Is training provided for Curb Damage Specialist Franchisees?  YES – you will receive comprehensive training and support in all phases of your Curb Damage Specialists franchise model.
We will provide the all the information you need to determine whether a Curb Damage Specialist franchise is a good fit for you. Professional Restoration Systems franchisees will provide water damage mitigation and optional fire, smoke and mold remediation services. The Olde World Rug Washing Company franchisees will specialize in washing rugs in an in-plant environment. This is for an individual who has the resources and desire to establish one or more of four franchises that SFG currently offers. Allows you to sell portions of your territory with the four franchises that SFG offers and reap the rewards and share in multiple income streams. SFG has a very fast and real potential ROI for a franchise owner.  With reasonable overhead, a low start-up cost for a business and applicability in just about any market, the concept is extremely financially sound. Convert existing business that are covered under the four SFG franchises, ie, Professional Carpet Systems, Totally Green…Totally Clean; Professional Restoration Systems, and The Olde World Rug Washing Company to SFG Franchises in order to set up base models and hands on training centers. Start franchises in the areas not currently involved in order to set up base model and hands on training centers.
SFG will provide franchisees with approximately Two  Full days of initial training at the Franchisor’s headquarters in Raleigh, North Carolina or at a location designated by the Franchisor, beginning approximately two to four weeks before the franchisee is scheduled to open for business. Train:  Keep up skills and knowledge- keeping updated will keep your franchise competitive. FYB3- Importance of Branding During Franchise Development What makes the Most Profitable Franchise in Today’s Franchise Market? Understand that for your franchise to succeed in other nations, you’ll have to have an amazing training and support system in place.
It can be difficult when you go across the world to maintain the brand you have set forth in your own market.

One way to understand how and where to start sending your global franchise is to work with a company that can help you with the market trends and analyze consumer data to know where your industry is seeing growth.
The bar is always going to be raised, those with competency have the ability to keep up.  Once competency is your competitive edge, then excellence will be easier to achieve. In general, the sale of an international franchise is about the same process as to a domestic franchisee. How do you get the word out there and create effective campaigns targeting international growth? Much like the telephone game, your message weakens as it is passed down the line and certainly when you change environments with new countries and regions. Be sure that everything that is being used from fliers and advertising to the buildings and location all keep the brand that you have set forth with the same integrity, images, look, feel and quality that got your domestic business where it is today. My advice, don’t look at the developed markets, look to the up and coming markets like Qatar, Zambia, Eastern Europe and others where growth is exponential. But the implications that come with international franchise growth are what really means changing your business model as you branch out into other countries. Build technology into your training and support which will allow for effective virtual support.
Make sure that any and all products imported or used in the operation of the business are of the standard and quality that people have come to know and expect from your brand. Developed markets such as Europe and Canada may be opportunities but certainly wouldn’t present as much upside as areas like these. Make your recruiting appealing to others in the global market, understand what the international franchise community wants, what carries value for them and how best to communicate with these franchise buyers.
Get ready for travel and plan on having boots on the street in the franchisee’s markets for some extended time in order to really facilitate successful launches in these countries.
It doesn’t take much to completely diminish the brand you have worked hard to build with poorly executed management of international franchise growth.

A good source would be international marketing or business consultants based in those regions to support a good understanding for those markets. How do you maintain the integrity of your brand while franchising globally and train, support and manage while integrating new cultures, demographics and countries? Generally speaking, master franchises or master licenses are the preferred candidate for international franchise growth. This will help your new franchise owner to be successful in the brand from the moment they start and keep the relationship strong moving forward. They can assist you in making the right choices on where there’s a definite need for your product or service and where you might flourish. There are a few things to keep in mind when you’re looking to franchise internationally. Offer a support team dedicated to their start-up and beginning so that they can become a great ambassador for your brand and confirm that the brand is being managed appropriately.
If managed correctly, international franchise growth is an amazing opportunity, in fact, many of the world’s largest brands are growing internationally at a more rapid pace than they are domestically. There are countless success stories of international franchise growth, all of which required amazing training and support programs. Be sure that everyone from the owner down to the customer service representatives have solid training and support throughout.
It can be difficult to know the best locations but with the help of a solid franchise company, you can make that right choice easier.

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