers develop a long term, repeat relationship with local businesses in the community. Our products and services include digital printing, advertising services, mailings, apparel, websites and more.
We are able to give our owners the opportunity to be in a position where they are receiving far more in value than they pay in royalties. We assist you every step of the way, from research right through to taking over the location and supporting you while you’re in business. You may not feel confident or comfortable in this role, but it is one you’ll need to get good at, and quickly too.
You may have already heard of “success stories” of franchise companies that started small and have grown by leaps and bounds in a matter of two years!
You should pay much attention to all 23 items of the Franchise Disclosure Document, especially items 19 and 20, which state the earnings per unit and the contact details of present and former franchisees. In order for you to be able to project a more accurate ROI, you need to request the average initial investment and if its ability to generate predictable returns is not as certain as you would want it to be, then this franchising opportunity represent a higher risk for you that you’d like.
Fortunately, smaller franchises can learn from these leaders and use their marketing lessons to leverage their own brands. You will have the ability to grow your current customer base and attract new clients as our industry continues to grow. Whether you are in business for 1 year or 20 years, we will provide ongoing local marketing and management assistance.
This enables you to build upon the clients that the established business already has in place. On the surface, that’s indeed very impressive especially if the story is masterfully crafted by the media whose main job is to attract as much attention from a lot of viewers as possible. Whether you decide to resort to expert advice in your financial endeavor or not, here are 5 things you necessarily have to take into account before committing to any franchise.
For tips and tactics on marketing your franchise to the big time, check out this inspiring infographic developed by MDG Advertising. You have to compare them from the competition, whether those are franchised operations or independent businesses.

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