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On Friday evening congregations of the North East Glasgow team ministry as well as friends from further afield gathered to welcome Alick and Donalda Stewart to Lennoxtown Free Church. Alick will be employed as church worker, and hopes to use much of his experience in similar roles with London City Mission and Rosskeen Free Church to reach out with the Gospel to the local community. A service was hosted in Campsie Parish Church – across the road from the Lennoxtown Free Church building where the fellowship was held. With an induction to Cumbernauld Free Church taking place later this month, it means the team ministry – consisting of Bishopbriggs, Coatbridge, Cumbernauld and Lennoxtown will have a full complement of ministers and church workers for the first time since 2013. Rev Dr David Ford, Moderator of Glasgow and Argyll Presbytery, led the special welcome service and preached from Proverbs 3: 5-6 (Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. Dr Ford (pictured above) had two key points, the image of the way, and the image of a child. For his first point he drew on an example of arriving off of a ferry on a remote Outer Hebridean island late at night, with prospective visitors having to find their way in the darkness with no street lights and winding single track road metres away from the coast, meaning that drivers must pay attention all of the time. This was further demonstrated that in the not too distant past three generations of local people tragically died on this stretch of road in an accident in horrendous weather, highlighting the danger and difficulty in attempting to follow the way.
However, Dr Ford then contrasted this with driving the road on a calm summer’s day with plenty of visibility so people can see well ahead. He said this showed the difference between someone believing in themselves, and trusting in God – and that He would make our paths straight. Secondly, the Moderator of Presbytery moved onto the importance of having a child-like trust and obedience to the Lord.
Dr Ford said that despite a child’s bad behaviour earlier in the morning, or even the previous day, they will still assume they are loved unconditionally and will anticipate that their parents will deliver what they expect – be it a request to be lifted up, or to have an ice cream and so on.

In closing Dr Ford said that although the way ahead is unpredictable and one which we have never walked before, we are to rely on the Lord of grace who will never let us down.
Coatbridge minister Rev Ivor MacDonald (pictured above) gave a brief exhortation from 2 Corinthians 7, referring to Mr Stewart’s arrival in the north-east team ministry as similar to Paul being refreshed by the coming of Titus.
Mr MacDonald said he had been inspired by the new church worker’s meek and humble spirit, godliness and sincere desire to meet the needs of others by pointing them to their greater need of knowing Christ as Saviour and Lord.
The Coatbridge minister added that we were now “living in a day where our fellow Scots have an increasingly limited knowledge of the scriptures”, and that this means the Church needs to go out to the highways and byways with a heart to bring the Gospel to people who are hurting and broken by sin. Rev Kenny Macleod from Dowanvale (pictured below), who is interim moderator of Lennoxtown Free Church, drew on Luke 15 and how tax collectors and sinners were drawn near to hear the Gospel from Jesus. He added that both Alick and his wife Donalda were motivated by what Christ had done for them, and had answered the Lord’s calling for them to come to the north-east of Glasgow. Mr Macleod finished by saying their arrival was a real answer to prayer and urged those gathered to remember Alick and Donalda so that God would use them mightily. During the evening there was a presentation to Alick and Donalda welcoming them to the Lennoxtown congregation, as well as speeches from local resident Josie Dunapace – testifying to the goodness of God – as well as from Burchin Lefvere, Alick’s close colleague from his days at London City Mission. Alick replied suitably, emphasising how delighted the couple were to be in Lennoxtown and how their simple prayer was that the Lord will give them the increase and that sinners will be saved.
Donalda also spoke of the couple's burden for the north-east of Glasgow, and how God had been leading them to this work even last year before any approach had been made from the congregation. Greetings were read from Rosskeen minister Rev Iain MacAskill, and from the Free Church’s Mission Board, and the evening concluded with a fellowship in the Free Church building.
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