It has now been just enough time since the release of Modulator that the free downloaders have ripped their files and are making the recording available for free. But rather than go through the arguments and give my take on them, I figure it more viable to present my current strategy: an appeal. By putting up this link you are choosing to reduce the possibility of these two things happening. I'd much rather you write about what you value in my work and send people to my own website to support the process of further creation.
Its a difficult one.On one hand I'd love to be payed for all the downloads, but because people are downloading my music free off torrents lots more people have discovered my music.
The other thing which makes this so uncertain is that how many of the free downloaders would *ever* have spent money on the music?
Dear Trey reading these things make me wonder how a musician of your level (artistically sublime but not a superstar like U2) to get along and live a normal life and maybe support a family with children. I am curious about characters, such as Oswaldo, who claims he cannot afford to buy music, or cannot access it. To whomever thinks I steal because I don't want to pay:You may say you live in the UK where music is expensive, or in some island with iTunes, or even in the US. August 25, 2014 by Monika Gupta Leave a Comment Hello friends, here I am back again with some new downloading tips regarding Samsung PC Suite.
The first thing you should know about this software is how to connect your mobile to your PC. No matter how far you are away from technology, and what you know about the computers, you can easily download Samsung PC Suite in no time.
The words a€?freea€? and a€?legala€? generally do not go together on the internet, especially when it comes to downloading music. Statistics from the IFPI reveal that the piracy rate for music on the Internet is about 95%. While it may feel nice to get your music fix for free, think about it from the musician’s point of view. Amazon, one of the largest online music sellers online, also offers free music to download.
Jamendo currently offers 313,675 (at the time of writing this post) free music tracks and rightly claims to let you a€?Discover the true value of free musica€?. Although the Music beta by Google is only available in the United States, Google Music India labs can be used in India, and offers thousands of songs. Here is the letter I am posting on sites that make my work available with no compensation for my efforts. In a very real sense when people click this link, they are voting to send me to a day job working at Microsoft, Amazon, or Starbucks instead of putting my time, energy and money towards creating new pieces. Most of Trey's catalog is available cheap to download on his site regardless of where you live.
The software industry regularly comes up with crazy figures based on the fallacy that every free download is a lost sale.
My point is that some of us in no rich countries have few choices, but try to do the right thing regardless.
Bottom line is that the artist must not have his craft compromised by working and not getting paid by it.The thing is that is hard to find a target.
I'm too living in country where after normal day of work I only afford to buy 1,5 or max 2-3 albums.
I am ambivalent to piracy of this nature because there was no guarantee that those who download your music for free would have ever bought your record with their own money.
You might have gone through my previous articles where I discussed the ways to install and Download Android Apps for PC. If you successfully able to connect your mobile to the PC, you will see an interface displaying bookmarks to all the tools.
There are no such steps that I need to discuss here because once you click on the download link, it will automatically navigate through the process till the end.
When it comes to all things music, pirated music certainly makes up a bulk of the digital downloads. Wouldn’t you want to make sure that they make enough money to actually make the music you and I enjoy ?
Here we present to you 5 sites for downloading free music legally so that you do not have to carry the guilt of wrongdoing (such as downloading pirated music) while listening to your favorite number.

They also feature a a€?Free mp3 of the daya€? or you can take a look at the “Top Downloadsa€? section to get a taste of what others are listening to.
Visit Amazon Free MusicA and browse the list of over 2800+ songs or browse through songs in specific categories such as Rock, Blues, Classical, Jazz, Latin, Hip-hop and many more.
Users can search for music specific to their country and order the results by popularity, most downloaded, most listened, latest releases etc. The number of downloads offered is large and users can find the songs based on its genre such as acoustic, ambient, hardcore, among others. One of the silliest is that artists make all their money from touring and that is just the way it works nowadays. I am not presently asking these sites to take down the files, as it may be more useful in the big picture to get people thinking more broadly about the issue and its repercussions.
For many, many reasons this process is precarious at it’s best, so why not help it along rather than undermine it? I would just urge you to take a moment to extend your thinking into what makes beautiful, amazing, powerful pieces of music come into being in the first place.
Crimson's catalog is somewhat available, but any of your other projects are very dificult to find out and are mostly imported at some very prohibitive prices (around 40USD per album). In addition to feeling ripped-off, I've spent a lot of time going after the content-thieves. Then there are the people who download everything they can get their hands on, regardless of whether they ever listen to it! Recently iTunes started selling cards in my hometown so it's a bit easier but anyway we depend on the catalog. Of course, all P2P downloads not supported by the artist are literally illegal, bus as Oswaldo showed, there are subtleties to it that can't be overlooked.
Some new content could be initially exposed just to members, then rolled out for free over time so people would pay for immediacy in that case. Blogger - owned by Google - are the worst culprits, handing out free blogspace to everybody and there are many many thousands of blogs giving away what seems to be every note of music ever recorded.
Maybe it would be simpler when I can earn money which allows me to buy album after one hour of work. While all the rhetoric is bandied about to the why's and where's of downloading music - the fact of the matter is that you would never have made any money from those downloaders if their supply was cut-off or the technology had never existed. Use your data cable to connect through the USB port on the computer with your mobile, and to use infrared and Bluetooth connection, Add a Bluetooth enabled device on your computer and Enable infrared connection first, so that you can use these features. You can easily navigate through this interface, even if you are a novice in the field of technology. Its easy user interface is the specialty of this tool, and that’s why many people recommend it too. There is no rocket science you have to apply to do this, Samsung PC Suite will do that for you.
In the next section, I’ll be here with new software, its features and installing tips and tricks.
MusiciansA can also upload their work and reach 40 million fans, if the site is to be believed.
Songs are shown in a list with details such as number of times it has been played, downloaded, ita€™s rating and whether its content is explicit or kid friendly. Feel free to pass it on and, even,  post on my(our) behalf if you come across new downloads. However you are only supporting this particular artifact of my work, while undermining the process that created the piece.
Time that could have been spent writing and making money, which means that the content thief stole from me twice. My problem with that is that whilst I have a audience of a few thousand they are spread out across the planet. Our culture has for many years accepted the idea that recorded artifacts are desirable commodities - once those artifacts are reduced to a form which can be easily and freely distributed, there is no monetary value to the artifact.
What is damning and galling is many of these cretins demand PayPal donations for THEIR work. OK - so your music is being heard by people who would never have previously heard it - may be that's some consolation? You might be wondering why I have specifically chosen Samsung PC Suite when there are dozens of other mobile companies in the android market.

