Drag single MP4 video or multiple MP4 videos from your desktop or from explorer to FLVPlayer4Free. The player supports any codec and movie types that are supported by Windows video players, and will play smoothly and on full screen any type of movie and video you will wish to watch. Final Media Player is a powerful, ultra-lightweight and 100% free media player designed for streaming and coverting .mp4 files in Windows. Clicking this button downloads Install IQ™ which manages your Final Media Player installation. Mp4 Player Download is a free, non-bloated, video and audio media player optimized to play and convert music and video files on Windows. Additional software may be offered to you via opt-in ads during the installation process: Learn More.

When opened, the application appears in one window, with main controls available below the playback monitor. These new installers comply with the original software manufacturer's policies and terms & conditions. Built for speed and simplicity, Mp4 Player Download's newly redesigned UI makes using the advanced features straight-forward and easy.
The controls allow you to play, pause, stop, fast forward, rewind, scrub through, and skip the video or audio file you are playing; you can also quickly mute all audio by clicking on the mute button located at the bottom of the control panel. Install IQ™ is an install manager, which manages the installation of your chosen software. Supported by a dedicated open source development team from around the world, the latest advancements in media player technology are quickly integrated into Mp4 Player Download's releases.

In addition to managing your download and installation, Install IQ™ will offer free popular software that you may be interested in.
You are not required to install any additional software to complete your installation of your selected software.

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