Strategic Digital Marketing uses proprietary software to offer the most advanced automated marketing system available today to our customers. What if all of the latest marketing tools could be found in one place and have the versatility and effectiveness of a Swiss Army Knife? What if you could take all of these tools, integrate them, and automate your communication process to basically “set it and go”?
With our unique Automated Follow-Up System, everything about how you promote and grow your business will become more efficient and effective. Once you have used the Automatic Follow-Up System to generate your new leads, you will have all of the tools to follow up and create multiple selling opportunities.
Most people are really poor at follow up … and as a result, they don’t win nearly as much business as they could. Thanks to technology, creating a personalized automated follow up system is actually very possible to do — though it is going to require that you use software to make it all happen. Prior to implementing the software, there are some important steps to take, so let me walk you through them.
Regardless of what you sell, I am willing to bet that you get asked the same pre-sales questions over and over again. Now that you have a list of the top pre-sales questions, you are going to need to create content (articles, blog posts, videos, reports, etc…) that provide answers to these questions.
A web form is nothing more than a place on your website where a visitor can input their information and hit a submit button. In my case, I sell software and information products and my website is visited by people from a variety of industries. To do this, I place a web form under each of four videos lessons that I give away for free (this is the top of my funnel). The information that they provide goes directly into my database and then, thanks to the software that I use, I’m able to automatically route through my marketing funnel in a way that makes the most sense that each individual.
For example, if one person tells me they are a marketing consultant and they are struggling with client attraction, my system will ensure that they see content and offers that solve that specific problem. Behavioral marketing is really about giving each person in your funnel the most personalized experience possible.
Our reason for sending out content, putting up websites and everything else we do is to spark conversations which lead to a sale. To me it is like going on a first date, giving someone your phone number, then making sure it is always on answerphone.
As I’m sure you are aware, not everyone who opts into your funnel (after seeing your content) is going to be a qualified prospect for one reason or another.
Thanks for sharing your perspective so I could add some additional perspective to the article. What they do is decide something you’ve done or said is cool enough for them to choose to either hear more or ask you a question.

I think that automation in the sense of being able to send them info that they are looking for is good. For example, if clients ask you the same 5 questions over and over and over before they buy, it would make sense to create content that would answer these questions, right? Then, with automation, you are going to collect data to determine which people are asking those questions so that you can automatically send them links to videos that will answer questions they have told you (via webforms and mouse clicks) that they are looking for.
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Andeerson Wong is HRDF Certified Trainer who deliver practical and implementable ideas and knowledge.
FREE System Learn Why The 'FREE Lead System Forever' Can Help Anyone Building a Home Based Business to Generate More Leads! Your Own Marketing System provides you with 12 years of most used the marketing tools found online. Your options are vast and include: email, auto responders, print, mobile text messaging, direct-to-voicemail messaging, teleseminars, and webinars. For example, not so long ago, my friend Jermaine needed some work done to his house so he interviewed a few contractors. I’m also willing to bet that you ask your prospects plenty of questions of your own so that you can qualify them on their ability to purchase, as well as to determine what products or services are going to best meet their needs. The second list is a list of all the questions you would normally ask a prospect to determine if they are a good fit for you. Most email service providers make this relatively easy; however, for this to work really well, you are going to need to use marketing automation software that lets you dynamically deliver the content (you created) that is relevant to the answers provided on the web form. With diverse traffic like this, it’s critical for me to ensure that I get the right message to the right person at the right time – all without any manual labor.
Then, in each video, I ask my visitor to provide me with more information about themselves by completing the form below the video. In other words, I am able to deliver a very personalized experience – even though the entire thing is automated.

Whereas, if another person tells me that they are a small business owner and they are struggling with efficiency, they are going to see an entirely different campaign with content and offers that are relevant to their problem. To do this, I leverage technology like Infusionsoft that allows me to scale personal attention in a way that would be impossible to do manually. You don’t need to have any special technical skills to implement what I’m talking about … but, as I said before, you will need some specialized software to make it all work. And, for the ones that are qualified, if you can use content + automated follow up to ensure they see all the very best content to address pre-sales questions, then, once you do end up speaking with them, closing the sale becomes significantly easier.
Hopefully, after reading this, the takeaway that you (and others) got was this: by creating an automated marketing funnel, you are going to give your prospects an opportunity to provide you with more data that you can then use to ensure they are sent the most relevant content possible. They key is to think about automation as a tool to deliver the right content to the right people.
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You Bulk email address can break down to individual sending and 90% landed in Inbox instead of spam folder. Our commitment to help business owners using the Priceless Possibilities Marketing Platform that is flexible for any business. You can also use our advanced API to integrate AFS into your own website and product features. If you do this, you will never run out of things to write about – and, rather than have to manually answer each question over and over, you are now going to have content that does this for you.
You can either do a screen share video, a white board video, or you can just stand in front of the camera and talk. The purpose of the automated follow up is to ensure that we never miss the opportunity to talk to the RIGHT people at the RIGHT time. YOMS simplifies the use of these tools by providing support and training or we can do it for you. For most people, the screen share and white board are going to be the easiest – and fastest to produce. Armed with this information, the experience for my user is much better, and my conversion rate is much higher. It will stretch your mind, connect you to fascinating people, and provide some fun along the way.

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