Samsung PC Suite, also known as Samsung PC Studio is used to connect your Samsung Phone with your personal computer. Users can also search songs from a particular artist and listen or download the desired tracks. Touring and bringing money home is still extremely difficult, making it a dubious and crap way to support one's creative activities. Digital files can be copied and posted for free - this is an undesirable structure for those artists and writers whose works can be reduced to a digital file. All they do is leech a ripped file from someplace else, steal somebody elses' piece of writing and think they should be getting paid for this and screw the artiste. I doubt it because you need to pay your bills.As far as I know I've never downloaded something that's available legitimately via commercial channels and I've bought more music than you could believe. Also, if the download site is running ads from an ad network (such as Google Adsense) you can report the site and get its ad revenue pulled. Step away from this reality and look for another that brings monetary value to the musical experience - create your own structure. Here is another question for you, and don’t feel puzzled as this question will clear all your doubts. Check your mobile folders, transfer media, installation of any software, internet usage through PC are some of the tasks that you can do through this software. Peoiple who simply don't care and like to save money from CD purchases by downloading the material.4. However, the MusicBizTM is an artificial construct that has only existed since the 1950s - having its hey-day during the 1970s where the concept that anyone could have a career in music first appeared. Consider the things Rodrigo Leme said.Please think in all those variables before you make an opinion. I have seen some bloggers get hit with a DMCA who then would post it on the blog complete with phone numbers urging their readers to spam the artiste and send them endless abuse.
Whereas those who release albums and CDs and expect a regular paycheck are expecting too much.
So, when it comes to smart phones, there is no doubt in the popularity and market expansion results of Samsung Company. Since the turn of the century and the poliferation of the highspeed Internet download, a new morality has grown in the young.
In fact, it is going to be the number one brand in the smart phone industry where other companies such as Nokia, Motorola, HTC, and other brands are not portraying such luminous future. The hardcore fans: this audience is prone to be targeted with special ediitions, bonus discs, special packages, gifts (a backstage pass for a concert for buying the album) and such. To them music is free - it is everywhere for them - on the music TV channels, on YouTube, on commercials and ringtones.
They have invested in the digital reading devices and making more books available electronically. Mark my words, the book industry will face certain collapse because PDF files are easy to copy and distribute for free. These people are satisfied with regular versions of physical CDs and MP3 downloads with downloadable artwork.I don't want to dismiss Trey's more than good intentions, but fighting illegal downloads is like facing windmills, and it takes a lot of energy that would be better suited for the creative process, music and business wise.
Now I've spent a fortune tracking down OOP recordings this way, but I don't feel guilty about handing over my cash when the poor old artist doesn't get a groat. Funny old game, ain't it?My personal belief is that musicians should quit belly-aching and get a proper job to pay the bills and do their music as a hobby.
Try it, it might work - I mean the world will always need plumbers and you can't digitally copy that!Don't worry about the musicians, folks - Starbucks is a'calling!!! Creatives need to live, eat, sleep etc like the rest of us and now the only way for this to be possible is to take a full time job outside the creative industry. This has a disastrous domino effect because when one is doing a 9 to 5 type job, when one gets home, the last thing one wants to do is Create. I do wish you luck with this letter, but I fear it will create backlashes that will shock and sicken you from so called music lovers.

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